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In the abstruse Land of Aaru, full  of regal countrysides and...  GODRICK (Hawk Sound)  HAWK (Hawk Sound)   Haha  GODRICK  NARRATOR(CONT’D) And ray-less forests, the once  halcyon days...  ORA AAAAAAAAAAAAH!  GODRICK What the... Shit...  ORA Yah!  Ooff!  GODRICK  Yah!  No!  ORA (attacking)  GODRICK  ORA AAAA  GODRICK Ha missed me  NARRATOR ...Halcyon days now gone and  people...  GODRICK Throwing things? Really?  ORA (angry)  It would appear so.  NARRATOR ...People, resigned to lives  separated...  GODRICK You don’t want to  ORA Yeah? That's what  HYAAAAAA!  do this.  you think.  NARRATOR Separated from each...  GODRICK Ugh!!! My nose! My Nose!  NARRATOR
I’ll just let you hear the story.  GODRICK Alright! Thats It!  GODRICK
You know what your problem is?!  ORA What's that?  GODRICK
You don’t know when to stop!  ORA Ugh!  ORA
Well, do you know what your problem  is?  GODRICK
I’m sure you’re going to tell me.  ORA
You don’t think ahead.  GODRICK
Oh yeah? And hows that?  ORA
Well, it's not that I don’t know  when to stop...
Her hand lands on the staff that she threw earlier.  ORA
It’s just...there isn’t ever a good  time.  GODRICK
AAAAHHHH! Okay, okay I quit! Right  in the same spot as yesterday. Oh I hate that staff  ORA Ha, loser.  GODRICK
Oh, shut up. I thought we were on a  break for you to go off and piss.  ORA
We were, I did It, and then we  weren't. Hey, you think a corrupted is going to give you a break?  GODRICK
When have the corrupted ever attacked us Ora? Huh? When?!  ORA
Not at home, sure, but when we...  GODRICK
Plus, I don’t think they would kick  my ass all afternoon before they sneak up on me.  ORA
I did not sneak up...I yelled  first.  GODRICK
(Laugh), yeah... thanks for that.  Okay, I’m done for the day.  ORA
No! No no no. We can go again.  GODRICK
What is with you? It’s been all  week!  ORA
The Chosen One is not going to just  let anyone follow them.  GODRICK
Ora, I want to find them as much as  you...  ORA
You think the things we’ve seen  are bad? The stories we hear? The rest of Aaru is way worse. Before we had the Guardians, now we have no one.  GODRICK
You really think that Guardians  were real? Seriously?  ORA
Ugh! I’m sure of It! If we are  going to help fulfill the Prophecy--  GODRICK
The Prophecy, the Prophecy! I’m  tired of hearing about the Prophecy. You know a lot of people don’t even believe in the Prophecy.  ORA
You know what? A lot of people are  willing to accept a broken world, too! But you and I aren’t! Are we? Right? RIGHT?!  GODRICK Right...  ORA
Okay then. Now, let’s go again. I’m  Ready  GODRICK
Sorry, I’m done for the day, Ora.  Really. I’m going home...  ORA
Okay, Okay well when we find the  Chosen One  Ora...  GODRICK  ORA
I’m going to make sure to tell  them...  GODRICK Ora...shut up...  ORA What? Vigiles?  GODRICK
They’re heading towards my house  ORA
Why would they be....  GODRICK I don’t know!  ORA Godrick! Wait!!  VORLAUF
Come outside in the name of Code!  ANTON
Is It just you two?!  VORLAUF
So you don't deny It then?  ELAINE Go away! I admit  GEORGE What do you want  JASPER Don’t play dumb.  nothing. from us?  ANN
No one else inside, but we’re  still having a look! (laugh)  GEORGE
They have no right to be in there  JASPER
We know someone was here. The  beacon was seen.  GEORGE
My wife is innocent. You have no  right!  VORLAUF
