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IN THE LAND OF AARU PART 2  GODRICK (sighs)  I’m...I’m so sorry. Sorry for everything. Sorry I wasn’t a better son...sorry I couldn’t save you. At least Ora and Edmund did a nice job on your...uh...graves. I always loved this old oak tree. I think you both would have liked It here...  So...umm...I’m gonna’ head to Shadow Run. You said to do that...if anything happened...’s already midday so we wont get too far before we camp, I said to wait until tomorrow, but Ora insisted, and you know Ora, when she makes up her mind... Aaaaah!! This is so STUPID! Who am I even talking to? You can’t hear me, you’re DEAD! Your dead and BURIED!!  And I’m still here. Why? For what? Ora says I’m the “Chosen One,” that I should feel honored or special or... but I don’t want any of that...I just want my parents back. Ugh, It couldn’t be me, anyway...I can’t do magic. No matter what she says she saw, she’s wrong. Besides, if I had magic, I would have been able to save you both somehow...somehow.  And it’s not like you wouldn’t have told me, right? Too late to ask now. I miss you both so much.  I don’t know what I’m gonna’ do. I’ll go to Shadow Run...after that...  GODRICK (CONT'D) Well...I do know one thing, I’m not  gonna’ waste any more time on this Chosen One stuff. Leave that for some gasser looking to play hero. I’m not sure the world deserves to be saved anyway.   AMA Godrick...? Are you alright?  GODRICK Yes, yes I...I...I’m fine  ORA Spirit stay here.  GODRICK (softly, to his parents)  May Stisha grant you safe crossing...I love you, mom. Dad.  AMA We heard you shouting. I’m a big  fan of shouting.  GODRICK Well, I wanted to be sure they  could hear me.  ORA Hey, did we do an okay job? Dad and  I did our best and--  GODRICK Oh, no no you did great. Thank you.  Really. Thank you both.  EDMUND Your parents would have done the  same for us. Are you, uh, sure you want to leave? After everything you’ve been through...  GODRICK No, I want to be with my family.  I’ve never met my aunt, but she’s the only family I’ve got now. I made a promise to my parents.  EDMUND Sure, sure. Of course.  Well,, come see what Ama packed in Spirit’s bags. She’s got enough supplies for a month’s journey, much less the six days It takes to ride to Shadow Run. And...uh...there’s something I want to show you.  AMA Ora, wait a moment.  ORA What?  AMA Wait...  ORA What is It?  AMA I want you to know something. I am  so proud of you...  ORA I know, Grandma...  AMA Ora! I am so proud of you and I’m  proud that you’ve placed your faith in the Prophecy. My mother handed that faith down to me and I’ve handed It down to you. But Godrick...  ORA Grandma, he is...  AMA Just listen to me!!  ORA Sorry...  AMA But Godrick does not believe the  way that you do. And with everything he’s been through... He’s...he’s more fragile then you understand...You’re going to need to look out for him. You... Just...Just take care of him.  ORA Grandma, don’t worry. I will.  AMA And...and take care of yourself.  ORA I will...I always do.  EDMUND, even with potential delays,  I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about.  GODRICK No, this is...amazing. We’ll eat  like kings. Thank you...for everything.  EDMUND Don’t thank me, this was all Ama’s  doing. There more thing... Here we go.  GODRICK My father’s sword!  EDMUND We found It when we...took care of  things. The sheath is a little worse for wear, but the sword...  GODRICK ...looks incredible. Did  EDMUND I may have cleaned It up  it’s a beautiful weapon.  you...? a bit;  GODRICK (Chuckling) Dad always said mom and  I were the only things in this world he loved more than this sword... Thank you, Edmund.  EDMUND You’re welcome, lad. I know George  would have wanted you to have It. Carry It with pride.  