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ELIZABETH  KEVIN Aaaaah! Ma’am, can you please turn  off the light?! I can’t see!!  ELIZABETH Who the hell are you?  ORA You don’t know us, but--  ELIZABETH No, I don’t. I’m very busy.  Goodbye.  KEVIN What was that?! Wh-What just  happened? I still can’t see!  ORA I don’t know. Put the Prophecy away  before something else happens.  KEVIN Done and...uh...Done.  You know, I’m starting to think you might be right. This whole town is crazy.  KEVIN (CONT'D) Welp, can’t say we didn’t try.  ORA Stop It. Come on. I mean, look at  that crest carved into the door. This has to be the place!  KEVIN So, now she’s all in. What happened  to “I don’t want to risk this poor woman’s life”?  ORA Look, I told you pissing people off  is the best way to get them to do things, and now...I’m pissed. Are you Elizabeth Gregg?  ELIZABETH (O.S.) Could be. I could be anyone. Go  away!   KEVIN  That’s actually point. Oww!  ORA Would you focus  a really good  for a second?! This  is important. We think we have something that belongs to you. From your family? From Godrick?  ELIZABETH What about Godrick?  ORA Well, I’m sorry to say this, but  ummm...we have a medallion that we...uh....he-he...  ELIZABETH Quick get inside. Stop standing out  there  KEVIN What about that dogs?  ELIZABETH What dogs? Oh, that was just my  bird. Come in! Hurry!  ORA Your...bird?  KEVIN What was that? Did you hear that?  No.  ELIZABETH  ORA I wasn’t listening. all  I was the...things.  KEVIN Gary wasn’t lying about how much  stuff she has.  ORA Quiet.  This is, uh...quite a place. You’ve accumulated quite a collection of interesting items over the years.  KEVIN OUCH! Hnnnng,  ELIZABETH Careful!!!  KEVIN My shin!  ELIZABETH Watch where you’re going!  KEVIN It’s worse than your staff.  I can barley see anything. Oh! May I light this... Ugh... I think your lantern’s broken.  ELIZABETH Give me that! Is that any way to  enter an old woman’s house? Runnin’ into things and grabbin’ what you please?  KEVIN Sorry.  ELIZABETH What do you want with me? As I  said, I’m very busy.  ORA Was Godrick Gregg your nephew? You  see...Our families...his family and mine...were close. And Godrick told me to come see you, and that you lived in Shadow Run.  KEVIN ...or “The Bog of Faces,” as I like  to call It.  ORA Godrick...uhm...wanted you to have  this.  ELIZABETH (sighs)  No, he didn’t.  ORA Well...  ELIZABETH How did he die?  ORA It... ummm... he was...  KEVIN Vigile attack... How did you know  he died?  ELIZABETH It’s the only way this would have  come back to me without him. His mother met the same fate?  ORA So you are his aunt?  ELIZABETH His great aunt. On his mother’s  side.  ORA Did you know Godrick?  ELIZABETH Never met him, but I knew who he  was. Our family had to...disperse before he was born. Gathering together now It... well It isn’t something we’re able to do very often.  ORA Why not?  ELIZABETH Well, at the time It was not...It  was not prudent to keep the family together. And these days, traveling is not the way It was. Things used to be different. Before the Guardians disappeared, we were happy.  ORA The Guardians?  ELIZABETH We were at peace with our  neighbors. We were safe. My sisters and I would play together without fear of anything.  (MORE)   ELIZABETH (CONT'D) We would dream up the most  imaginative things. You see this design?  Mmm-hmmm.  ORA & KEVIN  ELIZABETH My youngest sister drew It.  She loved to draw.  KEVIN Where is she now?  ELIZABETH Oh, she’s long dead. Died same way  as Godrick, sounds like.  ORA The Vigiles?  ELIZABETH Yes. She was 14. One day they  came...we’d never seen them before, we couldn’t have known...and not a Guardian in sight.  ORA I knew It. The Guardians are real!  ELIZABETH Well...they were, but they left  us... Then the Vigiles started running everything and I haven’t seen any of my family since.  ORA But, what happened to your family?  ELIZABETH They had thought my little sister  was magic... weather It was true or not, once they took her It was only a matter of time before they came for us...My eldest sister, Godrick’s grandmother, ran one way and I ran the other. Our parents stayed behind...thinking It might throw the Vigiles off the scent.  KEVIN Why were they after you?  ELIZABETH Fear. At the heart of all evil’s always fear. Fear of life, fear of death...fear of difference. We were known to be kind to the idea of Magic. Forced me to give up everything and everyone...  I imagine that’s why I hold on to so many things.  KEVIN Why could you just go back?  ELIZABETH Even to this day, decades later, we  are being watched. I still have the odd young fighter who has heard some story show up at my door. It happens less then It used to, but they never find anything and usually regret It. That’s why we never go back. To protect each other.  ORA What’s the crest mean on the  amulet?  