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Even a prophecy needs help

In Aaru, a land torn apart by a fear of magic, and ruled by brutal mercenaries, two young friends leave the only home they’ve ever known to find the one who could save them all.

Produced by Shane Salk and William Holmes, Carcerem is a completely original audio drama series featuring a full cast, original music, and immersive sound design. More like a movie than an audio play, this captivating fantasy series puts you in the middle of the action. Featuring sword fights, monster attacks, giant battles, heart-break and humor, Carcerem is the next step in the evolution of audio entertainment. In full development since 2018, the first season features 32 episodes with over 120 characters. 

 Launched September 22nd 2020, Carcerem is now streaming around the world over all podcasting platforms. 

While Carcerem is the debut production of Shane Salk Productions LLC, Salk boasts such award winning series such as We’re Alive, launched in 2009. To date that audio drama series has over 200 million downloads. The Guardian recently called We're Alive “the gold standard of contemporary apocalypse shows. Salk and Holmes also produced an award-winning audio version of A Christmas Carol starring the Emmy-winning voices of Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen.

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