We have every legal right. And if  you don’t tell us what you know...  GEORGE We know nothing.  ANTON
If you say she doesn’t possess the  magic...then you must.  Hey!!  GODRICK  ANTON
GAHHH! Wa...What the hell?!  GODRICK Let them go!!  ELAINE
Throwing rocks doesn’t help,  Godrick! RUN!  VORLAUF Jasper, grab him!  JASPER Yes, my lord!  GEORGE
Ahhhhhhhhhh! Godrick, down.....UP!!  JASPER
UGH!! Ugh! Blast you horse!  ORA
You forgot your sword, jackass!  GODRICK Thanks.  ORA
You go get your parents! I'll  distract the rest!  Okay!  GODRICK  ORA
Not gettin’ far without your  horses, Vigile! YAH! YAH!!  VORLAUF
Damned child!! What are you  doing??? Stop that I say!  JASPER
I pray you know what to do with  that sword, boy.  GODRICK
I’ve learned a thing or two.  ANTON
Think you can handle two against  one?  GODRICK
Let’s find out! Aaaahhh!  ELAINE George! They’re inside!  GEORGE I’ll get the door!  ELAINE Godrick!!!  GEORGE Elaine the Shovel!  ELAINE Hey You!  ANTON wha....?  ELAINE
you like that?  How do
Not without this!  ANTON My sword!  ELAINE
You want It back?? Here!!  ANTON Dead!!  ELAINE  JASPER
You’ll pay for that woman.  GODRICK Mom! Look out!!  ELAINE
Godrick, help your father with the  door! Mom!  GODRICK  GEORGE
I can hold the door! Go help your  mother!  JASPER If you can!  Ugh!  GODRICK  JASPER
Let go that door, old man!  GEORGE RUN! YOU MUST...  HAL Got It!  ELAINE George!!!!  VORLAUF
I Don't have time for this!  ORA
Ugh! Coward Come Back Here  VORLAUF What happened...?  JASPER
It wasn’t my fault. When the door  flew open he fell on to my blade  GEORGE (Breathing)  HAL
You shouldn’t have resisted!  ELAINE Aaaaaaaahhhh!  ANN Jasper, the woman!  ELAINE AAAAAAAA!!  GODRICK MOTHERRRRRRRR!!  ORA Nooo!  ORA
In the abstruse Land of Aaru, full  of regal country sides and ray-less forests, the once halcyon days now gone and people resolved to lives separated from each other.  A prophecy, passed down, followed by believers will set forth the path for The One. Leading the land of Aaru back to its days of yore.  1 SCENE BRAKE  ELAINE (echoing)  Godrick...Godrick, it's okay. Godrick...
GODRICK!!!!!  GODRICK Mother!  ELAINE (echo of previous)  Godrick, help your father with the door...  GODRICK Wa..Wait!  1  No...  GODRICK (CONT'D)  JASPER
Let go of that door old man  GEORGE Run, you must run.  No!  GODRICK  BOOMING VOICE
Rise, Hero Godrick! For the People!  Godrick, Godrick, Godrick....  GODRICK, no, No. I can't...wait!  Ugh!!!  GODRICK (CONT'D)  AMA
Ora, you need to calm down.  ORA
But he and I can go! You’re the  ones who always told me It was real. Godrick fits the Prophecy, can’t you see?  AMA
I know, and I agree with you. But  Ora, he’s been out for days. He is in no shape to be traveling when he wakes up. His parents just died.  ORA
I know, that’s what I’m saying! The  Prophecy says the Chosen One has no parents. He fits the description, he fits the background, he fits everything we know!  EDMUND
Ora, you need to give him time.  Also, there's nothing in It about you fighting.  ORA
...why would you say that?! I  wasn’t the one begging to get woken up at the break of day by the age of ten so I could learn to fight.. Practically asleep! I didn’t throw MYSELF in the learn how to catch food with my hands...  EDMUND
We were training you to prepare for  a corrupted attack. To protect yourself from invaders.  (MORE)  EDMUND (CONT'D) For days like you just went  through.
