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DO YOU HAVE A PROPHECY  KEVIN Why would we break in to the  competitors’ side of the arena?  ORA If we go through the audience  entrance, we won’t be able to get to Isten.  KEVIN Alight. Let’s say we do somehow go  over this huge wall or sneak past the guarded gate and manage to find Isten. What are you gonna’ say to him? ‘Why did you steal the Prophecies? Why are you a lying liar?’  ORA More or less.   Ugh!  KEVIN  ORA We need to find him and get the  Prophecies back. It sounds like, they only have to prove they have one, not turn It in And...I want to know why he did any of this. It can’t be all about money.  KEVIN Can’t It?  KARRAS Isten needs me. I need to get in.  FORMOSA Perhaps our answer is over there.  KEVIN Is that Jonathan and his friends  from the caravan?  ORA How did we beat them here?  FORMOSA They must have spent last night in  Dawnwallow and only now checking in to the tournament.  ORA Maybe... maybe he would be willing  to add some companions!  ORA (CONT'D) Jonathan! It’s good to see you!  JONATHAN Nora!! How are you?  ORA It’s...Ora.  JONATHAN Ora... right... thats uhhh... Wow,  I’m lucky I remember my own name after last night.  TARESA The pub we went to found out  Jonathan was competing and offered free drinks. Probably thought they could affect the odds by having a hung-over participant, but Jonathan here has a stomach of steel.  ANCELIN Ugh. If only we all did.  ORA Jonathan, we were wondering if you  could include us in your crew. You know, bring us with you into the fighters’ side of the arena.  TARESA Ah, so you didn’t have two  prophecies.  ORA They’ve been temporarily misplaced.  JONATHAN Well, you seem like nice folks, but  I don’t know you all well enough to vouch for you.  ORA Well...How about just me? I’ll go.  KARRAS No. I’ll go.  ORA Karras, I need to get in there and  talk to Isten.  KARRAS I need to talk to Isten.  ORA Look, I know you’re close to him,  but he stole from me! I need to find him!  KARRAS You’ve been with him a few days;  I’ve been there a year. I need to find him.  JONATHAN Ummm...look...  ORA No! We can figure this out in a  minute.  KARRAS No! If you leave, you may take no  one.  KEVIN If It makes anyone feel better, I’m  fine with not finding Isten.  KARRAS We fight to decide.  ORA I’m fine with that. I beat you  once, I can beat you again.  KARRAS But I couldn’t use my bow then.  JONATHAN HEY! Hey. No fighting! They ban  people for fighting outside the tournament.  TARESA Though I would bet money on The big  man.  ANCELIN What odds? I’m thinking Ora stands  a better chance, she seems faster.  JONATHAN Enough! I’m not gonna’ take either  of you. If I bring you in I take responsibility for ya’ and neither of ya’ are worth me getting disqualified.  ORA But...  JONATHAN You are not gonna’ to find anyone  willing to take strangers in to their care. You have nothing to offer! Now, get out of our way.  KARRAS (Grunts.)  ORA Fine.  TARESA Good luck to you all, nice seeing  you again.  ANCELIN Best of... Ugh...oh....I think - I  think I’m going to throw up.  TARESA Aww. Let’s get you some bread.  ORA Ugh. Why did you do that?!  KARRAS (Grunts.)  ORA We might have been able to get in!  KEVIN Whoa, whoa, Ora...  ORA What?!  KEVIN It’s been a long day, let’s not...  ORA  Oh, great! Now where are you going?!  GARION Whoa! Whoa.  Out of the way, you crazed dalcop!  GARION’S MAN 1 Stand aside! He who stands in the  way of the Chosen One shall move...or be moved!  Take me  (Laugh)  We said  KARRAS on your team.  GARION AND HIS MEN  GARION’S MAN 2 out of the way, big man!  GARION much care too. (Chuckles)  KARRAS Catch.  GARION Stones?(Chuckles) Hardly seems a  fitting gift.  I don’t know you friend. And don’t  (Laugh)  GARION AND HIS MEN  KARRAS Throw them up. Throw them up in the  air.  GARION’S MAN 1 We’ve no time for this.  KARRAS Throw them.  GARION Well, you heard the dalcop. Alright  men, on 3. 1, 2, 3.  GARION’S MAN 1 Mother of light!  KEVIN HOLY BOLDER OF ROCKS! Did you see  what he just did.  GARION’S MAN 2 I ain’t never seen a man move so  fast...  