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MEANWHILE  KEVIN Welp, backtracking It is.  ORA Just hurry back. I have to tell you  about the-  ISTEN Kevin! Here!  Take this with you for luck. You never know when you might need It.  SPIRIT (whinnies)  KEVIN Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa girl! Easy,  easy, easy... What is It?  ISTEN It’s for luck.  KEVIN Well, It looks It a dead  bee?  ISTEN It’s not.  ORA In a Jar? Is It alive?  KEVIN Well... I don’t think so, it’s not  moving. Oh! I think It might be glowing a little...  KARRAS Stop! Don’t open that....  KEVIN There It goes, now it’s moving! Oh,  It has wings!!  SPIRIT (Neighs)   KEVIN Woah, woah! Eah! Spirit. Ah. Sprit  Stop!  ORA Kevin!  KARRAS I’ll get him!  KEVIN Spirit. Spirit Stop!  SPIRIT! RELAX! YOU’RE FINE!  KARRAS HOLD ON!  KEVIN NO KIDDING! I’M TRYING TO STOP  HER!! Spirit, what’s wrong?!  KARRAS It WAS THE WISP! SHE WON’T STOP.  KEVIN What?!  KARRAS HANG ON!!  KEVIN Now, listen, I understand that  you... that I may have upset you before. I know that. And, I - I apologize. I shouldn’t have doubted you. Now, can you, can you please STOP RUNNING?! Not good enough huh? What do you want, huh? You and Ora are best friends. And, and it’s like you don’t even try to get to know me.  KARRAS SHE’S GONE! SHE WON’T STOP.  KEVIN Don’t, don’t listen to Karras. He’s  he’s very angry. Unlike me who is actually very, very nice. And I’m very very calm.  SPIRIT (Whinnies)  KEVIN OUCH! Ugh... my nose! Okay, OKAY,  maybe I have not tried to get to know him very well either... I get It, there’s enough blame to go around.  But but, at least I’m trying!!! Honestly! And, and you gotta’, you gotta’ meet me halfway. ...and you...just...WON’T...STOP...RUNNING ! UGh!!... AAAAAA  KARRAS KEVIN! GIVE ME YOUR HA.....! UGH!  KEVIN Karras!! No...  Spirit does not stop.  KEVIN (CONT'D) Spirit, we really gotta’ stop. We  really got to stop now! I think Karras might be dead! YOU STUPID PILE OF SHIT HORSE! THEY NEED OUR HELP!!  KEVIN (CONT'D)  FINE!! Oh, this is gonna’ hurt. Unhhhhh..., I was right...oh hurt.  IMOGEN (Whinnies)  KEVIN Karras! Kar...oh... BLAH!  Hey, hey Karras! Hey, hey Karras. Come on, buddy! Come on. Oh, well, good, at least you’re breathing. Oh no...  Shhhh! Shhh! It’s alright, You need to quiet down! shhhh, We can’t attract this much attention. Shhh...shhhh. Gooood boy. Good boy. I’m just going to cover your head. It’s alright, shhh. Okay, Good boy.  IMOGEN (Panics)  KEVIN Woah! Shhhhh, Your alright, your  alright your alight, woah woah boy! I got ya’. I got ya’. Okay. Now Let me see that....Let me see that leg.  Oh no...Thats... Thats... oh, easy boy... That, that does not look good at all. Oh no...Shhh! Shhh!! You have to be quiet. There’s really nothing I can do boy... Let me get... Let me get a closer look at It.  The horse gets even louder and more agitated when Kevin tries to touch It.  KEVIN (CONT'D) Ughhhh... shhhh...I’m so sorry  boy... I’m gonna...  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  IMOGEN (panic)  KEVIN, no, no, no, no, no.  Be quiet! Be quiet!! You need to stop!!! Please!! Please  IMOGEN (panic)  KEVIN I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I can’t! I  can’t I have to go. I’m sorry.... Karras! Karras, you need to get up! Karras We’ve got to GO! KARRAS!!! UGHH. (Crying)  IMOGEN (Crying)  KEVIN Come on...come on... Come on.  KARRAS (grunts weakly)  KEVIN Karras. Hey, are you okay?  (less sure) You’re okay right? Right?  