AMA You had better not be eating the  supplies, Edmund!  EDMUND We’re not Ama!  If I had, I’d have to go with you.  AMA How are you two getting on?  Everything in order?  GODRICK Yes. Everything looks great. I’m  ready.  ORA Good! We should get going. At this  point, we’re only going to get three leagues from here, if we’re lucky...  EDMUND It’s about six days ride to Shadow  Run, wouldn’t It be better to set off in the morning...?  AMA Edmund, Spirit is packed and  they’re ready to let them.  EDMUND Fine, fine. So, who rides first?  ORA We’ll just walk for. Save Spirit  for the moment.  GODRICK Sounds good to me.  ORA I’ll be back, Father. Don’t worry.  EDMUND Telling me not to worry is like  telling the wind not to blow...  ORA I know...But you know I had to try.  EDMUND I love you so much.  ORA I love you to dad.  EDMUND I may have my doubts about all  this...but I believe in you Ora.  ORA Thank you  EDMUND Now go! Get out of here, the  farther you get before It gets dark the better. Less chance of me coming after you!  GODRICK Bye! Thanks for everything.  ORA We’ll send word when we can!  AMA Goodbye. Be safe. We love you.  EDMUND (calling after them as  they walk off) Godrick, you take care of my daughter. And Ora...keep him alive long enough to do It!  2 SCENE BRAKE  HAL Ugh! It is far too late in the  evening for this nonsense! Hand over the child!  ANNETTE He’s just a boy; he’s of no danger  to anyone!  MALCOME Dad, I’m sorry.  VORLAUF We have heard evidence he’s magic.  ANNETTE Rumors! Unfounded gossip from  soulless people!  JASPER Then why did we and all these fine  village-folk find you on the road, sneaking away from town in the dead of night?  LINUS I won’t let you and your child put  the rest of us at risk! These men are here for our protection.  2  ARTHUR Linus, you canary fink!  LINUS I witnessed the magic myself,  sire, just two fortnights ago.  VORLAUF There, you see? Hardly a rumor.  ANNETTE What are you doing? Don't go near  him.  JASPER Quiet! Or you’ll be made quiet!  VORLAUF What is your name?  VORLAUF (CONT'D)  It’s alright... It's alright, child. I won’t hurt you. Now child, what is your name?  MALCOLM Malcolm, s-sir.  VORLAUF I knew a Malcolm once. He was a  very brave man; he had bright green eyes. What color eyes do you have?  Blue.  MALCOLM  VORLAUF May I see? You can see my eyes, if  you like. I’ve always been told mine are a dull gray, like old steel.  MALCOLM I can see them, sir...they look  nice to me.  VORLAUF You are kind. My mother was always  fond of my eyes, too.  VORLAUF (CONT'D) He’s a good lad. Kind. And those  eyes...  (Mutter)  VILLAGERS  VORLAUF Villagers! We all know how  dangerous the magic can be. It’s best the child comes with us.  ANNETTE No! You’ll have to kill me!  ARTHUR And me!  JASPER If you insist...  (Scream)  TOWNSPERSON  JASPER What...?  TOWNSPERSON Corrupted!!  VORLAUF Defend yourselves! Ugh!  LINUS It’s a Corrupted! Run Run  TOWNSPERSON 2 Everybody, in to the forest! Take  Cover.  ARTHUR Look Out!  ANNETTE PROTECT MALC...  ARTHUR NOOO!!  ANNETTE AAAA...  ARTHUR NOOOO!!!1  JASPER COME HERE, BOY!  MALCOLM Let me go!!  HAL Watch yourself, Jasper! It’s comin’  for ya’!  JASPER Die, beast!  HAL S’got scales!  ANN And no eyes! Jasper, aim for  the...TAIL!!  JASPER Nooo....Aaaaaggghhhhhh!!  VORLAUF Protect the child! It’s after the  child!!  ANN Aaaahh!  HAL Oooof! Nobody Move!  ARTHUR No! MALCOLM!!  HAL Get away from the boy!  ARTHUR Please...leave us be...  I’m Sorry mom. Father!!  ARTHUR  MALCOLM Gahh! AAAAAAAA  ARTHUR Malcolm!!!  VORLAUF Hal, the child!  HAL The Lusus Naturae, sir.  Took him in his jaws...he’s surely dead.  VORLAUF Another one...claimed by one of  those things. How many have we lost? Find!  HAL Yes, sir.  ARTHUR Annette...  My dearest Annette... My boy...  