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ISTEN  ORA Wa-wa-Wait...say that again?  ISTEN I am the One. The One the Prophecy  speaks of.  KEVIN Really...?  ISTEN Yes, but...  You can call me Isten.  ORA Isten...who came from Shadow Run?  ISTEN The one and only.  ORA The same Isten who succeeded in  proving he’s the Chosen One at the Lord’s Throne Pub?  KEVIN And then got drunk and god kicked  out?  ISTEN I wasn’t kicked out...  I left. Filthy place full of filthy people. I only went there because I heard they had a Prophecy...and because Karras here begged me to announce my...Chosen-ness to the world.   Hum  KARRAS  ORA We were just on our way to look for  you! I can’t believe you found us!  ISTEN Oh great, more admirers.  ISTEN (CONT'D) Karras, get the other arrows.  KARRAS Hold...  KEVIN Uhhh... Alright????  ISTEN I hope you two will show a little  dignity. Not like the others.  ORA Sorry, we just never thought that  we would...  ISTEN I know, and... well, now you have.  Soon the rest of world will learn of my greatness and you can tell tales down at the local mead trough; say you knew me when.  KEVIN Actually, we only wanted to talk to  you. We heard you fit the Prophecies at the pub, and we have a different one...  ISTEN You have a Prophecy on you?  ORA (eager)  We have two! I just...are you really think you’re the Chosen One?  ISTEN Of course I am.  KARRAS We should move. Dead corrupted will  attract more. And It smells.  ORA Can we come with you?  ISTEN Listen...uh...  ORA Oh! I’m Ora and this is Kevin.  ISTEN Listen Ora and...Kevin? Really?  Hu... Listen you’re not the first to ask, not by a long shot. And let me ask you many others do you see riding with me?  ORA Well, just Karras.  ISTEN Exactly, nobody. So...  ORA Please, I have dedicated so much of  my life to the Prophecy and now... now you’re here. Let us travel with you, at least till Yarmouth...  ISTEN So you’re heading to Yarmouth, are  you?  KEVIN So It seems.  ISTEN Well, naturally a follower should  follow. But only temporarily, mind you. I can’t have everyone who believes riding alongside me; We’d have a small army. Right, Karras?  Hum  KARRAS  ISTEN Let’s ride!  KEVIN  What do you mean ride?... your the only one with a horse...  ISTEN I don’t see...  ORA I have a horse, spirit, she’ll find  us don’t worry. Shut up and grab the bags and swords.  Umgh  ISTEN  ORA Hey, um...If you really think  you’re the Chosen One, can I go over our Prophecy with you? This one’s been in my family since I was born. I know every line by heart.  ISTEN You can read?  ORA My grandmother taught me.  ISTEN Huh. The things you find on the  road. Of corse, go ahead. Ask away. I’ll fulfill any Prophecy.  ORA Okay, Okay... Umm “Life survives  deaths knock.”  ISTEN (laughs)  More then once.  ORA “A pain twig on a dead limb at the  home tree?”  ISTEN I have been an orphan since my  parents died.  KEVIN That’s generally how It works...  ORA Can you.... Can you do magic.  ISTEN Hahaha... Karras, can I?  Hmmm See.  KARRAS ISTEN  No.  KEVIN  ORA Kevin stop!  ISTEN Anything else?  ORA Oh Well...uh... the one at the  pub...  ISTEN That is the other one you have?  ORA Ummm...Well... Uh... kind of....  ISTEN I see...  ORA Well...  ISTEN I will save you some time, yes I  fit It all. You can trust me on that, and I’m growing tired of this game.  KEVIN Well, isn’t It suspicious that  there are two Prophecies?  ISTEN Time can distort many things, even  a Prophecy. But the thread of truth is still there.  ORA I can’t believe I’m traveling with  the Chosen One!  KEVIN Neither can I...  ISTEN I have not said you are traveling  with me... lets just say you are traveling near me.  SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS Why are you weak?  KEVIN Are...are you talking to me?  KARRAS With the corrupted you fumbled and  flailed. Lots of flailing.  KEVIN Hey! I’m not weak! And what kind of  question is that, anyway?  ISTEN I think Karras is wondering if we  were attacked, could we trust you to not get in the way?  KEVIN Hey, I’m learning how to fight.  KARRAS So much flailing.  ISTEN Ha! I know! Why leave things to  speculation? We’ll have a friendly duel between little Kevin here and Karras. Then we can see how you really handle yourself.  