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FIND THEM  KARRAS Wait! You’re too fast!  FORMOSA What happened?  KARRAS What are those?  FORMOSA I...I don’t...It’s a--   No!! AAAAAA-  KARRAS SPECTATOR #1 KARRAS  Oh no...He’s...he died... He’s dead he died..  FORMOSA Karras get back.  KARRAS That grandstand is so talk. It’s as  tall as an old tree. There is no way he could have survived that. Why...Why did he do that?!  FORMOSA I don’t know...  KARRAS What is...?  FORMOSA KARRAS! LOOK OUT!!  KARRAS What is that?!  RISEN (growl)  FORMOSA Risen! Kill It!!  KARRAS What did I do?!  FORMOSA Karras! It’s Okay!  KARRAS What did I do...  FORMOSA Risen are the dead reanimated by  magic...I can only imagine that what It’s not your fault. You saved us.  KARRAS do you know?  FORMOSA I don’t, but like you said there  was no chance they could have survived that fall. I’d heard stories of them, when I was a child. My father used to tell us scary stories, stories he learned from his father. We thought It was all in fun...but...  KARRAS What...What do we do...?  FORMOSA Do you see Ora or Kevin anywhere?  KARRAS No...I... No no I... But I don’t  know how I would see anything here.  FORMOSA Damnit. I can’t tell where the wisp  went...and It does not seem to be coming back. This might be It, Karras.  It?  KARRAS  FORMOSA We may be on our own.  KARRAS Nuh-uh. Ora is brave, and Kevin  will keep her safe.  FORMOSA Kevin? That’s nice of you, but...  KARRAS He won’t let anything happen to  Ora. He’ll find us.  FORMOSA Kevin can’t stop...  KARRAS He is stronger then people think! I  know that!  FORMOSA Alright...well, we’ve gotta get  someplace safe first.  FORMOSA (CONT'D) Look! There! The watchtower by the  entrance where we came in! We can be safe and look for them. We’ll have a good view of the whole arena from there.  SCENE BRAKE  ORA Okay, we made It...See? There.  There’s the arena.  KEVIN Great. Wonderful. I WIll take your  word for It. Just please...let me rest.  ORA Come on. We can’t rest, don’t you  hear all the fighting??? We gotta’ go show people the Prophecies.  Kevin What? Why?! I thought... I thought  we were going to use them to figure out what was really going on.  ORA We are, but this proves that this  tournament is all fake!  KEVIN They don’t care Ora. Lots of people  already think that!  ORA They’ll care. Every one of these is  different! When they realize whoever won is a fraud. They’ll care because they’ve been tricked.  KEVIN I don’t think so.  ORA What makes you so sure?  KEVIN Because being wrong publicly is  hard and when you can avoid It you do.  ORA What are you talking about?  Kevin Nobody wants to be proven a fool...  especially in a big public way. And if some jerk - you, in this instance - comes along with a bunch of “stuff” and “evidence” or whatever--  ORA Iron-clad proof.  KEVIN Proof of what?!  ORA That...well...that they  be the Chosen One! They made up their Prophecy!  might not might have  KEVIN You see? Even you aren’t sure how  to feel. I mean, you show these things to everyone and the response probably won’t be, “Oh, you’re right! We’re dumb! You’re smart!  (MORE)  KEVIN (CONT'D) All better now!” It’ll be like,  “Bullshit, I’m still right and even if I’m not you can’t disprove It to my satisfaction so, really, all you’re doing now is being difficult and making me feel bad and I’d rather feel good so a FIGHT TO THE DEATH IS THE ONLY LOGICAL SOLUTION!” So, ya’ know, that’s why.  Ora is genuinely stumped.  ORA But...that’s so...childish.  KEVIN ...I don’t know how to respond to  that without you hitting me.  