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ESCAPE   ORA It can’t be.  KEVIN Aunt Godrick? I mean...Godrick’s  aunt?  ELIZABETH Yes, yes. Aren’t you going to let  me in?  KEVIN Oh, I’m sorry! Yes, come in, quick.  ELIZABETH Thank you.  ORA Why didn’t you say It was you?!  ELIZABETH I don’t know if you noticed, but  there are dead people outside. I would rather not make a lot of noise!  KEVIN Good point.  ORA Karras, the door!  KEVIN What? Why...why did they start  again?!  ELIZABETH Oh, that’s my fault. Well, mine  that they stopped in the first place. Once the door was shut, the dead were blocked from the light.  FORMOSA That light is very bright.  ELIZABETH Yes, sorry. If you can hold that  door, big man, I’ll turn off the lamp for the moment. We haven’t much time, but I need to rest before we press on.  KARRAS (Grunts.)  ORA Wait, I know that lamp!  KEVIN That was the lamp that didn’t work!  ELIZABETH Oh, It always worked, just not how  you thought It should.  FORMOSA I am Formosa, and who are you?  ORA Oh right...Formosa, Karras, it’s  okay.  KEVIN I think.  ORA This is Elizabeth. She is...or was,  Godrick’s aunt. She was the one who filled us in on some of the history, as well as got us on the path to Isten.  KARRAS And Karras!  KEVIN Ha! Your right buddy, she’s the  reason we found you.  KARRAS I will hug you later!  ELIZABETH Well, I look forward to that.  FORMOSA How did you get here? Through all  the risen?  ELIZABETH As I started to say, it’s the  light. The lantern. It keeps the undead away.  KEVIN But look at It, there’s no wick.  ELIZABETH It’s not a normal lantern. This is  a dead lantern.  KEVIN What an understatement right;  there’s no wick!!  ELIZABETH It feeds off the energy of the  risen. When they are around It, the lamp is fueled by their energy and lights up. In turn, any of the risen that come within the radius of the light become just dead again. Honestly I never knew for sure if It really worked until now.  FORMOSA I see...  ...but how are you here?  ORA Not that we aren’t thrilled to see  you and everything.  KEVIN Karras! Let me help!  ELIZABETH No time for explanations now.  Sounds like we have to start moving. Watch your eyes.  FORMOSA Where are we heading?  ELIZABETH Out of town. That’s the first step.  KARRAS We must go!  KEVIN I second that.  ELIZABETH Ora, Formosa, get behind me.  On the count of three, you two release the door and step aside. Everyone ready?  KEVIN Ready.  KARRAS Ready.  ORA Ready.  Ready.  FORMOSA  ELIZABETH One, two, three. GO!  ORA Wow...they just collapsed...  ELIZABETH Yes, yes. Stick close to the light.  KARRAS There’s not much room...  ELIZABETH I know...but it’s all we have to  protect us.  ORA Eww....  RISEN (Growl)  KEVIN AAAHH!  KARRAS I got you.  KEVIN Thanks...that was close...  ELIZABETH This way. Hurry!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KARRAS He sees us!  FORMOSA And so does everyone else!  RUN!  KEVIN  ORA How???  ELIZABETH Just keep moving!  ORA What... what happen...  Hey!  ISTEN  ORA It’s Isten!!  KEVIN What?  ELIZABETH Someone’s alive?!  KEVIN How’s he not dead?  KARRAS Maybe he is!  ELIZABETH Keep moving. Ora look... It doesn’t  seem like Isten is dead. He’s running quickly. None of the other ones are.  KEVIN He’s tricked us every step of the  way. He fell behind before, there’s no way the risen wouldn’t have got him.  Well he getting  Karras!  ELIZABETH is stopping them from to us.  ISTEN HELP ME, PLEASE!  KARRAS Wait!?!  Please!  ISTEN Wait!!  KARRAS We must stop! We must get him!  FORMOSA NO! It’s a trick, he’s got to be  dead.  KEVIN Even if It wasn’t, there’s not  enough room!  KARRAS Isten has never asked me for help  before, and he wouldn’t now unless her really needed It.  ORA None of the others are talking. He  must still be alive.  ELIZABETH Karras, take the lantern, hold It  high. It will cast more light.  KEVIN The dead don’t seem to be attacking  him.  ELIZABETH Stay close.  ORA We’re here!!  