KARRAS (another weak grunt)  KEVIN Listen, listen we’ve There’s a... There’s over there! Come on, up!!! You got to get  got to hide. a gully right come on get up.  KEVIN (CONT'D) GET UP, YOU FAT TUB OF CHICKEN  FAT!!  KARRAS (groggy, half conscious)  Ughh...  KEVIN DAMN It!!  I’m sorry...I’m sorry.  KARRAS Imogen?  KEVIN Hey, look, If you’re not gonna’  walk, you have to keep quiet.  KARRAS W-where... Where?  KEVIN Karras, listen to me. You need to  stop talking. We’re almost safe alright.  KARRAS Imogen!  KEVIN Shhhhh  KARRAS Aaaag, my knee!  KEVIN Shhhh. Listen, you must have gotten  hurt when Imogen went down. (MORE)  KEVIN (CONT'D) Don’t move, I’m going to get you  safe, just...Just stay quiet. Come on.  KARRAS No! I need to get to Imogen.  KEVIN Stop squirming! We’re almost to the  gully. Just a... Come on...Just a few...more...feet.  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KARRAS NO!!  KEVIN Aaaaaa. Oof..  KARRAS Arrrgh!  KEVIN  Stop! You can’t... You can’t even walk. Thats not some small corrupted. You...You can’t help!  KARRAS Don’t care. Imogen’s hurt!  AAAAAAAAAA. Get off!  KEVIN There’s can do!  KARRAS I’ll kill you!! I’ll kill you!!  KEVIN I know, and I’m sorry, I’m so  sorry.  KARRAS You can’t stop me!  KEVIN Will you please shut up? You’re  going to get us killed!  KARRAS I’d rather die fighting than cower  like a rat.  KEVIN That makes one of us. Ugh!  KARRAS AAAAAAAAA  KEVIN Hold on!  KEVIN (CONT'D) Now... Now stay!  KARRAS I need to get Imogen!  KEVIN You can’t hel... Oof....  (Gasping and coughing) Karras...?! Ka...  KARRAS The monster...The’s  over there. My bow.. it’s broken...  KEVIN It’s as big as a house...  KARRAS Imogen... (Crying) Imogen. Imogen  KEVIN I’m sorry, I‘m so so sorry. Don't  watch...please...don't...  KARRAS You saved me...thank you for  that... SCENE BRAKE  WILZU Hey. Hey!  KEVIN (groan)  WILZU You’re awfully alive for a dead  person. Wake up if you’re gonna’. (Puuffff)  KEVIN What?! What are--!  WILZU Shhhhhh. That thing is still out  there. Sleeping, just like you two. Where’s is your shirt?  WILZU (CONT'D) Shhhhh. I watched the whole thing.  Your friend here is quite a fighter. Figured It was better to wake you up first. (Laughs) What’s your name?  KEVIN Kevin. And this is Karras.  WILZU Well, Kevin, it’s time for you two  to leave here. Follow me.  KEVIN Wait!!  WILZU Not on your life.  KEVIN Hey, Karras. Hey...big Guy...wake  up. We’ve got to move. We’ve got to follow this guy. But quietly. Hey! Where did you go?! HEY!  WILZU Will you shut up! Use your eyes!  KEVIN I don’t see you.  WILZU (sighs)  Walk towards my voice and look for a hole in the hill.  KEVIN Hey, let me help.  KARRAS No! Get away.  KEVIN Fine! You’re only going to hurt  yourself worse. See if I care!  WILZU Here. Over here.  KEVIN How did...? How did we not see  that...?  WILZU You were too busy bringing  distraction to me! Thanks for that!  KEVIN I meant now. I couldn’t see It  looking right at It.  WILZU Because I am smart and you are not.  Now come in before that thing comes looking for seconds Woah! Wipe your feet!  KEVIN Oh...  WILZU Were you raised  KEVIN sorry...  in a swamp?  Well, this is....umm....nice, I guess.  WILZU Nice? It’s not supposed to be nice.  It’s a cave.  KEVIN More like a cavern. Seems to go on  for quite a while. Wait...Wait, so you were here...ten feet from us...and didn’t even offer to help?!  WILZU I’m helping you now, ain’t I? Plus,  earlier you two seemed dead set on being that things lunch.  (MORE)  WILZU (CONT'D) Although...seeing you without a  shirt might have put It off it’s appetite. (Laughing) Right... hahaha.  KEVIN Well that seems uncalled for. Uh...  