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THE THINGS YOU FIND  SPIRIT (Running)  ORA Ora, I am the Chosen One. He who is  prophesied. And I’m telling you-- --Kevin is fine!  ORA (CONT'D)  Spirit! But where’s Kevin...? Woah, woah, woah, hey girl! Woah woah. Where’s Kevin?! Where is he girl. She still has her saddle. Maybe she can lead me to him.  ISTEN Wait! You can’t just leave!  ORA I have to find Kevin. I’ll come  back as soon as I do. Heya!  ISTEN How dare you!  I won’t wait!!  ORA If luck and chance have ears,  please let me find him. Ohhh...Spirit! Are you sure this is right? It seems too overgrown, you couldn’t have ridden this way yesterday... Aahgh. Woah woah, easy girl, easy, easy. Where could...? Spirit! Over there, Heya!!  ORA (CONT'D) No. No. No. No. No.  That’s blood. It’s blood. But It could be anyone’s, right? What? What is that? It...Spirit...Is that Kevin’s shirt?  It is Kevin’s shirt...but this can’t be Kevin’s. This can’t be. He’d freeze without It. Kevin! Kevin, where are you? Kevin! Karras! Ugh. Kevin?!   ORA (CONT'D) Hey! HEY OVER HERE!!  ORA!  FORMOSA  ORA Formosa?!  FORMOSA Ora! You need to come with us, its  not safe.  ORA No! I need to find Kevin. And  Karras! Kevin! Kevin!!  FORMOSA Keep your voice down!  ORA I found Kevin’s shirt! And that  grave, but It can’t be him, right? Right?  FORMOSA Ora, you shouldn’t be here its  dangerous. Come with us.  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ORA If a Currupted is here then It  might find Kevin. But if I draw It  to us then we, then we can and he’ll be safe.  kill It  We’ll  FORMOSA I’ve already-  ORA Kevin, stay where find you after we  Currupted!  FORMOSA For Light’s sake.  you are! kill the  Get the horse.  ORA I’ll find you! Woah woah woah. Woah  girl.  TARREN RIDER Shhhhhh...Hu guiaya hao...Hu guiaya  hao. Shhhh  ORA What are you doing?! We need to get  ready! What did you do to Spirit?! Come on, we got to go girl come on. Spirit!  FORMOSA Ora, look at me!  ORA WHAT!?  FORMOSA (blows)  ORA (Cough)  What did you...What  FORMOSA Sorry, Ora. But bravery isn’t  always the right answer. Bring her horse! Ride! Heya!!  SCENE BRAKE  LINUS (Laughing)  You’re kidding! Why would they think you could make It rain? I mean, you must have looked disgusting.  HAL (Laughing hysterically)  Oh, I did. Five days running in the forest with a bloody massacre before that. Plus, no rain meant no water. I looked a fright and smelled even worse. By the time I came stomping out into that village, I musta’ looked like the dead come to life.  (MORE)  HAL (CONT'D) But...turns out these villagers all  worshipped some blood totem lookin’ fella’ and, wouldn’t ya’ know It, I was the spittin’ image! Hahaha. And a’course It starts pourin’ rain just as soon as I arrive. Poor sods were sold!  LINUS What did they do?  HAL Anythin’ I asked! I was the baron  of that village for three solid days! I had anythin’ and everythin’. Food, drink, a house, women, men. Whatever I wanted, they gave me.  ANN Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell ‘em why It  was only three days.  HAL Oh, you just gotta’ to kill all the  fun, don’t you?  LINUS Why? What happened?  HAL Well...It didn’t stop raining, so  things started to flood. And...when I couldn’t make It stop, they became suspicious...and then It got worse. See, I’d been on the run ‘cause I’d stabbed some fat fella’ in Ashmark during a robbery. Damn porker screamed like a banshee and I only narrowly escaped the magistrate. So now there I am, all these people angry at their new- found totem that brings the rain, but can’t stop It, when who should show up? The bloody magistrate from Ashmark! Turns out the fine folks in Ashmark needed rain, too, and had sent the magistrate to bring the rain maker. Well, he brought me back, irons!  LINUS I’m guessing Vorlauf didn’t  approve.  