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THE CARAVAN  KEVIN (CONT'D) Yep... still a fork in the road...  ORA I have No idea which way.  KARRAS Go Right.  FORMOSA How do you know?  KARRAS I don’t.  KEVIN Well, its hard to argue with that  logic.  ORA Well, I don’t see you coming up  with any ideas.  KEVIN I was always told, “If you find a  fork in the road, pick It up.”  FORMOSA You are either very wise or a  fool...  ORA I don’t think those two things are  mutually exclusive.  EILIKA Go RIGHT!!!  KEVIN What? Who said...?  FORMOSA Over there.  KARRAS I don’t like them....  ORA Let’s go say hello.   KEVIN Ora, and hear me out on this one,  let’s not.  ORA We can’t change the world if we’re  scared of strangers.  KEVIN We also can’t change the world if  we’re dead.  FORMOSA It would be good to get  information. Find out if any Lusus Naturae are active nearby.  KARRAS Strength in numbers.  ORA And they might be able to tell us  which way leads to Dawnwallow. Guess you’re out numbered, Kev. Hello!  SARAH Oh, we were wondering if you all  were gonna keep gawking or come over and say hello. Well, I-I’m Sarah, this is my wife Eilika, and this is our son Thoman. He’s six.  THOMAN (giggling)  Six and a half!  ORA I’m Ora, and the one scowling is  Kevin; that’s Formosa leading my horse, Spirit; and that’s Karras with the bow.  THOMAN Ooo, you’re so tall.  KARRAS (Grunts)  EILIKA (Chuckles)  Always nice to meet folks on the  road.  (MORE)  EILIKA (CONT'D) I swear, sometimes we ride for days  at a time and only see a handful of people.  SARAH Are you looking to buy or trade?  Our apple jam is so fantastic you’ll swear It was made by nature herself. Or, if wine is more to your taste, you could travel an age and never find a better vint than ours.  KEVIN About that apple jam...  ORA Eh...We’re not here to buy  anything. We’re on our way to Dawnwallow.  EILIKA Yes, we figured you might be.  Thoman was very excited to meet some fighters.  FORMOSA Fighters?  KARRAS (Grunts)  EILIKA Well, what with how you’re dressed  and all, we figured It out. We’ve got a whole caravan behind us that’s goin’ there, too. A’yeah, can’t miss the fair. It’s one of our most profitable yearly stops.  ORA Wait, what’s behind you?  FORMOSA A caravan. Groups who band together  on the road to defend against bandits and Lusus Naturae.  KEVIN And they’re fighters?  FORMOSA Sometimes. And sometimes they  aren’t and they hire guards, or sometimes they’re just groups of regular folks that find each other and ride along together.  EILIKA But we ran ahead to get a good spot  on the main street.  SARAH If we get a good spot by the pub,  and we sell twice as much.  FORMOSA And you said you were going to a  fair?  THOMAN Wow! Are any of you going to be the  One?!  ORA What? What do you know about the  One? We’re looking for him.  SARAH See, Thoman? Everyone is looking  for the One. Maybe this year we will find them.  ORA Where?! Where are you going?  SARAH What? What do you mean?  EILIKA Hey Thoman, go back in the wagon  and find me a blanket; it’s getting a little chilly out here.  THOMAN But mom--  EILIKA Hey! What did I say about talking  back? If you want to see the tournament, you have to listen to me.  THOMAN Yes, mom.  SARAH Alright, who are you? Who are you  backing?  ORA What? I don’t know what you mean.  EILIKA You’re going to Dawnwallow. So who  is your hero in the tournament?  FORMOSA Uh...We don’t know anything about a  tournament.  ORA We’re trying to find the Chosen  One.  EILIKA You’re true believers, ain't you?!  SARAH Eilika, don’t!  THOMAN Mom, I can’t find the blanket...  SARAH One second, sweetie; stay back  there.  EILIKA Don’t take another step...  Ugh.  KARRAS  ORA What are you doing...?  KEVIN Woah, woah, woah! Alright...  Alright everyone. (Laughing)  I think we have lead them on long enough.  SARAH What...?  EILIKA What do you mean? And don’t move!  KEVIN (forced laughter)  I’m so sorry, haha! It was all... It was all meant to be in fun.  SARAH Fun?!  ORA What are you doing?  KEVIN We’re sorry. We’ve never been to  Dawnwallow; a man in Stonny said we might be able to pick up some extra coin there by pretending to be fighters.  Right everybody?  FORMOSA Uh...Yeah...  KARRAS (Grunts.)  ORA Uh...Right...  EILIKA That was a very stupid man.  