ISTEN Ah-ha! Thank you! I don’t know  what’s happened to me!  KARRAS Run around them!! Get in the light!  ISTEN Oh, thank you. I don’t know how any  of this happened. We have to get... ugh.... Ugh...what...what...what have you done to me?  KEVIN Hey, I didn’t touch him!  ORA Why’d he collapse?  FORMOSA Look out!  RISEN (Growl)  ELIZABETH Move your friend there out of the  light, quick!  KEVIN My pleasure.  ISTEN (whimpering)  Ugh. What...? Why would you do that?!  KARRAS Oh no...  ISTEN Why won’t you help me?!  FORMOSA Seriously?!  ISTEN What?  ORA Are...are... Are you....are you  dead...?  ISTEN What?! What are you talking about?!  ELIZABETH The undead can’t touch the light.  They get anywhere near It and they collapse.  ISTEN And who is this?!  SCENE BRAKE  ANN Look! Let’s just cut our losses.  I’m done chasing this mystery person for now. We don’t know if she’s even magic or what. Seriously, Vorlauf!  (MORE)  ANN (CONT'D) Every time I stab one of these  things they just get up again a few moments later. There’s no way to win!  VORLAUF Enough!! We have a duty! We are  completing our stated mission! We are Vigiles! We are the protectors of this land.  ANN From what?! What are we protecting  It from?  VORLAUF Look around!! From this!! From the  evils of great power!  HAL How are we going to do that if  we’re dead?!  LINUS We need to get out of here. Why  can’t we just go find someone else who does magic?  VORLAUF Because we’ve witnessed magic not  just once in an isolated instance, but twice and both times the same girl was there.  LINUS Look out!  HAL I got It. He’s not even armed.  Look, Vorlauf. It’s getting dark and we don’t even know if your girl is even here. And if she is, she’s likely long dead.  VORLAUF Ann, watch out! OOOFF!!  ANN Thanks, Vorlauf.  VORLAUF This, this whole thing, is her...   HAL FINE! Then let’s find her.  ANN But first, we have a situation to  deal with. I think they found us... SCENE BRAKE  ELIZABETH Quick, the farther we get from the  town the less dead there will be...I hope.  ORA Karras, how’s Isten?  ISTEN I...I’  KARRAS Unconscious, but I have got him. I  could carry him all day.  KEVIN Sounds like the best way to have  him. (Roar)  KARRAS LOOK OUT!!  KEVIN  UNF! Don’t worry buddy. You just hold that lamp high and Isten and I will protect you. I think I’m getting better at this sword thing.  FORMOSA The light, it’s getting dimmer.  ELIZABETH There’s less of them out here.  Fewer risen means less light. We’re almost clear. Stay close...  ORA Aaaah!  RISEN  Ora!  KARRAS  ELIZABETH ...and watch your step.  KEVIN Here, I got ya’.  ORA I’m fine...  KEVIN The forest still seems...  ORA So...I was saying, why-why can  Isten get so much closer than the others?  FORMOSA What do you mean?  ORA Everybody else just collapses. Why  is he different? KEVIN  Is he really the Chosen One? I dunno’, ‘Cause, that’d be...very disappointing.   ELIZABETH The dead didn’t attack him  was alone, either. He made the light. They got in his way...but did not strike.  KEVIN Great. So, he might be the  One?!  KARRAS So...I...ummm  when he It to  Chosen  FORMOSA No, Karras! He’s not the chosen  anything.  ORA Well...I mean, It is kinda weird,  don’t you think?  ELIZABETH Come on. There’s a clearing up  ahead. Karras, hand me the light.  KARRAS I see something up there  it’’s bright!  ELIZABETH Up here! I think...yes....  ORA Oh...uhhhh...  KARRAS Oh my...  KEVIN Is this...?  ELIZABETH Yes. It’s a wisp’s wheel.  KEVIN And...we’ll be safe here?  FORMOSA Yes...they will let us know if  anything is approaching.  ELIZABETH Hey! Yes, that is correct. Do you  know about wisps?  FORMOSA I am a Terran.  ELIZABETH So you know more then I do, ha!  That’s exciting.  ORA Actually, we have all had a little  experience with them at this point.  ELIZABETH Ora, they seem to be avoiding you.  ORA Yes...we have a history.  I see...  ELIZABETH Well, you will have to tell me that  story at some point. But for the moment, let us rest here.  KEVIN What about Isten?  