HAL This was before Vorlauf found me,  before I was a Vigile. LINUS  Where did Vorlauf find you? HAL  Mahhh. Doesn’t matter.  ANN Come on, Hal; you love talking  about It!  HAL Shut up!  ANN Hey, hey! No need to get testy. The  point is he did find you...and me. And now we’re on the straight and narrow. See, both hands. Never been punished and I don’t...  VORLAUF Enough. There’s a traveler up  ahead.  ISTEN And we walk and walk and walk and  walk and walk and walk. And we walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk.  ANN Is he...singing?  VORLAUF Hey! You there!  ISTEN And we walk and walk and walk and  walk and walk and walk. And we walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk. And ‘hey’ to you there!  VORLAUF Fine day, is It not?  ISTEN Indeed. A fine day to discuss how  fine a day It is.  VORLAUF Beg your pardon?  ISTEN Sorry, friend. I’ve never cared  much for idle conversation.  HAL I’ve never cared much for rudeness.  ISTEN Really? You could have fooled me.  ANN You have some...!  VORLAUF I’m sorry...friend. Let us start  again. Perhaps we can offer some food or water to a fellow traveller?  ISTEN Water, if you have It, would be a  welcome offering.  Ann.  VORLAUF  ANN Ugh...  ISTEN You are...most kind. I’ll remember  that.  ANN Oh joy... you hear that?  VORLAUF A wisp.  HAL A what?  Shhh.  VORLAUF  ISTEN Thank you.  Here! Catch!  VORLAUF No, please, you keep It; traveling  is thirsty business.  ISTEN Thank you, my friend.  But to be honest, I’m glad you came along! I hadn’t seen a soul all morning.  HAL All morning, eh? And you’re out  here by yourself?  ISTEN For the moment, It seems.  HAL Dangerous to travel alone.  ANN You never know when you might come  across predators.  ISTEN I’m not worried.  ANN What’s that sound?  ISTEN Oh, nothing. It’s just a...pest I  keep with me for company.  ANN Where’d you find It?  ISTEN Traded for It at the  HAL Hu. And what village  last village.  was that?  ISTEN My, you are a curious bunch.  ANN We love to learn.  VORLAUF You said you aren’t worried about  danger, why aren’t you worried?  ISTEN I suppose you look like a trust-  worthy bunch. I can trust you, right?  VORLAUF Of course, do tell.  ISTEN the Chosen One.  HAL AND LINUS (Laugh)  HAL (Laughing)  Lucky us! Running inta’ the Chosen One in the middle of nowhere. What are the odds?  LINUS I never thought I’d actually meet  someone delusional enough to say they’re the Chosen One. My friends are never going to believe this!  ISTEN Delusional? Ha! I’m as sure that  I’m the Chosen One as your friends are sure that you need a bath.  Hey!  LINUS  ANN Aye, the fuller needs a bath, but  it’d take more than soap and water to fix whatever’s wrong with you.  ISTEN (Chuckle) Should we make a bet? If  I could prove I’m the Chosen One then what would you give me?  HAL The better question is: what would  you be willing to lose?  LINUS Please let’s make a wager. Ooooh, I  want to see this!!  VORLAUF And how, exactly, could you prove  you’re the Chosen One?  ISTEN I have two Prophecies with me.  HAL AND LINUS (Laugh)  LINUS Not one, but two Prophecies with  this one.  ISTEN Some of the requirements do need  things you’d have to take my word for - well, unless you can make a Lusus Naturae appear, or you can see into the past - but I can prove anything that doesn’t require a special object or a creature.  ANN Of course you won’t be able to  prove whatever’s inconvenient. Make the bet.  HAL How did you get two Prophecies?  LINUS He probably wrote them!  ISTEN Maybe it’s better if we don’t place  a bet. I don’t want to take advantage of you.  ANN Take advantage...of us!  ALL Laugh  VORLAUF These Prophecies, they don’t happen  to have a line about the Chosen One using magic, do they?  ISTEN You’d have to bet to find out.   VORLAUF I’ll make a wager. Five gold pieces  to see your ‘proof.’  ISTEN (Chuckles)  Hmm, no. I don't want your gold...  VORLAUF What do you mean, ‘no’?  