FORMOSA I agree...  KEVIN Ora and I...that’s Ora over there,  see, uh, we have a game that we’ve played since we were just about as old as your son there. Whenever someone talks about the Prophecy or the One, we like to play along. ‘Cause most people who follow It are pretty nuts, right? Anyway always good for a few laughs. And we don’t get much opportunity to do It anymore, I mean, how many people still talk about the Prophecy?  SARAH Well, if you get to the fair,  that’ll change... Oh Eilika, put your sword away!  (MORE)  SARAH (CONT'D) Look at them, they clearly aren’t a  threat. It was just a misunderstanding.  Hu...  EIKIKA  KARRAS Yes...I am sorry.  EILIKA Well... Alright then.  KEVIN We’re sorry, we clearly got in over  our heads with our little joke. But...uh...tell me, who did you think we were?  EILIKA Tournament Zealots...but I should  have known you were harmless. I mean, just look at you!  KEVIN Okay...someone else talk now.  THOMAN Here’s your blanket mother  SARAH Oh, thank you sweetie. (kissy)  THOMAN Moooom...STAHP!! MAAHHM!!  EILIKA So, you’re headed to Dawnwallow to  pretend to be fighters in the tournament, is that right?  ORA Right.  But...we’ve never actually been there. What’s It like?  SARAH Oh! You are in for such a treat.  The tournament is held in a big arena right outside the town walls. It’s so much fun! There are performers and-and food from all over. You’re going to love It.  EILIKA And more merchants go there than  any other gathering. And, best of all, we all make a profit! Of course, the tournament is the main attraction, but we tend to stay away; it’s bloody business.  THOMAN Hey, you promised  this year!  EILIKA I didn’t promise,  ORA And the winner of What do they win?  THOMAN Oooo. They’re the  ORA What?  I could watch  I said we’ll see. the tournament?  Chosen One!  EILIKA Originally, the tournament was  established to allow all those who believe their the One from the Prophecy to compete and prove their claim to the world.  SARAH These days it’s mostly guards and  mercenaries who just want to show off. Use It as a stage to demonstrate their skills with a blade or bow to a huge audience.  THOMAN Last year everyone died!  SARAH Everyone did not die. Most of the  warriors dropped out before the last round. The last round’s a fight to the death. Usually only the true believers stick around to compete in that.  ORA True believers?  EILIKA Tournament Zealots. Same thing we  thought you might be for a moment. These people deranged enough to believe they’re actually the Chosen One from the Prophecy.  ORA Well, what’s so wrong...?  KEVIN I take It you don’t think this  tournament will lead us to find our salvation.  EILIKA Don’t get us wrong, It would be  nice to have someone solve all our problems, but I doubt the Chosen One is going to turn up at a fair designed for entertainment.  SARAH And there’s been tournament winners  before, yet nothing’s changed. Everything’s still... Well just look around.  EILIKA If you attend, watch out for the  true believers. Those zealots and their followers can be...worrisome. Best to stay away.  SARAH They’ve been known to act violently  towards anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. And their followers are quick to attack anyone who follows a different Chosen One then they do.  EILIKA (scoffing)  Crazy bastards thinking they’re the One.  ORA But what’s so crazy...?  KARRAS There is a Chosen One. We know him.  He’s-  KEVIN Ha! Look at us, getting in the mood  for the tournament already! Yeah thats good. Maybe instead of pretending to be fighters, we should pretend to follow one. That-Thats a... a good idea Karras.  EILIKA Well, if you’re looking for  fighters, I know there were a few at the head of the caravan...  CARAVAN HORSE (Neigh)  SARAH Oh no! I’m sorry, we have to go.  They caught up to us. We chatted too long.  EILIKA Thoman, sit down and wave goodbye.  FORMOSA It was an honor speaking with you  You too.  Goodbye! fighter!  ELIKA (Whistles)  THOMAN You’re my favorite  KEVIN Thanks!  THOMAN (Laughing)  Not you! Him!  KARRAS (Grunts)  KEVIN You know...I’m not even mad.  SARAH Look for the man in the blue wagon.  He’s one of the fighters, I think. You should chat with him for a bit. Buh-Bye.  