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Original Music Composer

Dave Volpe

Dave Volpe is a Los Angeles-based composer for film, media, and the concert hall. He has scored a number of feature films (including The Shift starring Danny Glover, and Golden Christmas 2, which airs annually on the Ion Network) as well as countless short film and media projects.

A graduate of the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at USC he was afforded many rare opportunities, including a mentorship with renowned film composer and longtime hero, Thomas Newman, whose unique approach to composing had a profound effect on Dave's own writing. In addition to Mr. Newman, Dave has learned from and worked with many leading professionals including Bruce Broughton, Jack Smalley, and Blake Neely.

Along with his work in films and the concert hall, Dave is a singer and accomplished choral arranger and composer. He has had arrangements commissioned by a host of LGBT choruses including the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, and the Turtle Creek Chorale (Dallas). He enjoys performances of his arrangements by choruses all over the country year-round.

In addition to music, Dave is a comedic actor in commercials and movies as well as a voice actor appearing most recently in the video game Trials of Mana (April 2020). He is an avid cook, baker, reader, and podcast junkie.

You can find more information about Dave and listen to his music on his website,

Dave Volpe

Sound Designer

Shane Salk is an award winning audio producer. He co-created and produced the first audio drama of its kind to be distributed by Internet podcasting: a weekly adventure series performed with a full cast, sound effects and music. "We’re Alive: A Story of Survival" launched in May 2009, to date it has over 200 million downloads. Salk is recognized and quoted in "The Radio Drama Handbook" (2011), a textbook and report of an academic research study.*


Salk’s audio drama adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was released simultaneously in English and Spanish, by Blackstone Audio on CD and by download. Produced and sound designed  by Salk, it stars Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulson (Emmy Award winning voice actors), Neil Flynn, Robbie Rist, Ruben Garfias and Alex Fernandez,  just to name a few. It received the Parents’ Choice Award for Story Telling in 2012.


Salk’s other credits as producer, director and sound designer of audio productions range from a sitcom series on LA Talk Radio to a fantasy/action pilot starring Emmy Award winner Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest), to original short stories and pilot episodes for children’s shows, serial action/adventure, mystery and comedy shows. In the video realm, Salk has produced short films and a web video series that have appeared in several festivals around the country. He is sought after by producers of both audio and video projects because of his willingness to provide voluntary consultation. Initially trained as an actor (Chapman University, BFA), Salk has appeared in several dozen stage, screen and voiceover/audio roles. He also originated the role of Genie in Disney Cruise Line’s production of Aladdin.

Shane Salk - He is the Most Handsome Person involved in the show

Shane Salk


Tim McKeown

Tim McKeown

Tim McKeown has been working as a sound mixer/engineer, and designer for the past 15 years. Tim moved to Los Angeles in early 2008 to pursue his passion for audio. Within a month of his arrival, he began working on the tech crew for the cult hit live show “Point Break Live!”.

It is there where Tim met Dave Bach, a well-known and prolific dialogue and ADR editor.

Dave became a mentor, taught him to edit dialogue, and introduced him to the world of post audio for film and television. In the months to follow Tim would secure a position as an assistant dialogue editor on his first feature film, In The Electric Mist.


Over the last decade and change, he’s worked on major studio films such as Nebraska as well as many revered independent projects. In February of 2015 Tim began a career in foley at Hi Fi Foley where he gained a better understanding and appreciation of how sound can craft a story. Working at Hi Fi Foley has afforded him the opportunity to work on high-profile properties for the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Warner Bros. In 2018 Tim and his team were recognized by the Motion Picture Sound Editors and were nominated for Haunting of Hill House (Netflix). In 2019 the team was recognized again for Guava Island (Amazon) and won the Golden Reel for Togo (Disney Plus).


Tim continues to work with Hi Fi Foley in addition to mixing/editing and designing sound for numerous other projects. To this day he serves as the lead technician for “Point Break Live!” as well as their other live productions, “Tom Gun Live” and “Terminator Too Judgement Play.”

Score Producer 

Kenny Wood has been delighting audiences with his unique and thoughtful approach to music. He has made a reputation for himself through his deep commitment to his craft and clients, a strong musicology background, and a thorough knowledge of the latest music technology. As a composer for film and games since 2000 and native of Los Angeles, he has the experience and the professional moxy to stand proudly amongst Hollywood's most elite composers.

Kenny's music has earned a number of awards and accolades and has been heard in mega blockbusters including two of the top five highest grossing films in 2017, "The Fate of the Furious" and "Despicable Me 3" and the 2009 Oscar Nominated short, "Oktapodi."

Kenny Wood

Kenny Wood

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