What?! Hum  KEVIN & ORA KARRAS KEVIN  We don’t even know you! This is ridiculous!  ORA It would be good for you to spar  with someone besides me, Kevin. And I’ll be watching. Remember, size can work in your favor. You’re smaller and faster, you can use that to your advantage.  Okay.  (MORE)  ORA (CONT'D) If we do this, they need to use  sticks rather than swords. And no bows.  ISTEN You supply the sticks.  ORA Deal.  ISTEN Ha. Then we agree!  KEVIN I don’t!  ORA Kevin, make me proud. Here Karras  use my stick. Sorry if It still has a little Lusus Naturae eye goo on It...  Uggg  KARRAS  ISTEN Let me see that stick.  Uh...huh. Willow. Supple, yet firm. Yes, this’ll work just fine. Here are the rules, first one to land a killing blow or step out of the circle loses. And...No running away this time...  KEVIN Oh boy...  ORA Here, I’ll take your sword.  ORA (CONT'D) Now remember: mind your feet; keep  the stick moving, fluid; and see everything.  KEVIN Okay... OKAY... Alright, big  boy...are you ready?  KARRAS  Hum. Alright men, sticks at the ready.  ISTEN  KEVIN Okay...Just keep moving, just keep  moving...  ORA Hey Kev, no need to rush.  ISTEN Ha! Little chance of that, by the  looks of things.  KEVIN Okay...UGH! Ow! Ooof. That was...  fast... ugh, that hurt!  KARRAS (Chuckles)  KEVIN Oh yeah? Well at least I can do  more then just grunt. Ugh... OW! You know, I’d hit you back, but I don’t like hurting animals.  KARRAS Gurrrr  ISTEN That’s enough.  Now that we know Kevin’s...ability, It seems only fitting that we test yours, Ora. You versus Karras. Although, since you appear experienced, perhaps we should make It more interesting.  ORA A-A bet?  ISTEN If Karras wins, you give us those  prophecies.  ORA Uh, I don’t know...  ISTEN They’re about me, aren’t they? They  belong with the Chosen One.  ORA I suppose...  ISTEN And what would you like if you win?  ORA To keep traveling with you...not  just temporarily.  ISTEN (Chuckles)  A high honor, to be sure. I’ll have you know that if, and I mean if, you come with us, you would have to follow my commands.  ORA We can agree to that.  KEVIN I’m not sure “we” is the word she  should use.  ISTEN Given that you obviously know your  way around a sword, should we switch to blades rather than sticks?  ORA Perfect.  ISTEN Excellent! Fetch your sword.  KEVIN Are you sure about this?  ORA Nope, but I am sure I'm not going  home yet.  ISTEN No circle, no rules. Draw your  swords and  ORA I raise my sword to you, sir. With  Honor.  Ha.  ORA salute?  KARRAS  *FIGHT*  KEVIN Hey!! Using a gauntlet isn’t fair!  ISTEN We didn’t say you couldn’t have  armor. This is a very nice sword. You can’t win a duel without a sword. Concede defeat!  ORA It’s not over ‘til it’s over.  KARRAS AAAAAA! My eyes!!  Stop...running.  ORA Over here!  Oof! Oof  KARRAS KARRAS (CONT'D) ISTEN  You’re only delaying the inevitable.  KEVIN Nah. She’s gotten out of worse than  this. Get him, Ora!  ORA See, Kevin? Know your feet! See  everything...  KEVIN Stop teaching and look out!!!!  ORA Huh...? Oof  KARRAS YAAAAAAAA!  ORA You seem stuck.  ISTEN (outraged)  You have a dagger?  ORA You didn’t say I couldn’t have a  boot dagger.  ISTEN (Laughing)  Daggers are cute, but you’re going to need longer arms!  ORA Yield.  NO!  KARRAS  ORA But...I could have killed you!  ISTEN (to Ora)  Then you should have!  KEVIN (to Isten)  What?! What is wrong with you?!  ISTEN He does not drop his sword  easily... what is that my fault? Hahah  ORA Fine!  KEVIN You can’t be serious.  ORA Let’s do this.  ISTEN Well, well...out of weapons?  ORA There is no such thing...  KEVIN Ha! Yes!  ISTEN What are you cheering for? What do  you think she’s going to do with that? That stick is just going to provoke him.  ORA Maybe so.  KARRAS Guuurrrrrrr  ORA Yield!  KEVIN Com on. Just hang on, Ora!! Choke  him harder!!  ISTEN Shake her off! Get her off of you!  ORA Yield!!  KARRAS (Coughing)  ORA I...I win?  KARRAS You win.  ISTEN Ugh!!!  KEVIN Ha ha ha!! That was amazing! I  mean, I can’t even believe that...the way you used the tree, the...! How did you...? I mean just a dagger were just...  ISTEN Congratulations! I can see you’re  talented enough with the sword, or a stick, anyway. Though I seriously doubt you could beat Karras in archery.  