FORMOSA Ora, if you keep digging your nails  into your own hands, you’ll draw blood.  ORA Ugh! But, they’re making this in to  a stupid game!  KEVIN It doesn’t seem like anyone is  forced to compete.  ORA That’s not the point.  KEVIN Then tell me, what is the point? If  some special hero is supposed to grace us all and save the day, then they should be able to do anything right? Even survive a stupid and dangerous contest. And in the meantime, all of us nothings, who apparently can’t do anything to fix the world, can have a little fun. And if these fighters die during the tournament, well, I guess they actually aren’t from the Prophecy. So, no harm done.  ORA Have you already forgotten about  Godrick?  KEVIN You know I didn’t mean...I'm sorry.  You’re right, this shouldn’t be a game.  KARRAS Isten is the Chosen One. If he  competes, he wins.  FORMOSA Given the way that family looked at  us when they thought we might be true believers, if we want to blend in, we may not want to talk about Isten.  KARRAS (Grunts)  FORMOSA The blue wagon is almost here. Do  you want to talk to them or let the carven pass us by?  KEVIN What do you want to do, Ora?  ORA Let’s talk. We should know what  we’re getting into. Hello there! I heard you’re traveling to Dawnwallow?  JONATHAN You heard right! I take It you all  are heading to the tournament too?  ORA Yes we are, mind if we chat with  you? Sure, so long as you can keep up.  KEVIN Can’t stop?  JONATHAN Well, it’s a long caravan and quite  hard to stop the whole thing for every traveler on the road. (Chuckles) Oh, where are my manners? I’m Jonathan and these are my friends, Ancelin and Taresa.  Hello. Hi.  ANCELIN TARESA JONATHAN  JONATHAN  We were hired to guard Mister Zaite here.  ORA I’m Ora, this is Kevin, Formosa,  and Karras. So, are you competing?  JONATHAN Yes I am. This will be my second  year. Last time I made It through the first round, but lost in the second; I’m a better fighter than a builder.  FORMOSA What kind of tournament is this?  ANCELIN This your first year?  TARESA Oh, don’t tell them anything! It’s  more exciting that way.  JONATHAN I’ll just say that with all my  training over the last year I think I can do better now. Should be fun!  FORMOSA You think fighting is fun?  JONATHAN Ha. It’s a challenge. I like seeing  how far I can push my limits. And, if you do well, the jobs line up. A good performance in the tournament can set you up for the whole year. Are any of you competing?  ORA I don’t know...maybe.  ANCELIN If you don’t know, then you aren’t  competing.  TARESA The entrance fee for participants  is a Prophecy. And those are hard to come by.  ORA Oh? We have a prophecy. Actually we  have two! Hold on. What? Where are they?  FORMOSA Why would they want competitors to  bring a Prophecy...rather than money? That seems curious.  JONATHAN Don’t know for sure. I’d imagine It  has something to do with the whole idea of finding the Chosen One prophesied in the Prophecy, but now a’days It feels more like a vestigial element of a bygone era. The good bit about It is that a fighter bearing a Prophecy can bring in a team of people with ‘em to help with armor and such. So, my friends here will be my companions this year.  ANCELIN Being a companion is really an  excuse to have a fantastic view without having to pay.  TARESA Yup, seems like a lot of folks come  to the tournament just because they know the participants had to have a Prophecy to get in. Makes It more exclusive. The Prophecies are the draw, the attendees are the money. Although why anyone would pay to watch this old goat fight in the arena is anyone’s guess. (Laughs) ouch.  KEVIN If you’re participating, that means  you have a Prophecy, right? Do you mind if we take a look?  JONATHAN I suppose... But I’ll warn you:  don’t run off and steal It; I’m faster than I look.  KEVIN Fair enough.  ORA Where are the Prophecies? I know I  left them in here...  KEVIN Ora, look at this. I don’t know  what It says, but isn’t It longer than the other two?  ORA It’s different than the others. Why  are they all so different?  KARRAS What’s It say?  ORA I can’t read that fast... but It  kind of looks like a combination of my mom’s and the one from the pub but there are different words all over It and an extra line at the end.  