What’s your name?  WILZU I’m Wilzu.  KEVIN And you live here?  WILZU I’m not gonna’ tell you where I  live. I just met you! And Gnomes are notoriously tight-lipped about their homes. The whereabouts of a gnome home is a closely guarded secret.  KEVIN Oh, sooo... You don’t live in here  some place?  WILZU Uh, no. I live far away... in...  Far... Farthers... berg. Farthersberg.  KEVIN You live in... Farthersberg?  WILZU So Kraven...  KEVIN That’s not...  WILZU Whatever.  Knee bothering you?  KARRAS (Grunts)  WILZU Hehehe, well it’s a good thing. If  you’d had your full strength you woulda’ beat this little fella’ easy...and I’d wager you’d both be dead.  KEVIN Little fella’? You’re like two feet  tall!  WILZU Yeah, you’re the small one, and I’m  the adorable one.  KEVIN Right. Sure.  Listen, do you have any food?  KARRAS Food...  WILZU Oh, sure! Like I this cave that I  LIVE IN.  just keep food in absolutely DO NOT  KEVIN But there’s a door mat...  WILZU So? I didn’t put It there, I just  have the good graces to use It!  KEVIN Ow! Stop that!  WILZU You stop that!  KEVIN Shhhh!! You’ve gotta stop making...  WILZU Oh! So now you’re gonna tell me to  be quiet?  KEVIN made a good point. We  really should be quiet.  WILZU We are perfectly safe in her. Trust  me.  KEVIN Which you know...because you live  here.  WILZU Ummm... No... I know because I’ve  got Mr. Pale-N-Hairy here to protect me.  KARRAS Where’s Spirit...?  I had to stop.  KEVIN jump off her. She wouldn’t  KARRAS (Grunts)  (humph). At least  WILZU You two can stay with this random cave I found. for tonight.  KEVIN (to Karras)  See? It’s going to be Okay. We can figure out what to do tomorrow. Wilzu! Can help his leg heal?  WILZU Yes!...Of course. I can do  that...That’s a thing I can do? Along with everything else. If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna’ try and find a place to piss. I think, but I may be wrong because I don't live her... there’s a place right over there  KEVIN Yeah, sure. How convenient in this  random cave....  KARRAS Spirit was not your horse...Imogen  was my horse. Without him, I have nothing.  KEVIN What about Isten? The Chosen One?  KARRAS He may be chosen...but he’s no  Imogen. He was my best friend.  KEVIN Well, we can stay hidden in here  for now. Recover a bit, then we’ll meet up with Ora and Isten and...  KARRAS Doesn’t matter. None of It matters  now.  KEVIN Alright, so maybe Isten isn’t your  best friend, but what about the Prophecy?  WILZU You’re never gonna’ believe what I  found just sitting on a rock back there...  KEVIN You have got to be kidding me.  WILZU I don’t kid about tea.  What...what is that around your neck?  KEVIN Huh? Oh, this?  A...uhm...friend gave It to me. It’s a bird.  WILZU Some friend. It looks like a fish.  A very ugly fish.  KEVIN Hey! You know what...?  WILZU How do you take your tea, Kraven?  KARRAS Keep your tea.  WILZU Got It. Two sugars.  KARRAS You don’t know what this feels  like!  WILZU Look, I don’t have any family. Ya’  know? I live alone. Somewhere else. Anyway, I don’t have anybody to love. And I don’t have anybody who loves me...anymore. I’m just a lonely, old gnome. But I’m an old gnome who knows a thing or two. And one thing I know is this: What you’re feeling right now? That’s love.  KARRAS It’s not love! It’s pain!  WILZU *humph*  KEVIN Hey, He just watched his best  friend get eaten.  WILZU Look, love isn’t always a good  feeling. Sometimes love makes you hurt worse than you ever thought you could. You think it’s easer to mend physical pain right?  