ISTEN If I win...I want to ride a horse,  all the way to the next town.  VORLAUF Alright, seems fair. If you can  prove It, then you can ride Linus’ horse to the next town.  ISTEN Deal!  LINUS Wait, what?  ANN Shut up.  VORLAUF But I get to choose the test. And  if you lose --  ISTEN Oh, I won’t lose.  So, what’s the test?  VORLAUF Let me see one of these Prophecies.  ISTEN You can read?  VORLAUF Yes, I can read... does that change  things?  ISTEN Hu...Not at all.  ISTEN (CONT'D) Here’s one.  VORLAUF Fascinating, but not what I’m  looking for. Show me the other scroll.  ISTEN If being able to move nature and  scorning nature in the form of a Lusus Naturae isn’t what you’re looking for? Then what...?  VORLAUF I’m looking for things you can  prove, friend. Not ambiguous lines. Give me the other scroll.  ISTEN Fine, here.  VORLAUF “Magic moves”  Now that’s what I’m looking for... You can prove It, right?  ANN I shudder to imagine you’re only  boasting.  HAL And we never did settle on what  you’d lose if you was lying, did we?  VORLAUF But you wouldn’t lie to us, would  you?  LINUS How could the ‘Chosen One’ be a  liar?  VORLAUF Go on then.  ISTEN I’ll do you one better... I’ll  prove one from each scroll. “Will Draw fire alone.” If I create fire, without wood or flint... that would be magic wouldn’t you say?.  LINUS Ha, not possible.  VORLAUF Seems like we would except that.  ISTEN This glass jar is empty save for  the insect inside, correct?  LINUS What is that? Some kind of red  firefly?  VORLAUF Hmmm...and where did you get that  one? I already told you, the last town.  VORLAUF I see...  ISTEN And this bit dried rabbit is  neither wood nor flint, correct? And what do you know, when the insect is angry and comes in contact with flesh, you get fire. Nasty little pests...  LINUS That’s cheating!  ISTEN (laughs)  Did you really expect me to shoot magic out of my fingers? I don’t have that type of power and besides, what kind of fool would use magic to impress a pack of Vigiles? No, all the Prophecy says is that the Chosen One can make fire alone, and thats magic.  VORLAUF (Chuckles)  You win. So, ‘Chosen One,’ looks like you’ll be joining us on the road.  ISTEN Indeed. And I’ll be grateful for  that horse. My feet could use a rest. Smelly, could you bring your...  ISTEN  (MORE)  ISTEN (CONT'D) (Chuckles) I’m sorry, my horse  around?  LINUS Guh... I’ll give you your horse...  VORLAUF Tell me...uh?  ISTEN Isten.  VORLAUF Tell me, Isten, did you say  something about a Lusus Naturae? Perhaps you could regale us with the story?  ISTEN Ah yes. It is a fascinating tale,  but first...a bit of traveling music.  (singing) Ooooooooooooooooh... we’ll walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk, and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk...  SCENE BRAKE Keep going! Keep fighting!  WOMAN AND BABY (cry)  ORA This had to be done.  WOMAN (screams)  ORA (gasps)  KEVIN Ora, you’re awake?  ORA Kevin! Oh... Oh Kevin.  What happened? I saw so much blood and your shirt and, and a grave.  ORA  ORA (CONT'D) Oh no... no no no. Where’s Karras?  KEVIN He’s fine, he’s fine. He’s just  getting some food for you. Formosa told us the dream dust would wear off soon.  ORA Why didn’t Formosa just tell me she  knew where you were?!  KEVIN Well, I heard a Lusus Naturae was  close and you wouldn’t stop shouting my name. Thank you for caring.  ORA Of course I care.  KEVIN We need to make a Die” agreement or  ORA A promise that we  pact. A “Don’t something.  won’t die?  KEVIN And the punishment for breaking the  oath: Death!  ORA Deal! (Laugh)  So, what happened to you?  KEVIN Karras caught up to me and then a  Currupted attacked. Oh, It was awful. It killed his horse and scared Spirit off. But Karras and I were somehow able to hide in a cave.  The grave was for his horse.  ORA I’m...  