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THE EXCITEMENT  AGILMAR (CONT'D) Formosa, rally our fighters!  FORMOSA I’ll get my axes.  AGILMAR Good, but ranged attacks; archers  and spears first. Do not let the beast draw us into close combat for as long as possible! Keep It at bay!!  FORMOSA Yes, father! Ora, good luck getting  to Shadow Run. I hope our paths cross again under fairer skies.  AGILMAR Ora, you must flee while we fight  off the beast. We won’t be able to ride on with you. The rest of your belongings are next to Spirit.  KEVIN I’ll ready Spirit.  ORA We can help.  AGILMAR I won’t say no, but running now may  be your only chance of survival. May Tapio keep you. Farewell.  Agilmar rushes off as Kevin returns, leading Spirit.  KEVIN Alright. Alright, we are stocked  and loaded. I say we both mount up, at least for a bit, put as much distance as we can between us and...  ORA I’m going to fight!  Ora turns towards the camp, but Kevin GRABS her wrist and stops her.   KEVIN What? No, don’t!  ORA Kevin, let go of my arm!  KEVIN I’m sorry, Ora, but you can’t go.  This isn’t our fight. I admit, they seem like good people, but they kidnapped us and forced us into this. We should run while we can.  ORA You’re acting like a coward.  KEVIN I’m just being practical. How many  people die during a Naturae attack?  ORA All the more reason to help.  They’ll need every fighter they can get.  KEVIN But that’s just It! I’m not a  fighter!  KEVIN (CONT'D) I didn’t train like you. I can  barely use a knife, let alone a sword. And even if you do know how to fight, It doesn’t mean you’ll survive. Look at Godrick and his parents.  ORA Kevin, I... I didn’t...  KEVIN Let’s leave. Let’s just keep  running and living.  (Roar)  LUSUS NATURAE  ORA I’m sorry, I have to help.  KEVIN Please, Ora. Please.  ORA If you want to take Spirit and  leave, I’ll understand.  KEVIN Ora! Ora!!  SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA Stay back! Hide our numbers. Wait  for my signal!  REGINALD Heay! We’re safe...but only for a  moment. The creature is stuck in one of the mud traps, but that won’t hold It for long. We were able to evacuate everyone from that side of the camp, except...  Felix and Cassia were killed.  What?  FORMOSA  REGINALD Their screams were the first sign  of the attack.  No.  FORMOSA  REGINALD There was nothing to be done.  FORMOSA How did It get past our warnings?  REGINALD No idea. It must have found a gap  in the tripwires. None of the alarms were...  FORMOSA How many were hurt?  REGINALD At least a dozen. Maybe more.  They’re been taken to the healers and are being attended to.  FORMOSA Are the archers in place?  Yes.  REGINALD  FORMOSA Signal the attack.  REGINALD Grab the torch; I’ll dip the arrow.  FORMOSA No time to waist.  ORA Reginald! Reginald I came to...  REGINALD Get down! So you decided to join  the excitement, eh?  ORA It’s...uhh...It’s...uhh  REGINALD Yep, it’s right over there. Cute  isn't It.  ORA I...I mean...I have never...  REGINALD Haha clearly  ORA What is that? Ugh! That smells  awful!  FORMOSA Watch out!  REGINALD liquid fire...  FORMOSA ...and this is  ORA I want to help. What can I do?  REGINALD Watch...and pray.  Do It!  FORMOSA  FORMOSA (CONT'D) There...Watch the trees.  SCENE TRANSITION  HEAD ARCHER There It is, the signal. Prepare to  fire! FIRE! SCENE TRANSITION  REGINALD Damn! It’s armored.  FORMOSA in the spears.  REGINALD Ha! NIGHT FALL! Now we can have  some fun.  ORA I...I should join the attack.  REGINALD Let the spears do their job. Weaken  It. Then we’ll see.  ORA How can you be enjoying this?  REGINALD Because It looks like I might get  my wish...I’m going to kill something today. Pity it’s so small.  ORA Small?!  REGINALD Hand me my spear. Here we go!  ORA It’s over eight feet tall!  REGINALD Yeah, like I said, small...for a  Lusus Naturae. Come on girl, Hyah! Good girl, come on. Hyah, come on girl come on. Circle Formation!!!! Spears ready! Oh my Call!  (MORE)  REGINALD (CONT'D) Ready.... NOW!! Stay in formation  No! NOOOO! Back!! Back!!! Fall Back!!!! Heay!! Good girl come on. Warriors, ready yourselves!  FORMOSA Hey, Report. What happened.  REGINALD The armor is too much, but It  looked to be only on it’s back. That’s why it’s so short. Heay! Go GO! We need to go in from underneath.  ORA How did It... It just.. It just  ripped... Oh! What’s that?!  FORMOSA Reginald! The evacuation!  REGINALD Theres No time! The Naturae is  almost free of the mud, It wont be long. Ugh, The fighters guarding the retreat will have to handle the villagers.  FORMOSA I’ll ready the teams. Wait for my  call.  REGINALD Hey. You Okay outsider? Your  looking a little pail.  