Not to help fulfill the Prophecy!  AMA Edmund!  ORA
Do you think I can’t fight?  That I can’t help get the Guardians back?  EDMUND
You’re the best fighter I know.  ORA
Then why are you fighting me so  hard on this?!  EDMUND
I believe in you more than anyone  else. I just...I just don’t think it’s him.  AMA
Edmund, you can’t be serious. Look  at It, look at him.  EDMUND
Ora, I love you...but I just can’t  believe he is the one.  ORA How can you...  GODRICK He’s right.  AMA
Godrick. Godrick how are you  feeling?  GODRICK
I’m not the One. I don’t have It  and I don’t want to be It.  ORA
But, it's born into you, it’s not  up to you!  GODRICK
Well It sure isn’t up to you!  ORA Godrick!  AMA
Ora! This is what we’re talking  about. You can't push him. He’s your friend.  ORA I know.  I’m sorry.  ORA (CONT'D)  ORA (CONT'D) You wanna talk about It?  GODRICK Where are they?  ORA
My father and I went back the day  after It all happened...we buried them by the edge of the forest. The Vigiles must have taken the man your mother stabbed because everyone else had gone...  GODRICK
And how did I get here?  ORA
I brought you here. After the  explosion I was knocked out, too. I woke up a few hours later in the forest and you were laying next to me. Spirit was there by our side. I think she saved us.  GODRICK
Your horse? That doesn’t make any  sense, Ora.  ORA
Of course It does. You’re the  Chosen One and Spirit knows It. She knew the Vigiles would wake up at some point so she dragged us to safety before they did.  GODRICK
You are giving that horse too much  credit... Wait...explosion?  ORA
Yes. The one you created, Godrick.  Don't you remember?  GODRICK
I don't remember anything...except  my parents’ faces...  ORA
I saw It with my own eyes. I was in  the middle of fighting that Vigile when I heard you yell. I turned to look at you and BOOM. I was blinded by a large, warm, bright light that hit me with such great force that I was thrown back and knocked out. You were knocked out too. It must’ve been the Magic. The Magic must knock the breath out of you.  GODRICK
No no, It, It wasn’t me...  ORA Godrick, I saw It!  GODRICK
You’re so certain I’m part of that  Prophecy! I don’t see It. Alright? I’m just some guy in the middle of nowhere. I’m not the best fighter. I, I, I can’t even read.  ORA
You can learn. I can teach you.  It... It doesn’t matter how you start out, It matters where you end up.  GODRICK
This Chosen One will be responsible  for saving everyone. I couldn’t even save my parents.  ORA
Godrick, your parents murders have  to mean something. It has to be part of something bigger. If I let myself think they died for nothing...  ORA (CONT'D) Dad, look I don’t need...  EDMUND
I’m not here to say you're wrong.  There’s even a chance I’m just fighting you because I don’t want you to be right. But your grandmother pointed out that um, no matter who’s right, it's not my decision to make. Here  ORA Dad...  EDMUND ...look at this.  GODRICK
A Scroll? What is this...?  EDMUND
Ora, your grandmother and I love  you. We love you both, in fact. If you feel that this is the right thing to do, we support you. We are so proud of you... You know, the older I get the more I learn I can’t control everything... I hate that...  GODRICK What is this?  ORA
It's the Prophecy. My mother’s had  It since before I was born. In the old days, they used to collect the scrolls and burn them. We had to keep It secret... for reasons that seem so obvious now.  ORA (CONT'D)
I’m sorry I’ve been babbling on  about fate so much. I’ll stop now. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in my heart that you’re the Chosen One, but... You’re my friend first and I’m here for you, no matter what you want to do.  GODRICK
I don’t even know what I’m looking  at.  ORA
Do you want me to read It to you?  GODRICK
Fine, yeah. Read It to me.  ORA
Alright. Listen to this. Listen to  the words.  ORA (CONT'D)
All hail thee, listener of time.  Find thy destiny within this rhyme. One fighter without fear.
Be Brave.
To lead by head.  Chosen by an imperfect; stand, face the land.
Life survives death’s knock.
Magic moves.  A pained twig on a dead limb at the home tree.
Not knowing, but rise one dream. Savior  GODRICK  Huh.
You know, my parents gave me this amulet.  ORA
I always thought It was some kind  of key.  GODRICK
It’s... It’s just shaped like a  key. It doesn’t actually open anything.  ORA Oh.  GODRICK
They told me if anything should  ever happen to them that I should seek out my aunt in Shadow Run. So...It can’t be me.  ORA What do you mean?  GODRICK
The Prophecy said I have no  connection to the family tree. And I still have an aunt.  ORA
It says the closest missing  twig...not all branches.  Oh...
It’s nothing.  GODRICK
Speak. You clearly want to say  something.  ORA
No. I said I would stop.  GODRICK Just tell me.  ORA
Fine! Hear me out. Your parents  were like a second family to me...but they’re gone now and you showed magic. Now you have a mysterious key amulet and a quest to find a mysterious long lost relative. And you still don’t think you’re the Chosen One?  ORA (CONT'D) Where you going?  GODRICK
To thank your parents. And tell  them I won’t be staying past tonight.  ORA
What?? You told me to tell you!  GODRICK
I need to fulfill my parents'  wishes and see my aunt. Not a mysterious person, Ora, my aunt. We can leave in the morning.  ORA We?  GODRICK
Like I could stop you! We always  said if we left we would have each other’s backs...  (beat)
Besides, I could use the company.  ORA Fine.  FINE!  GODRICK  ORA Hey!  GODRICK
What?! What could you possibly have  to say now?!  ORA Thank you.  GODRICK
And just to be clear, Ora. I am not  the Chosen One.  ORA Right.  Yes!  ORA (CONT'D)  END EPISODE 1 PART I      

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