ELIZABETH Oh, I nearly forgot! Here. We can  turn off the lantern now. He’s the only one keeping It lit anyway.  KARRAS Are they not after us?  ELIZABETH Not specifically, no. And for now,  they’ll find easier quarry in town. Once they’ve exhausted the living in Dawnwallow, they may start hunting in the forest, but the wisps will warn us long before they get here.  ISTEN What? What happ...where? Karras!  KARRAS Shhhhh. I got you.  ISTEN I don’t understand. Please help me.  KARRAS You are safe. I have you.  ISTEN Don’t...don’t leave me...  KARRAS You just go to sleep now.  ISTEN I...I...thank you...  KEVIN Well...he’s getting more rest than  all of us.  FORMOSA Karras, why don’t you put Isten  down? Take a rest.  KARRAS No...No, I’ll hold him...just in  case.  FORMOSA Well, at least have a seat. You  must rest, too. Come, sit next to me.  Better?  FORMOSA (CONT'D)  KARRAS Better.  ORA Elizabeth...can I ask you  know what’s going on with Isten? Why is he different?  ELIZABETH He is, to my best estimate  anyway...well, I guess the best way to put It is he is half dead.  ORA What does that mean?  KEVIN Does this mean I have to feel sorry  for him now?  KARRAS How do you know?  ELIZABETH The lamp, it’s the only thing I can  think of.  FORMOSA Uhh...I think we are going to need  a little more explanation.  ELIZABETH So, I collect things. Old things.  As regressive as our society can be, we don’t value old things very much. I specialize in magic items.  FORMOSA And you just happened upon the  lamp? Why haven’t the Vigiles taken It?  ELIZABETH I did not just happen upon It.  Decades of collecting, you find all sorts of stuff. However, there is only one of these in existence, that I know of. Magic items, as far as I can tell, aren't traceable by whatever means the Vigiles use. And their overwhelming fear of magic keeps them from understanding that. I have seen them blame objects for magic before, but mostly it’s if they can’t find a person, and just guess it’s an object. I imagine that’s why they have seen most of the things I have and didn’t give them a second thought. They never traced magic to me. But, I’d die before I let them get their hands on many of my things.   Why?  KARRAS  ELIZABETH Because there power in the Vigiles  hands would be the death of thousands -- families, children, the unborn. If they detected magic, they’d kill whoever they needed to. They’d commit mass murder to rid the world of magic.  ORA They kind of do that already.  ELIZABETH (Laughs)  That is true, but I have a few things that would be even worse. Plus, I’m a crazy old widow, so nobody cares what I have to say and nobody bothers me. It’s unfortunate and sad but, in this instance, I’m happy we throw away everything old. Means I can exist with my magic lamp without any hassle.  KEVIN So, you just happened to have this  lantern with you and were at the tournament? I don’t buy It.  ELIZABETH That would be crazy. I had lots of  my things with me. I’m old, not stupid. But sadly, when the dead got up, I had to leave most of my things in my tent at the tournament...except the lantern.  ORA Okay, but why did you have so much  stuff and... and why were you there?  ELIZABETH (chuckling)  Oh, you have got to be smarter then that. I have been following you since you left my house.  KEVIN What? Why?!  ORA And how?! We haven’t seen you.  ELIZABETH Well, the why?  Because what else was I gonna’ do? You’d just told me my only remaining family was dead. You were following the Prophecies and the world has been going to the dung heap.  ORA But why not travel with us?  ELIZABETH I don’t know you. You could have  been anyone. You told me my family was dead. You could have been bad for the whole world. I was not about to travel with strangers.  KEVIN That’s fair.  ELIZABETH I don’t care if it’s not.  KARRAS I’m glad we met you!  ELIZABETH I’m still deciding.  KEVIN But how? How did you track us?  Chuancy.  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Your bird? He followed us?  