The last line says “And as those who can never draw breath rise up, the Savior shall draw steel.”  KEVIN Well thats ominous.  ORA Do you fulfill what’s written  there?  JONATHAN Fulfill It? Of course not. HA. Only  the Zealots give a rat’s ass about all that fulfillment nonsense. The tournament doesn’t need you to actually fit the Prophecy you bring, they only care that you hand It over and claim that you are the One.  ANCELIN The true believers - cultists if  you ask me - they’ll follow you for hours to convince you to join whatever screwed-up group they’re in and when you refuse, they’re quick to anger.  JONATHAN Be warned, if you do compete, keep  an eye on them.  TARESA But at least they’re easy to make a  profit off of. They’ll bet everything they have that their Chosen One will win, even if they’re clearly out-matched.  ANCELIN One fella’ literally bet me the  shirt off his back. Surprisingly, It was a perfect fit. Oh...I think It may be the one I’m wearing.  ORA I...need to leave.  KEVIN We’ve been traveling for too long,  we should rest. We’ll meet up with you at the tournament.  JONATHAN Safe travels!  KEVIN Are you okay?  ORA No one is taking this seriously.  And I think Isten stole our Prophecies.  KEVIN Oh....So...not okay.  SCENE BRAKE  LINUS The arena’s more impressive than I  thought. Didn’t think It would have stone walls.  ANN It’s not that impressive.  ISTEN This is where we part. Spectators -  that’s you - go through that gate over there. I’m going through this entrance; for the fighters. And Here is your horse back. I can’t say I’m sad to part with him.  LINUS What does that mean?!  ISTEN Have fun waiting in line at your  entrance. (MORE)  ISTEN (CONT'D) If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to  just walk right in at mine.  LINUS Why do you get the shorter line?  ISTEN Because I’m special.  It’s been a real...pleasure traveling with you, though I fear with this crowd, we may not see each other again.  HAL You may not see us, but we’ll be  watching your fights. Try not to die eh.  ISTEN Listen, when I win, I’ll be sure to  thank you in my speech for accompanying me here.  LINUS Thanks “Chosen One.” I’d rather you  reward us with money.  HAL Don’t forget, he has Prophecies.  ISTEN Ah yes, and a Prophecy at the  tournament is better than money. See, I have a spare Prophecy; I can use the one that the girl gave me to enter and sell the other one. Right now, a Prophecy is worth its weight in gold. Or, a lot more than that since paper doesn’t weigh much. The point is, a gold coin is worth what it’s worth. A Prophecy, on the other hand, we get closer to the tournament, that little scroll will be worth more and more. I’m going to make a fortune on this.  VORLAUF The other Prophecy, you say you got  It from a girl? What girl?  ISTEN Funny story, I defended her from a  Lusus Naturae and she rewarded me with this Prophecy to thank me for saving her life.  VORLAUF Did she mention where she got It?  ISTEN ...No. Actually, she was so  grateful that she basically me to take It as a reward.  VORLAUF Did she happen to come from  Run?  begged  Shadow  ISTEN I don’t know. I wasn’t paying too  much attention. I had just bested a Lusus Naturae. I was a little preoccupied.  VORLAUF And this girl, what was she like?  ISTEN Earnest. Simple. Thinks she’s good  with a sword.  VORLAUF Was she with a companion? A young  man. Also a good with a sword.  ISTEN Why all the interest, Vorlauf?  Well, he definitely wasn’t a good fighter, but she did have an annoying friend with her. The less said about that idiot the better.  VORLAUF I don’t believe in coincidences and  her path keeps crossing with ours. I’d like to say hello. What was her name again?  ISTEN I don’t recall.  VORLAUF You don’t recall? But you remember  so much about her.  ISTEN Memory can be a funny thing.  VORLAUF So funny. Yes.  Isn’t that...funny?  ANN Hilarious.  HAL I can barely contain my laughter.  VORLAUF Tell me, how’s your memory now,  Isten?  ISTEN I should really get going.  VORLAUF Oh yes, have to pay the toll. Hand  over a Prophecy. But with an extra worth more than its weight in gold. My, if word got out about that, I  bet a lot of people would very interested. A lot of I’d imagine some might do such...unsavory things to for themselves.  