GARION’S MAN 1 Much less a man his size...  GARION That’s not bad, not bad at all.  Never hurts to have a big man around as a deterrent...but uh... can I trust you?  KARRAS I can heal your horse.  GARION’S MAN 2  Mine? There’s nothing wrong with my horse.  KARRAS He is limping.  GARION Just a bit, he twisted his ankle is  all. It will heal.  KARRAS Wrong.  What that?  GARION’S MAN 2  KARRAS You are wrong.  GARION’S MAN 2 Say that one more time. The Chosen  One is never wrong.  KARRAS (grunts)  GARION’S MAN 2 ‘Ey! Get away from ‘im, he don’t  like people touching his...  KARRAS You were wrong.  GARION Yes...Looks like I was.  GARION’S MAN 1 The Chosen One...  GARION Oh, drop the Chosen One crap!  (to Karras) I’m impressed. You can join me, on this condition: while you don’t strike me as the trouble making type, you cause a single problem in there and you wont live long enough to cause another. Understood?  KARRAS (Grunts.)  GARION Alright then. Let’s go.  GARION’S MAN 2 Lead the way, Boy-o!  GARION Oh, and what was your name?  KEVIN Karras!  KARRAS It’s Karras.  KEVIN Karras!  GARION’S MAN 2 Do you know them?  KEVIN Karras! ho ho ho. That was amazing!  I can’t believe It, I mean oh... Like oh...I knew you were...  KARRAS  Ugh! Oof. Hey, what was that?  KARRAS We just met.  KEVIN  ORA Where are you going?  GARION’S MAN 1 Out of the way of the Chosen One,  spectator!  ORA What?!  KARRAS He said out of the way!  BIRD Caw caw.  ORA Ewww... UGH.  GARION AND HIS MEN (Laugh)  GARION I think that bird likes you. It  suits you well.  (Laugh)  GARION AND HIS MEN  FORMOSA Are you Okay?  ORA Yeah.  KEVIN I always heard It was lucky to get  pooped on by a bird.  ORA Well It doesn’t feel lucky!  I think we were just abandoned...  KEVIN I noticed that too.  FORMOSA Well...What should we do now?  ORA We still need to get in.  FORMOSA We should find a place for Spirit  before we try again. The three of us may be able to sneak in, but It will be harder with a horse.  ORA I think I saw a stable just outside  town. Hopefully we have enough gold for them to house her.  FORMOSA Gold? It won’t be that expensive.  KEVIN Are you sure? It cost us everything  we had the last time we stabled her.  ORA Well... we told them how much we  had...  KEVIN Then we conveniently had just  enough...oh...  FORMOSA I’ll take Spirit and get her  settled at the stable. You two come up with a strategy to get us inside.  KEVIN So, any ideas?  ORA If the Gatekeeper simply understood  our situation, he’d have to let us through.  KEVIN Sure. Thats the Gatekeepers oath...  “I swear to protect this town... unless I really pity the people...  ORA Alright. What’s your bright idea?  KEVIN Bribery?  ORA Eh. We don’t have that much money.  Oh, we could throw sand in his eyes and make a run for It.  KEVIN Well then the five other guards  would come after us. Not the mention the other fighters.  ORA I wonder how high are these walls?  KEVIN Look, you can read and write, why  not write out our own Prophecy? It’s not like It has to be consistent.  ORA Parchment and ink would be more  expensive than bribery.  HOLFRED Make way! Make way for Lyanora!  Defender of the weak and the weapon of justice! She who shall remake this terrible world into a thing of beauty!  KEVIN Is that how you’d have announced  Isten?  ORA More like, “He who sings terrible  songs and refuses to set up camp.”  HOLFRED You two! You are unworthy to gaze  upon Lyanora. Bow. Bow to the Chosen One!  LYANORA Holfred, do not make presumptions.  All are worthy as children of this forsaken land. There is no need to bow.  KEVIN I wasn’t going to bow anyways.  LYANORA I see you both carry swords. A  noble weapon, though I prefer my spear. One day, It shall pierce through the very heart of our miseries and the black blood of sorrow will flow out of this land.  HOLFRED You are so wise, Chosen One.  LYANORA Are either of you sword-wielders  competing? Or perhaps you have joined with some false One who proclaims their own divinity.  ORA Well...We’re not fighting in the  tournament, if that’s what you mean.  KEVIN And what’s this about divinity?  