KEVIN Well, Formosa found us at dawn and  brought us to the Terra. And I told her that you’d be searching for us, so she promised to try to find you.  Ora!  KARRAS  KEVIN Oh, don’t drop our lunch!  KEVIN (CONT'D) Oh Okay, I got It, I got It!!!  Ooh! Apples!  KARRAS Good to see you!  ORA You too!  KARRAS Where’s Isten?  ORA Ah...Well....Spirit came back  alone, and I needed her to, to lead me to where you were as fast as possible, so I had to leave him behind.  KEVIN Wow, this apple just got a lot  sweeter.  KARRAS Hmmmm...  ORA I’m sorry, Karras. We’ll go back  and, and well find him.  KARRAS No. We’ll go where he goes.  ORA Wait, you know where he’s going?  KARRAS (Grunts)  ORA Then we’ll head there and reunite  with Isten.  KEVIN Ugh. And now I have a bitter taste  in my mouth.  KARRAS But you’ll go because you’re good.  KEVIN  Oh, to come this far just to die by being crushed by a hug.  ORA It’s great to see you two getting  along so well.  KEVIN’s great...  KARRAS (laughs)  FORMOSA Karras, we fixed your...bow.  KARRAS (Squeals)  FORMOSA Maybe I should come back...  ORA Thank you for bringing me to Kevin  and Karras. You have no idea how relieved I am that they’re okay.  FORMOSA I’m sure. Once Kevin learned how  many Lusus Naturae we were tracking in this area, he refused to stop whining until I agreed to look for you. He was convinced you wouldn’t stop searching until you were killed or you found him. Though, I suppose he was right to be worried.  KEVIN You know, people really got to stop  underestimating me.  ORA Formosa, I’m grateful that you  helped us. But next time, explain yourself before blowing that sleeping dust or whatever into my face.  FORMOSA Would you have listened?  ORA Um...probably?  KEVIN (Snorts and Coughs)  I’m fine...really...don’t get up...  ORA Oh, where’s Agilmar? And how’s  Reginald? How is he recovering? He... He didn’t...?  FORMOSA Reginald’s alive, but barely.  Though he’s better off than most. After you left we were able to subdue the Lusus Naturae. But... those escaping... The non fighters... my father... there was an ambushed...people waiting for the trees... It was all planned... some say there were 10 some say 100, attacking the unarmed ones until they ran back to camp. They didn’t follow and we found out why... The next day there was another Naturae attack and there were many of them. Few of us survived.  ORA I’m...I’m so sorry.  FORMOSA It was the Vigiles.  ORA What? What do you mean?  FORMOSA They found one of our traps and  realized where we were. They... must have hired Hunters to capture several Lusus Naturae and then released them all next to our camp. Punishment for not ‘cooperating.’ The corrupted killed almost everyone...our elders...the children.  ORA That’s horrifying.  FORMOSA Those of us who survived were taken  in by this group of Terra, but I can’t stand It. They’re nice enough, but they’re not my family. And I can’t just sit around here licking my wounds. What’s left of my tribe seems content to hide here, but I can’t. I can’t just wait here for death to find us.  ORA You could come with us.  What?  FORMOSA  ORA You could come with us. We’re on a  quest to help the Chosen One. I don’t know how or when, but I promise I’m not going to stop until we do.  FORMOSA All of you?  KEVIN I won’t make any promises about not  stopping, but I remember how well you fight. You’d be more than welcome to join us.  KARRAS You fight? Join us!  FORMOSA Do you really think we’ll be able  to find the Chosen One?  KEVIN Nope.  ORA I don’t know. But I’m going to try.  FORMOSA Then I’ll try, too.  ORA Good!  FORMOSA I’ll gather my things and meet you  at dawn.  KARRAS Oh...I can help!  KEVIN That seems awfully early...  KARRAS I’ll wake you, don't worry.  KEVIN Ugh...Now I'm even more worried.  ORA Hey! Stop hogging the food.  After we eat, we train!  KEVIN (Groans)  END OF EPISODE 13    

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