ELIZABETH No no. Around your neck. The charm  I gave you.  KEVIN You’re telling me...  ELIZABETH ...that I have been able to follow  the charm so it’s really all your fault I’m here.  FORMOSA Well...I don’t know what to say...  KEVIN Well...joke’s on you all, then!  ‘Cause that means that I saved us all. I’m a hero!  ORA Haha! I guess you are.  KARRAS So, what now? What about Isten?  ELIZABETH I told you - half dead.  FORMOSA We don’t know what that means.  ELIZABETH Well...let’s see. It means he  wasn’t completely dead when the  magic hit. (MORE)  ELIZABETH (CONT'D) But he wasn’t exactly alive,  either. You know when you cut the head off a chicken It will still run around? Or a person will still blink?  KEVIN I’m really upset that I know both  of those things to be true...  ELIZABETH He was like that. No one would  consider that alive. He had already died, but he was not...all dead?  ORA alllright. I guess I can follow  that...  ELIZABETH Its all kind of a guess, but that  is why he is like he is. He still has his mind and wits about him, for now...  KARRAS So...he’s alive?!  ELIZABETH No...he’s dead. And, like the  chicken, I believe he will become totally dead eventually.  KARRAS But we can fix him? Sew the head  back on?!  ELIZABETH I’m sorry. I don’t think It works  that way; he’s never coming back.  Oh...  KARRAS  ELIZABETH I’m not worried about him. I’m much  more worried about the necromancer.  FORMOSA I knew It.  ELIZABETH I have never heard a firsthand  account, but there have always been old stories. The amount of magic It would’s almost beyond belief but...I don’t know any other way to explain all of this.  ORA But...but why would they do that? I  mean, magic is sought after and destroyed. They might have been in hiding or something. Why would something that powerful use magic? Why then? Why, why there?  ELIZABETH I don’t know...but whoever It is  must be plenty pissed off. I doubt they appreciated Ora’s magic back at the village.  ORA My magic?  ELIZABETH Yes. It was you, wasn’t It?  ORA did you know?  ELIZABETH When you all visited me, when you  entered my house...well...  KEVIN Okay, what’s your deal? Spill It!  I’m sorry. I was trying to be lighthearted.  ELIZABETH I have a...a bell. Well, kind of a  bell, It rings anyway. At close proximities, It can detect magic. So, I knew.  KARRAS A bell? Is It here?  ELIZABETH Heavens, no! I could never ever  risk It falling into anyone else's hands. It will never leave my house as long as I’m alive.  Follow me. SCENE BRAKE  ELIZABETH (CONT'D)  ORA Why didn’t you say something?!  ELIZABETH It’s always safer to not know you  have magic. And once you told me about my nephew’s family, I figured maybe you just didn’t know how to control It.  ORA But how did you know It was me at  the tournament?  ELIZABETH Lucky guess. I played the odds and  It seems to have paid off.  ORA I...I think It was me. I don’t know  what I did.  ELIZABETH Well, that’s very exciting.  FORMOSA I think that’s our cue. It’s time  to go.  KEVIN Wow, best alarm ever.  ORA Karras, do you have Isten?  ELIZABETH There is a cottage up at the top of  this hill. It should be deserted. I used to trade with its inhabitance years ago and I’m sure they are long dead.  Watch your eyes.  HAL One there!  ANN LINUS! Where did you go?!  LINUS Over here! I found some crates! Get  on the roof!  HAL Good thinking!! That’s another good  idea that you...  VORLAUF Look out!  HAL UGNHGGGG!  HAL! No...  VORLAUF  ANN This way!  LINUS Oh, thank the land.  ANN Hurry!  LINUS Things are getting bad up here.  ANN They’re pretty bad on the ground,  too.  LINUS Well, what are we gonna do?  Vorlauf?!  Look.  VORLAUF  LINUS No! Hal! Stop It,  He--he’s...NO!  ANN Uh, Vorlauf?!  VORLAUF I don’t know! Maybe this is...  I don’t know!  ANN What the...?  VORLAUF What?...  LINUS Are they...?  VORLAUF They are...  LINUS Where are they going?!  END OF EPISODE 22    

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