LYANORA Ah, you’re spectators. Are you  believers, here to seek the Chosen One?  KEVIN You could say that.  ORA Yes, but we are still seeking a  champion.  LYANORA Very well. If you can, watch my  bouts closely. May my acts of valiance open your eyes and hearts to my claim.  ORA Wait! I need to get through that  gate. Could I join you?  LYANORA Seeking to be part of my faithful  without having faith. (MORE)  LYANORA (CONT'D) I appreciate your spirit, my child,  truly - and earlier in our journey I might have embraced you as we traveled along the road of life, but is not that time.  ORA So no?  LYANORA Be well. Live fully and without  compromise. Remember to watch for me in the arena; may my deeds sway your hearts!  HOLFRED Be honored that Lyanora deigned to  speak to you. To be in her presence is to know more warmth than even the sun can provide.  KEVIN Well, that was interesting.  ORA Maybe if we keep asking competitors  if we can join, one will agree.  KEVIN Or maybe-  ORA Oh, hello there! I was wondering if  you needed another person to help...  KEVIN For Light’s sake.  SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA I boarded Spirit.  ORA ...but if you’ll just hear me out,  I think you’ll realize how valuable I can be.  FORMOSA I take It you weren’t able to get  in.  KEVIN She’s decided joining a group is  the way to go.  FORMOSA Well, she’s certainly enthusiastic.  I’ve been puzzled by why you stay with her. You’re not a believer and you criticize almost all her ideas. You don’t seem to be looking for fame and fortune...  KEVIN I wouldn’t turn down fortune.  FORMOSA But you’re not looking for It.  KEVIN What? She’s a friend! Isn’t that  reason enough? Besides, she promised she’d teach me how to fight. And where else am I going to go?  FORMOSA You are no stranger to the forest.  You could...  KEVIN (yelling)  Hey Ora! Over here!  ORA Formosa, welcome back! Good timing,  too, I heard that the tournament is going to start after lunch, which means we don’t have much time to get to Isten.  KEVIN I take It you didn’t have luck  getting us into a participant’s party.  ORA Can you believe most people ignored  me? Yes.  KEVIN  FORMOSA Time is pressing. What’s the plan?  Do you want to keep asking to join a group?  ORA No. It’s not working. We have to  try something new.  KEVIN Oh! I have an idea: I’ll seduce the  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER. I take It from your expressions that you’re not thrilled with the idea. But if a few kind words can get us through, then it’s worth a try.  ORA Wow...we are really reaching the  bottom of the barrel...  KEVIN Look, are you willing to do  anything to get in there?  ORA Yes.  KEVIN Don’t worry, just follow my lead.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER You again? Did ya’ get a Prophecy?  KEVIN Wow. It must be tough to have to  stand out in the sun all day looking after all these uh... These amateurs. Am I right? Especially for someone as tall and strong as yourself. You look like you’re someone who knows their way around a sword. I bet you’d probably win the entire tournament if you competed...  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER I repeat, did you, get a Prophecy?  KEVIN But not you, no, you’re so noble!  To think only of others-  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER No Prophecy. No entrance.  ORA Oh well, seem  so...ummm...handsome? Won’t you just... ha...-  No.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER  KEVIN Hey, Flirt!  FORMOSA You, are not hideous.  Please.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER  KEVIN (smokey voiced)  If you let us through, you can have a beer with any of us you choose... Or...all of us???  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER (Laughing)  I’m going to need more than beer to forget the lot of you.  KEVIN Okay wait wait. Maybe this will  change your mind about letting us in? Hu, Hu? Think of It as a bag full of tiny Prophecies written on silver coins.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Ha haha. You’d need five times that  amount for me to let ONE of you through, much less the lot of you. Move along.  