ORA Oh, shut up!  KEVIN Ah. Well at least now you get It.  KEVIN (CONT'D) If I have learned anything, it’s  that no one likes to be wrong and everyone likes to say “I told you so.” It’s power. Welcome to the foundation of every issue that the world has.  What do you think is going on over there?  ORA Oh no...  Kevin...  KEVIN Okay, I’m getting up.  ORA No! I mean, yes! Get behind that  cart!  KEVIN What? Which one?  ORA Grab the chest! Move!!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN Oh no!  CROWD (yelling)  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ORA That’s...that’s the Lusus Naturae  Formosa fought.  KEVIN I...I saw It die.  ORA Did I do this?  KEVIN What? No! What?!  ORA But, the explosion...magic...I did  magic! Maybe this is a side effect. If I did magic, maybe the explosion at Godrick’s...! Maybe I brought that back by accident...  KEVIN You are spiraling. Stop! Just  breath. Doesn’t matter at this point, right? Things are coming back to life, we need to find Formosa and Karras.  ORA OH NO!  KEVIN Wait! I’ll help.  ORA WE HAVE TO FIND THEM!!!  KEVIN Damnit, Ora! Wait up! I’m coming!  ORA Well, come on!  KEVIN Where are we going?  ORA Some place where we can be safe and  see what’s going on. SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA Is the trap door open?  SCENE BRAKE AAAA!!  SPECTATOR #24  Yes.  KARRAS  KARRAS (CONT'D) Do you see them? I don’t see them.  Do you see anyone?  FORMOSA I don’t see them yet. Just a lot  of...slow movements...over there. I think we’re safe up here unless they find us. Then we are in trouble, so let’s stay still.  KARRAS Good plan.  FORMOSA Shhhhh!!!!!  KARRAS Sorry. Good plan.  FORMOSA We don’t have a lot of time.  RISEN GURRAAAA!  HELP!!  SPECTATOR #24  ISTEN UGH!!!  SPECTATOR #24 Some ‘Chosen One’ you turned out to  be.  ISTEN Maybe if you’d refrained from  attacking me...  SPECTATOR #24 Oh for lands sake!----UGHGHHGHG  RISEN (growl)  ISTEN NOOO!  ISTEN (CONT'D)  See?! (Growl)  ISTEN Oh, no!  I never wanted It to come to this. SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS I...I hear something.  FORMOSA Shhhhh. Me too.  What is that? (whispering)  Do you hear tha...? Its the ladder! They’re here. We can take them out one by one so long as they come up through the trap door.  KARRAS Punch or stab?  FORMOSA Pick your favorite.  SCENE BRAKE  DEAD SPETATOR #24  CUT T  HAL HAAA!!  ANN AAAA. Where is she?!  VORLAUF ARRRGHHHHH. Beast!  Ah-ha!  HAL Ugh!!!  LINUS Thanks...  HAL Just keep your eyes open.  LINUS I am! It’s just every time I take  one down, they get back up a minute later.  ANN You have to slow them down. Take  off a head or a leg! Then they can’t get to you.  VORLAUF Stabbing only seems to slow them  down momentarily, if you’re lucky.  HAL Vorlauf, do you, do you see her?  How do you even know she’s here?!  VORLAUF She has friends here. I know It.  Keep looking! SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA When they come up, whack ‘em on the  head. Maybe we can take out a few.  Okay.  KARRAS  FORMOSA If whoever’s down there doesn’t  come up in a minute, we’re gonna have to meet those things on our way out.  KARRAS I hate them.  FORMOSA Good. Good.  KEVIN Ugh... AAAAAAA oof...  Kevin!  FORMOSA  KARRAS Kevin?  ORA Kevin?!  FORMOSA KARRAS ORA  KEVIN Ooooo.....awww. It’s... It’s just  so... so good to see everybody.  KARRAS Kevin!  KEVIN Carl...  KARRAS No. Karras!  KEVIN Isn’t that what I said?  Ora Karras take this!  FORMOSA You should have said who you were.  Ora?! Ora! Formosa?  ORA We didn’t know you were there. Here  Kevin, let me help you.  