VORLAUF Villager. The Lusus Naturae, or  corrupted as you call It, feed off the magic. Magic that broke this land in two. We are here to protect you! And now you know why. You tried to save your child, and now you’ve lost him...and your wife.  ARTHUR This is all your fault, Linus!  LINUS You’re the traitor!  ARTHUR Ahhhh.  (Gasp)  VILLAGERS  LINUS Traitor. You saw! He was a traitor!  VORLAUF Stirring.  ANN Sir, may I point out we are short a  few men now?  (grunts)  VILLAGERS  ANN Fuller...  LINUS It’s Linus. I’m a fuller by trade.  ANN You fended yourself well against  the Lusus Naturae and showed no remorse to the grieving widower. Methinks you’ll fit in perfectly as my apprentice. If you are so inclined to join, of course?  LINUS I...why, yes.  ANN Good. The pay is low but the  adventure is high.  VORLAUF Hal, pay the fuller. For his first  week. He’s earned It.  LINUS Thank you!  VORLAUF Thank me with your blood and sweat,  fuller. That’s all I ask. Mount up and let’s ride.  3 SCENE BRAKE  GODRICK Ugh! Stop doing that!  ORA Ha, I think Spirit likes you.  GODRICK Ugh, I wish she liked me less.  Spirit! Stop!  ORA Ugh! What’s that smell?  GODRICK I think its the horse. Oats will do  that to you.  3  ORA No, seriously. You smell that?  GODRICK Oh, now I do. It’s almost like...  ORA Blood. Come on. Hyah  GODRICK No, Ora! Wait!!  ORA Oh no...  GODRICK I’m going to be sick.  ORA Lusus Naturae.  GODRICK A corrupted did this?  ORA What else could? These people are  ripped apart, and these claw marks on the ground...? And look! ugh...I...don’t want to imagine what happened to this one. Look at his jerkin! I remember It. He was one of the Vigiles who attacked your family!  GODRICK Your right. One of the men I fought  was wearing one...or one just like It. But he’s the only one dressed that way. What about these others?  ORA Must be villagers.  GODRICK Let’s get out of here, Ora.  ORA this is...I wasn’t...I couldn’t  have expected this...  GODRICK Me either.  ORA It’’s just...  GODRICK Come on. Let’s keep going...  ORA Yeah. Spirit, come on girl. Lets  go.  GODRICK Ora, if the Prophecy is fulfilled  It means the corrupted will disappear, right?  ORA Yes. Along with the Vigiles.  GODRICK And if I am the Chosen One, all  this carnage and awfulness could stop, once and for all?  ORA Yes. The Chosen One will protect  the realm and peace and prosperity will reign once again.  GODRICK I didn’t tell you the other day,  but when I was unconscious, right before I woke up, I had a dream I was the Chosen One. Everything felt so real. I saw myself...I saw myself saving everyone.  ORA Ha! Of corse you did, because you  are the Chosen One, Godrick. One Dream. That cinches It. The Chosen One can’t walk, you’re riding from here on out! Your horse, my liege. I shall walk from here.  GODRICK Why, thank you citizen.  ORA Let me help you up.  GODRICK Well, if you insist. As a reward,  I will allow you to look after my amulet!  ORA Such an honor your Chosen-ness!  GODRICK Yes, my people, we shall defend  this land... Ha HA! What? Oh, ugh!...Aaaaah! Ora...ORA!  ORA Haha ha ha, Ohhh! Haha. Oh hey  Spirit! Spirit! Hey, are you alright? I guess bees have no respect for the Prophecy, sire. But don't you worry, oh Chosen One! We'll change the world and then they'll bend their tiny little wills to you. But first, we must retrieve your noble steed!" I hate to say It, but it’s a good thing they chased Spirit, at least she’s got some hope of out running ‘em. Hey and if you think I’m doing all the work now that your... Godrick? Godrick. Come on get up and help. Godrick? Godrick, come on... Hey, please say something.  Is that blood? Godrick? Oh no. Godrick?! No...GODRICK NO! No no no. Come on. Godrick, Godrick. No, no, come on...  END EPISODE 1 PART II    

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