ORA Do we have five times that amount?  KEVIN We don’t even have twice that  amount.  ORA Looks like another opportunity’s  just arriving.  FORMOSA Hmmm. A covered wagon. Probably  bringing in supplies.  ORA If we could just get inside...  FORMOSA It will have to stop while they  admit that group to the arena. And with so many people, they’ll block the Gatekeepers view of the wagon...  KEVIN This seems like a bad-  ORA It’s now or never! Quick!!  KEVIN Ugh...  FORMOSA I don’t think the driver heard us.  ORA We need to hide in case they  inspect the wagon.  KEVIN Where? There is nothing but crates  in here, there’s not even space to- to get behind them.  WAGON DRIVER (from outside)  Woah, there. Woah.  ORA Shit! Just try!  WAGON DRIVER (from outside)  Hello there, sir. Always a pleasure. Another load of supplies for the tourney here.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Sure, sure. Let’s just have a quick  looksee... Seriously?  (MORE)  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER I can see you, you’re all in plain  sight! All three of you get out! And if you try to get past me again, I’ll have you all arrested.  WAGON DRIVER What’s going on back there?  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER No, Just a few stowaways. You’re  cleared to proceed.  WAGON DRIVER What is the world coming to,  Heya!  ORA Well...we could pick a wagon that  has stuff we can hide under...  KEVIN They’ll be on the lookout now.  FORMOSA Well, any other ideas?  ORA How high would you say these walls  are? SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA Here. I found some rope. Now what?  ORA Oh. Great, throw It over that  branch.  Ugh!  (CONT'D)  FORMOSA  KEVIN I still think we should get further  away from the gate.  Ugh!  FORMOSA  ORA If we go too far, we might end up  climbing over to the spectator’s side. Besides, we’re out of sight so we should be fine.  FORMOSA Ugh! Got It.  ORA Great.  I’ll go first and then you follow me. Oh no. Ah! Oof  FORMOSA Look out! The branch!  ORA What happened?  FORMOSA I don’t know...the branch was thick  and healthy...It should have held.  ORA Okay, backup plan. Climb the wall.  KEVIN I love your confidence, but...  ORA When Formosa and I reach the top,  we’ll secure the rope and you can climb up. We can even pull you up if we have to.  KEVIN Okay, now that’s just insulting.  ORA Kevin, you’re the look out. I doubt  you’ll see anyone out here, but we’ll be completely exposed while we’re on the wall.  KEVIN I still don’t know why...  ORA Ready?  FORMOSA  Ready. I’m impressed. I didn’t think you’d climb so well without a rope.  ORA There are cliffs about two hours  out from my home. Godrick and I used to climb them all the time. Sometimes, we even raced.  FORMOSA Are you proposing  ORA I am now!  KEVIN Caw! Caw caw!  Hey! Hey! Hey!!  FORMOSA Sounds like we’re  company  GUARD You there!!  a race?  going to get  Hurry.  FORMOSA  GUARD All of you! Stop right there!!  KEVIN I’m gonna’ run for It. I’ll find  you after!  ORA Kevin!  GUARD Stop!  FORMOSA (to Ora)  Hurry! We can meet up with him later.  GUARD TWO Come down! Now!!  FORMOSA But we won’t get the chance if  we’re imprisoned!  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Oh good, when I heard there were  idiots trying to climb the wall I was hoping It would be you.  ORA Ignore him.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER If you don’t come down, I’ll have to kill you. If you do come down,  I’ll only throw you in prison.  ORA He’s bluffing.  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Archer, if you please.  FORMOSA By her stance, she’s experienced.  She won’t miss, not at this range.  ORA Fine!  We’re coming down!  FIGHTER SIDE GATEKEEPER Congratulations, you’re officially  arrested.  FORMOSA Get off of me.  ORA Don’t worry, Kevin got away. He’ll  be able to help us.  Oh am I?  GUARD Ugh! Here’s the  KEVIN Oh. Hi, Ora.  ORA Damn It.  END  one who ran off.  OF EPISODE 15    

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