ANN Dreadful things.  be very, people.  obtain It  HAL Sad state of affairs, really.  VORLAUF Though we’re very good at keeping  secrets for our friends. We are friends, aren’t we?  ISTEN I should like to think so.  VORLAUF And a friend would never lie to us,  would they?  ISTEN I wouldn’t lie to save my life.  VORLAUF Then, do you think you remember her  name now?  ISTEN Like I said, I don’t remember.  VORLAUF You know, memory is a funny thing.  I just remembered, we have passes to get in to either side of the fair.  ISTEN OH...How so?  VORLAUF These rings on our hands...they  aren’t mere decorations. Are you sure you don’t know her name? Because if I find out you’re lying to me...well, like Hal said, we will be seeing you. And, as you don’t lie to your friends, I suppose that would make you our enemy.  ISTEN Are you threatening me?  VORLAUF Oh no, not threatening.  Promising.  ISTEN Actually, you know...maybe I do  remember her name.  VORLAUF  Ora.  Now, I’m leaving. Don’t follow me.  VORLAUF Naturally. We wouldn’t want to  impede our friend. Best of luck in the tournament.   Oh? Ora. Thats right. Her name is Ora.  ISTEN VORLAUF ISTEN  ANN Bye, “Chosen One”!  ISTEN You there!  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Let’s see your Prophecy, then.  ISTEN Here you are.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Alright, this looks like its in  order. Hold on to It till you are called in to the fight. Alright, lets see. What’s yer name?  ISTEN Name’s Isten  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Okay Isten. Any companions or  handlers? Arriving now or later?  ISTEN No! No one’s accompanying me.  HAL Bye sweetie!  ISTEN No one.  49 SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN Finally, civilization. Anyone else  want a beer?  FORMOSA You are far too happy about going  into a walled trap.  KEVIN It’s a walled arena next to a  walled town. Walls keep monsters out and us safe inside.  49  Hm.  FORMOSA  ORA Alright. Which gate do we go  through?  KEVIN Obviously the one with a shorter  line.  The group starts to waltz past the Gatekeeper, who extends a pole arm across the gate, blocking their passage.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Hey hey, hey, hey, hey! Where’s do  you think your going? Wheres your prophesy?  What? But didn’t...  They were  ORA the people in front of us  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER with a competitor.  KEVIN Oh, what do you know, we’re with a  competitor too.  Name?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER  ORA Isten.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Hmmm...Isten...there is a  participant with that name, but he said no one was with him. Now provide a Prophecy or leave. The other entrance is for spectators.  KARRAS Isten said no one was with him?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER  Yes. No one? Thats right.  KARRAS FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER KARRAS  He didn’t say Karras?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Look, either prove your a  competitor or you leave. It’s not that difficult to understand.  FORMOSA How do we prove we’re a competitor?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Do you have a Prophecy? All I need  to do is see It.  KEVIN You don’t take It?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER They will take It from you at the opening ceremony. Do you have one  or not?  ORA Well...not on us...But...  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Well then...It seems your only  other option leave.  ORA Give us a minute.  KARRAS Why would Isten say no one was with  him? Because he’s an asshole.  ORA And why would Prophecies. I one so he can  both?  he steal both can understand taking participate, but  KEVIN  KEVIN Uhhh...Because he’s an asshole.  FORMOSA Well, he took the Prophecies and  claimed to be alone...I believe this Isten fellow may be an asshole.  ORA The arena is obviously separated  into the competitors’ and spectators’ sections. Unless we get into the competitors’ side, we won’t be able to talk to Isten.  FORMOSA So what do we do?  ORA We break in.  KEVIN So... So no beer, then? Ora? Beer?  END OF EPISODE 14    

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