ORA I’ve never seen one this close...  it’s like a bear, but...turned inside out. And it’s’s enormous.  REGINALD Well, each is different, but you  sure picked an exciting one for the first time. You...uh... Sure you want to do this?  ORA Any tips?  REGINALD Aim for the heart. Though It can be  difficult to tell where that is...or how many It has.  ORA How can you be so calm as your  people die?!  REGINALD Caring about someone won’t stop  them from being torn apart. You know what will stop It? Being an amazing fighter. And you know how you become that? By doing what you love. And lying to yourself.  ORA That does not sound right.  REGINALD You’re the one who asked for  advice.  FORMOSA Ready! We have to stop It from  reaching the tents! It won’t fall for another trap!  ORA I’m ready!  FORMOSA GO! Now! I’m behind you.  REGINALD Come on, outsider. Let’s see what  you can do!  AAAAAAA!  ORA AND REGINALD  ORA What...where is everyone?  HIDEN Reggy!  REGINALD OH! Hiden! Haha  HIDEN First four out are a good crew.!  REGINALD Good to see your mace and chain!  This is Ora!  HIDEN Larze is right behind...  LARZE It’s free!  REGINALD Keep going. You two will take the  flanks...but watch yourselves, we still don’t know what this one can do.  HIDEN Right!  REGINALD Ora, cover the front with me, watch  the head, and try not to let me get killed.  ORA OKAY!  REGINALD Just distract It and keep It in one  place. Here we go.... AAAAAA  HIDEN Find your opening!  LARZE It’s on to you Reg!  Ora!!  REGINALD  ORA I got It!!!  Nice!  REGINALD  ORA Haha YEAH! (Scream)  REGINALD What??? A sword through the chest  doesn’t even slow It down.  HIDEN Coming around!  REGINALD Shit! Wow, that was close.  ORA Open Leg! Ummm....  FORMOSA Ora good!  LARZE We’re getting nothing done back  here. All arms to the front!  Outsider!  HIDEN Get Down! UGH!  ORA Hiden!!!  Hey! Stop fighting!  LARZE talking  and keep going! It’s  It’s unarmed  HIDEN I’m alright! Keep  distracted! FORMOSA  Attack the ankle. there!  REGINALD I see It! Hold on...  ORA Nice. You got the whole leg in one  swing. Got It right below the knee.  ORA Now you’re just  LARZE It doesn’t even isn’t the wound  showing off.  seem fazed! And why bleeding?  REGINALD  REGINALD Who cares? It’s one less...woah!  ORA The trees!  REGINALD What about the trees?  ORA If we can get It to rear up, the  archers can hit his belly from the trees!  FORMOSA Wait, why isn’t the wound bleeding?  And how is It still so agile...  REGINALD Ora, I’ll get It to go after me,  take out the other front leg!  ORA Ready!!!  HIDEN Ready, ARCHERS!  REGINALD Okay, here we...GO! UGH! Come on!!  Over here!!!  ORA Yaaaaah!!  REGINALD It’s rearing up! Fire!!  HIDEN YEEEEE WHOOOOO!!!! Look at that!!!  FORMOSA Reginald, get out of there!  Everyone, back up!!  REGINALD It’s been weakened, now is the time  to str-  LARZE The front legs are decoys! It’s a  sprinter!! Run!!!  HIDEN Look OUT! Barbed tail!!  FORMOSA BACK! GET BACK!!  HIDEN Barbed Tail! AAHHH!!  REGINALD  FORMOSA  REGINALD AAAAAAAAA  ORA AAAAAAA  FORMOSA  REGINALD arms!!  Hiden! REGINALD!!  No, I.... Reginald! Ora, NO!!  Watch the  ORA I...WHAT?!  FORMOSA AAAAAA. I’ll hold It off! Ora, get  Reginald to safety!  ORA Where did that arm come from?!  FORMOSA They are growing back! GO!!  ORA ...But my sword!  FORMOSA GO NOW!!  LARZE ARCHERS!!  REGINALD I can still fight.  ORA You’re hurt!  REGINALD You’re hurt!! I can –  LARZE Now!! Down!!  FORMOSA Trees! Look out!!  REGINALD I can still–  ORA I can see bone!  REGINALD Ora! The horn!  ORA Oh,  REGINALD Sound the horn.  ORA Why not have everyone attack at  once?  REGINALD We did, until we fought a Lusus  Naturae that produced a mist that melted human skin if you were too close. Lost three dozen fighters in a second. Now, we attack only at a distance or in small groups.  ORA We’re clear! Alright here. Here let  me help you.  REGINALD I’m fine. I’m fine.  FORMOSA Reginald, you idiot. Why did you  keep attacking? I said to move back!  REGINALD At least I got you to fight. You’re  so much more fun when you’re swinging your axes instead of calling out orders.  FORMOSA Keep quiet or else I’ll tell the  healers not to give you anything for the pain.  ORA!  KEVIN  ORA Kevin! You’re still here?  KEVIN I thought...if I couldn’t help with  the attack, maybe I could help the wounded. Also, Spirit wouldn’t budge without you.  FORMOSA Reginald’s badly hurt.  KEVIN A real healer is on the way, but I  can clean It and have something for the pain.  ORA What even happened? It seemed like  we had It pinned down, then that tail appeared...  REGINALD Sounds like you know what happened.  