KARRAS (Grunts)  WILZU Well, there is no different in how  you treat love and how we will heal your knee. The pain your feeling now, is telling you something has happened. It stings, and burns, but you can’t ignore It, or It will only make things worse. Even cleaning It can make It feel worse but it’s necessary. Right now you can think of only the last chapter of your friends story. *Humph*. That will change and you will think of the other parts of the story. It still hurts? Yes. But as long as you take It easy It will heal.  (MORE)  WILZU (CONT'D) It may never be the same, It may never be as strong, but you will  move again. And yes you’ll be left with a scar just like any other wound. But like any other wound It will remind you that something happened and in this case, It was love.  KEVIN I’m umm...I’m going to go see if  that thing is still out there.  WILZU What? What? Why?!  KEVIN Cause I want to, alright?!  WILZU Okay, fine. Yeeesh. You’re awfully  touchy for a guy who runs around topless. But listen, if that thing sees you, don’t you dare lead It back here...  Strange guy.  KARRAS Why do you live alone?  WILZU What? How do you know that?  KARRAS You just said.  WILZU Oh...I wasn’t sure anyone was  listening. I live alone...because I want to live alone.  KARRAS Not true.  WILZU Okay...then I live alone because I  have to live alone.  Why?  KARRAS  WILZU Wh-What’s with the questions?  You’re worse then the little fella!  KARRAS Maybe I should live alone.  WILZU Sure. Listen, some people live  alone ‘cause they want to. And some people do It...cause... because they don’t stay off there bad knee... Believe me, its much less painful to heal...  I think you’d get very lonely.  KEVIN Uh-hu, it’s gone.  WILZU WIPE YOUR FEET!  KEVIN Sorry, sorry! For a little...  WILZU (Clears throat)  KEVIN I adorable guy, you sure  can get loud.  WILZU Well...I think that’s the nicest  thing anyone has said to me in a very long time.  KEVIN You're...welcome?  Karras! You’re going to make your leg worse! You need to rest. Karras, where are you going? It’s almost totally dark!  KARRAS To heal.  WILZU That’s precisely why you shouldn’t  be hopping around, Terrance!  KEVIN His name is...oh, never mind.  WILZU Now where are YOU going?!  KEVIN Don’t worry about It!  WILZU Well...wait just a moment!  KEVIN Wait for what?!  WILZU At least take this lantern so you  can find your way back!  KEVIN Really?  WILZU I mean, if you want. Doesn’t matter  to me, either way. Just don’t want you dying on doorstep.  You are a on...  KEVIN lot nicer then you let  WILZU Be quiet!  Hey.... I  KEVIN blocked It...  WILZU Congratulations... I’m going  inside...  KARRAS (Grunts in pain.)  KEVIN Hey! Here, let me help you.  KARRAS I can do It!  KEVIN Well...then you help me, whatever  makes you feel better. You okay now?  KARRAS (Grunts)  KARRAS (CONT'D) It’s raining.  KEVIN I hadn’t noticed.  KARRAS There’s...there’s not much left.  KEVIN I’m so sorry...there was nothing we  could do...  KARRAS (Crying)  KEVIN Karras...stop. STOP! You’re going  to hurt yourself.  KARRAS He needs... He needs to be buried!  He-he was my best friend!  KEVIN I know that, but...  KARRAS My only friend!!  KEVIN I know.  KARRAS What are you doing?  KEVIN I didn’t save you just so you could  die out here digging a grave. C’mon, let’s do this.  KARRAS But you have no shirt...  KEVIN Meh. It’s around here some place.  KARRAS But did not even like  him! And there’s blood, and mud, and rain...  KEVIN Huh...I hadn’t noticed.  END OF EPISODE 12    

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