KEVIN (laugh)  Are you kidding?! I don’t think your brute is in any position to--  ISTEN Nevertheless! I am a man of my  word... You may join us. Welcome, new devotees.  ORA Thank you...  ISTEN But you will have to carry our  baggage and yours. And arrange your own horses.  ORA Oh, I don’t think that will be an  issue.  SPIRIT (Brays)  KEVIN Oh. So NOW you show up?! You know,  we could have used you that last 10 miles walking!!!  SPIRIT (Grunt)  ORA Oh, she would have been here if I  had REALLY been in any trouble.  KEVIN How did you know she was close by.  ORA I saw her watching from the trees  when you were fighting.  KEVIN Of course you did...  ISTEN I see...well, mount up and quit  dallying. Theres no time to waist. Come, Karras! You two catch up if you can. Come on.  KEVIN Hey... Hey wait a minute! Fight’s  over, you can’t just...  KARRAS (grunts)  ORA hard feelings?  KARRAS Your sword.  ORA Oh...thank you...  Hu...  KARRAS  KEVIN Well...that was terrifying.  ORA Come on, let’s load up Spirit and  get going.  KEVIN Really?!  ORA We have to!  KEVIN You don't want to rest for a  minute?  ORA I’ll rest on the road. If you think  I'm not riding Spirit for the rest of the day, you’re out of your mind.  KEVIN Oh...well, good. Good.  KEVIN (CONT'D) ...if I was in any real danger...  (chuckling) That was a good one.  KEVIN AND ORA (laugh)  SCENE BRAKE  ISTEN Alright. We’ll stop here for the  evening.  ORA How should we divide setting up  camp?  ISTEN Making camp is really more of a  follower task; I’m sure the two of you will figure It out. I must talk to Karras for a moment.  KEVIN Wouldn’t you really prefer to talk  to Spirit? She’s probably a better conversationalist.  KARRAS Weak men, weak words.  KEVIN Uff. Hey, Thanks for the saddle...I  think I’ll put It right...there.  ISTEN Enough! Karras, come with me.  KEVIN Thanks for volunteering us to serve  an idiot and a pompous ass.  ORA Well, they did save our lives.  KEVIN And then Mr. Chosen One said didn’t  want to be thanked for It. Let’s take him at his word and go.  ISTEN ...I’m telling you...  ORA I’ll admit, Isten isn’t what I was  expecting, but he fulfills both prophecies.  KEVIN You’re too trusting. They found us  so easily...and don’t you think its convenient that he fits both prophecies...even the parts that he can’t prove!  ORA I feel It in my gut that he’s part  of...something. I promise we’ll leave if It turns out he’s a fake, but until then I have to stay. I have to see this through.  KEVIN Come here big fella. When was the  last time you were brushed huh?  ORA Here throw me the other brush. I’ll  groom spirit.  KEVIN Here...  Nice... ISTEN  ...can’t believe you! After all I’ve done for you...  ORA Kevin, I’ll understand if you  leave. Kevin stops brushing the horse and stares at Ora.  KEVIN Will you stop saying that? I mean,  if you want me to leave...  ORA No! But I understand that this  isn’t your journey. You don’t believe and you’ve already been through so much because of me. It’s not fair.  KEVIN I...ugh...  But speaking of fair, you still need to teach me to fight, remember? We had a deal!  (MORE)  KEVIN (CONT'D) Besides, if you believe so much,  I’ll give Isten a chance. But not Karras. I’d rather clean up after Spirit with a hand trowel than spend time with that dimwit... Oof! Hey I was brushing him! Why are you putting the saddle back on?  KARRAS Ugh...  KEVIN Are you speechless, or just  speaking your mind?  ISTEN Karras is going to get water.  SPIRIT (Neighs Scared)  ORA Woah, woah. Easy, love. Easy.  What are you giving Karras? Is that jar glowing?  ISTEN Blue Fireflies, for luck. Can’t be  too careful in these woods.  KEVIN Lucky fireflies? That’s the dumbest  thing I’ve heard today and I’ve been listening to this dolt for hours...  KARRAS Hu... Ugh.  Ow!  KEVIN  ISTEN Perhaps you should stop asking  questions and get back to work. You said you’d follow my orders, and now I’m ordering you to make camp. Karras, get going.  KARRAS Ugh... Heeeyaahh  KEVIN You stupid...See if I ever care for  their horse again. Are you sure you don’t want to leave now? Isten is the opposite of Godrick in every way: he’s arrogant, he’s mean, he’s pompous...  ORA And maybe that’s why he’ll survive.  Maybe a cruel world needs a cruel Chosen One.  END OF EPISODE 9    

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