UGH!!!!  KEVIN Sorry, sorry.  ORA If It had that tail the whole time,  why didn’t It use It to begin with?  FORMOSA Naturae are different than other  creatures. Some will attack with everything they have right away. Others don’t. Some, like this one, use deception and size up their quarry before...  ARCHERS (Scream)  FORMOSA I need to get back... The archers  are trapped... Wait. Kevin! What were those screams we heard earlier, they sounded like they were coming from the evacuation?  KEVIN Uh, I don’t know. I... I heard It,  too, but I was busy trying to help people to get out though. Then a bunch of riders went past.  ORA How can you live like this?  FORMOSA This attack isn’t  isn’t right.  KEVIN Okay, that should  normal. Something  hold It for now.  ORA Do you know what you’re doing?  KEVIN Not really, but I did watch the  healers put on at least a half dozen bandages, so... Reginald, how are you doing? You’ve been quiet for a suspiciously long time.  REGINALD Can still...f-fight.  FORMOSA Stay here. Come on Ora. And try not  to die.  KEVIN Sounds like a plan!  Wait!  FORMOSA  ORA Why did we stop? We need to get  back to the fight.  Larze!  FORMOSA  Ugh!  LARZE  FORMOSA What happened?!  LARZE It’s coming. We can’t stop It. It  made it’s way through the wood, plucking our archers from the trees like apples. We did our best to stop It, but... the tail regrows as well. And when it’s cut off, It comes back even larger each time. It’s hopeless. I think, we need to finish the evacuation.  FORMOSA How many remain?  LARZE We are scattered. No way to tell,  but it’s claimed a great many.  FORMOSA Get away from here my friend.  You’ve done your part. We need to slow It down. We’ve just been reacting. We need a different plan.  ORA Do you have an idea?  FORMOSA Some kind of trap. But we don’t  have time to set anything elaborate.  ORA What about a snare?  FORMOSA No, It would break the ropes in a  second.  ORA What else do we have, besides...?  FORMOSA Ora! I got It!  ORA What?  FORMOSA Wait...this isn’t your fight, this  is your time to go. I cannot ask you to do any more...  ORA Be quite and tell me what to do!  FORMOSA Do you remember the tent that you  were tied up in?  ORA Yes, of course.  FORMOSA I’ll prepare the trap. You lure the  monster into following you. Have It chase you into the tent, but get out of there as soon as it’s in with you. I’ll cut a slit in the canvas so you can escape.  ORA But my sword...  FORMOSA Too late for swords, Ora. It’ll  just slow you down. Good luck! Reginald! Get ready!  ORA I hope Formosa works fast. How the  hell do I get this thing to follow me?  ORA (CONT'D) HEY!!!! HEY YOU!!!!! MONSTER!!!!  I have no idea why I thought that would work...  ARCHERS AAAAAAAA  KEVIN Ora! ORA!!  ORA What are you doing?!  KEVIN Give me your hand. Are you trying  to get yourself killed? Here, you dropped this.  ORA My sword! You found It. Alright.  You hang on to It for now.  KEVIN What am I going to do with a  sword?!  ORA You’ve got longer arms. We’ve got  to get closer and you need to try and get it’s attention. We need to get It to follow us.  KEVIN You’re joking...  ORA Swing as hard as you can when we  get close. Hold on tight to the hilt! And watch for branches!  ORA (CONT'D) OKAY, ready???  KEVIN Here we goooooooo. HI-YAH!! Hahaha.  I did It! I did It!!!  ORA NICE JOB! Okay,  back.  KEVIN Yeah...probably  I’ll take the sword  a good idea.  ORA That a girl, Spirit!  KEVIN Oh no. Oh no! Oh no!!  ORA We have to go faster. HOLD ON!!  KEVIN Look out for the tents!!  ORA Almost there!  KEVIN Wait...  ORA THERE!  KEVIN How do you even know...?  ORA Agilmar’s tent!!  FORMOSA Come on! Over here!  KEVIN It’s getting closer! What that...  Whats the Smell?  FORMOSA Go through the tent!  KEVIN You’re not going to...wait,  ORA Keep your head down.  KEVIN WAIT!! What!!! There’s no other way  OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!  Yes!!  FORMOSA  KEVIN Ahahahah! WE MADE It!!!  FORMOSA It worked! Cut the lines!!!!  REGINALD FIRE!!!!  TERRA (Cheers)  ORA Just barely.  ORA (CONT'D) Spirit stop! Whoa, girl!!  SPIRIT (Blows)  ORA Spirit, we have to go back! We have  to help!!  KEVIN Ora! It’s over. The Terra’s have It  handle from here. Plus, It sees Spirit has her own plans.  Spirit whinnies and keeps running.  ORA Okay girl. Okay. I know, I know, I  know. Its over. One thing’s for sure, I never want to cross paths with another one of those.  KEVIN There’s one more thing that’s for  sure...I need to learn how to fight.  ORA Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. Heay!  END EPISODE 4    

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