KEVIN AAHHH! Watch the leg...ugh!  KARRAS We were trying to be quiet.  KEVIN Next time that we don’t know if  what’s on the other side of the door will kill us we will all yell out our names. How’s that?  KARRAS I am sorry, Kevin!  KEVIN It’s can make It up  to me when I get up there.  How?!  KARRAS  KEVIN Just don’t hug me.  KARRAS  FORMOSA KARRAS FORMOSA  DEAL! Shhhhh.  Deal.  Karras, see if anyone else is coming. Are those...?  ORA Yes, every single Prophecy from the  tournament, this year and looks like previous years maybe too.  KARRAS  Good! How’d you get away?  FORMOSA  ORA Well, I...I don’t really...  KARRAS Look...It’s Isten!  ORA That’s not Isten, it’s just a dead  guy. They’re all undead now, Karras.  FORMOSA Are you sure?  KARRAS That looks like Isten.  KEVIN I don’t know, he would have been  right in the center of--  ISTEN Karras!  KEVIN Well...there goes our silver  lining. It’s Isten.  ISTEN Karras! You made It!!  KARRAS You are being too loud!!!  ISTEN I’m coming!  ORA Oh, come on! He’s bringing them all  right to us!  FORMOSA They’re headed this way. We have to  get out of here.  ORA Where are we going?  FORMOSA I dunno’. But, we are not sticking  around here to see how many we can fight off.  KEVIN Soooo, back down?  ORA Back down.  FORMOSA I’ll go first. Karras, bring the  chest.  KARRAS Got It.  KEVIN Ora, you go’s going to take me a moment.  ORA Okay! See you down there.  How does It look?  FORMOSA Well...Let’s find out.  KEVIN What’s the plan?  FORMOSA We are going to have to run...  ORA Everyone ready?  KARRAS (grunts)  KEVIN Uh-hu...  ORA On your call, Formosa.  ISTEN It’s you!  EVERYONE (Screams)  KEVIN WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!  KARRAS SHHHHHHHH!!  ISTEN (Laughing)  I’m so glad to see you!  ORA It’s not mutual!  FORMOSA We must go...NOW!!!!  ISTEN Wait. Karras, I’m coming with you.  I know I...  KARRAS No! Ugh!  ISTEN Oooff....  SCENE BRAKE  VORLAUF (grunting)  KEVIN WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!  VORLAUF The tower...  There you are...  RISEN (Growl)  ANN Vorlauf!  HAL Where are you--?  VORLAUF It’s her!!  SCENE BRAKE Kevin. Doing alright?  ORA  KEVIN It’s getting better. Don’t think  any lasting damage. Just going to take me a-a minute.  ORA Where are we going?  FORMOSA There’s the houses of the people  who actually live here. Real walls at the very least.  KARRAS This chest is getting heavy.  ORA It’s important. Once we’re clear of  all this, maybe I can go through all the Prophecies and figure out what It all means.  FORMOSA Hey, where is Isten?  KARRAS  Who? I have always liked you!  KARRAS Really?  KEVIN Well...not always...but long  enough.  ORA Formosa, I have to tell you...  I did magic.  KEVIN Ora! No!!  FORMOSA What?! No. You can’t do magic.  ORA I did! I mean, I think I did.  That’s how I got away and got the Prophecies.  KEVIN  KARRAS You did...??  KEVIN You think you might have. You said  It yourself you don’t know.  ORA Damn It, Kevin! You weren’t there  either! Fine, I might have, then! This may be my fault...  FORMOSA There is no way that...  ORA Uff. What?  KARRAS Ora, you Okay?  VORLAUF There...STOP!  ORA It’s him...  FORMOSA We’ve got to get out of here!  VORLAUF ANN! HAL!! IT’S THEM!!  ORA -- shit! Go back!! Go back!  KEVIN Not unless you want to join the  dead!  FORMOSA Through the tents!!  VORLAUF AFTER THEM!  ANN Look out!!  RISEN (Growl)   AAAAA!  VORLAUF  HAL Got It! Cheeky bustard.  VORLAUF HURRY!!  LINUS I...I Can’t!  ANN None of us can.  VORLAUF AFTER THEM!!  SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA Look! There is the entrance! We can  just run to the forest.  KEVIN Oh thank goodness! We can get out  of here!  ORA WAIT!!  KEVIN What?! What is It?!  ORA Oh no! I...Formosa...  FORMOSA What?! What’s wrong?!  ORA Where is Spirit?!  SCENE BRAKE  ISTEN Oh no, where did they go?  Damnit! I can’t believe I’m doing this.  SCENE BRAKE Where did they go?  VORLAUF  ANN I...I need to stop...I need a  minute.  HAL I hate to agree with Ann, Vorlauf,  but I must. We got away from the dead guys...  VORLAUF But where did the girl go?!  LINUS For the love of the  land...oh...(Vomits)  VORLAUF They can’t have gotten away...  COME ON. SCENE BRAKE  FORMOSA This way!  KEVIN We better hurry, we’re being  followed.  FORMOSA It’s not far. It was right outside  the gate.  KARRAS Ora, I’m sorry! I didn’t even  think... I should have thought.  ORA I should have, too. We just have to  find her.  KEVIN If I die ‘cause of this horse...  KARRAS What?!  KEVIN I uh...nothing.  FORMOSA There! It’s right up there!  Kevin, help me with the door.  ORA Spirit!  SPIRIT (Whinnies)  ORA Thank goodness you’re safe.  KEVIN Ora, I hate to be the bearer of bad  news. But like I said...we’re being followed.  ORA Release the horses!  YES!  KARRAS  KEVIN Where are they going to go?  KARRAS I do not know. But better than  being dead. HEAY! Go, get! Get out of here Heya!  ORA Spirit, you have to run!  You have to go without me. You have to get to safety.  KARRAS  Wait! ORA  What?  Here, these  She has to go!  KARRAS the prophecies. Put them in saddle bags.  ORA Oh great idea!  FORMOSA They are getting closer. We have to  go! Where?  KEVIN  FORMOSA There is a house around back where  the owners of the stable live. I’m guessing they’re long gone. It’s not great, but It has real walls.  ORA Okay thats all of them.  Spirit, look at me.  SPIRIT (blows)  ORA I will be fine. I can’t leave  everyone. Go.  SPIRIT (Whinnies)  KEVIN Ora, we have to go!  What?!  SPIRIT (Growls)  KEVIN This is not my fault, you dumb  horse!  SPIRIT (Neighs)  KEVIN Alright, alright. Alright  FORMOSA Everyone, THIS WAY!!  KARRAS Ora, are you Okay?  ORA She will find me again...she always  does.  KEVIN Hey, in here!  FORMOSA Karras, you watch the door. Kevin,  watch the windows.  ORA Kevin...what if, what if this is my  fault and they are following me some how?  KEVIN It’s not.  ORA Why don’t you believe me?  FORMOSA Ora, there is no way that you could  have done any of this without knowing you could do magic. I grew up with the magic of the forest and I thought risen weren’t real.  KEVIN Here they come!  Shhh!  KARRAS  KEVIN Karras! Let me help! Ora, the  window!  ORA I got It.  KARRAS I think they hear us.  KEVIN Look out!  ORA I’m on It!  Ora stabs the thing through its head, shuts the wood slats over the window.  FORMOSA There! There’s a board next  window. It locks them.  ORA I see It.  ORA (CONT'D) Come on Ora...if you can do this would be a really good  and It pulls back. Ora to the  magic time.  KARRAS Uh...should...I get that?  ORA Hello? Who’s out there??  FORMOSA Look, look. Under the door. It  looks like there’s a bright light...  KEVIN Is that...good?  FORMOSA No idea...  ORA Go ahead, Karras... No wait, wait.  Kevin, you open It. Karras, get out your bow.  KEVIN Ya’ know...I think this is a sign  from the world that I should take up the bow...  ORA Just get the door...everyone ready?  KEVIN Okay...  ELIZABETH Took you long enough! I opened my  door for you faster then that... and no one was trying to kill you!  END OF EPISODE 21    

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