ELIZABETH Oh, nothing. My sister always  wanted our family to have this long mysterious past, so we made one up. And this was our “secret family crest” we used to identify ourselves, if needed.  KEVIN If that’s true, then why did  Godrick think It was so important?  ELIZABETH I don’t know. I mean its important  to me I suppose but no one else would care. It is nice however, to know that he cared enough to get It back to me. It’s good to feel like you still have family.  KEVIN I wish I new that feeling.  Ow! Sorry.  ORA So you hadn’t seen your family in  years?  ELIZABETH Oh, we would send letters  sometimes. Just notes now and then letting one another know we were still holding on. My sister had a family and I would hear from her every so often, but her last message was blank, just a folded scrap of paper with another, nearly identical amulet - her’s. Well, I knew what had happened.  KEVIN Ummm... Look I got to ask. What is  that thing? That can’t be the bird you mentioned!  ELIZABETH Oh, him? That’s Chauncy. He’s an  ethologus. They live for hundreds of years. He only behaves for...certain people.  ORA Really? Hundreds of years?  KEVIN So...this “bird” was the thing  barking at us?  ELIZABETH He’s good at impressions...  CHUANCY (as Elizabeth)  He’s good at impressions...  KEVIN Wait what...  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN Are we really supposed to believe  that that bird is...  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN Aaaa! AAAA!! Get him off!  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN Get him off! Get him off. Get him  off. Get him off now. Aaaa...  ELIZABETH Ethologi can live hundreds of  years. Some even longer. He must like you...uh...I’m sorry, what was your name?  KEVIN Kevin.  ELIZABETH Really... Kevin?... Ha! Too Bad  CHUANCY (Squawks)  (as Elizabeth) Too Bad.  KEVIN Hey, listen, I’ve had a rough  couple days. And don’t need It from you, too, BIRD!  ORA Why did the Guardians leave?  ELIZABETH Ehh...they didn’t just leave...not  exactly....or perhaps they did. Nobody knows for sure what happened, but there did come a point where even the magic of a guardian was so feared that they them selves were attacked in one way or another. There’s lots of theories.  (MORE)  ELIZABETH (CONT'D) In the years leading up to the  Guardians’ disappearance, there were those who grew suspicious as to why they looked after us, believing that the Guardians were driven by some dark motive; some say those doubts are what drove them away. Others say they still live among us, in hiding. Some believe they’re all but extinct, it’s even been whispered that they’re all trapped and imprisoned somewhere far away. It’s all just rumor and hearsay at this point.  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN (laugh)  ORA Do you know how we could get them  back?  ELIZABETH My dear, if I did, would I be  sitting here talking to you? Many have spent years looking, many others have died in the pursuit.  ORA Well...I think I might have some  clues...  ELIZABETH Yes, yes, yes. I'm sure you do. The  Prophecy, right?  KEVIN Right!....Er...wrong?  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN Oh great....  ELIZABETH The Prophecy has been around since  the Guardians disappeared. I tried to believe It. I wanted to believe.  (MORE)  ELIZABETH (CONT'D) I poured over every line, studying  and searching, but that was many lifetimes ago.  ORA I thought Godrick was the Chosen  One. In the Prophecy. Sent to restore the land to its former glory.  ELIZABETH Aw. Aw, That’s sweet. If he was,  then what happened to him is all the more tragic.  KEVIN ...or maybe that wasn’t the real  Prophecy. Is this the real one?  ELIZABETH This the Prophecy from the pub?  KEVIN Hey. How did you read It so fast?  ELIZABETH My boy, I have been around far  longer then the fear of reading; I’ve read many a tome in my time.  ORA When the Vigiles in the pub saw us  looking at It, they just made fun of us.  ELIZABETH It’s for the best. This scroll has  been hanging in the pub for 50 years. The longer It sits there, the more of a joke It becomes. Precious few of them, know how to read It, fewer still place any stock in It.  ORA Do you go to the pub a lot?  ELIZABETH What? Ha, No! I wouldn’t waste my  time. Getting drunk and yelling at my neighbors isn’t my idea of a  good time. (MORE)   ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Something about that place brings  out the very worst in people. It’s no way to act. But I know what goes on in there. I know what goes on almost everywhere. As a matter of fact, something happened in that pub just last week that might be of interest to you...  SCENE BRAKE  MOBSTER #1 YOU CHEATED!  ISTEN I did no such thing. Now give me  the Prophecy! I deserve It! It’s me that It speaks of. It’s practically my life’s story!  MOBSTER #3 (Laughing)  First we would truly have to believe you can read, and second I doubt It says the Chosen One’s a grifter!  MOBSTER #2 Come now! We should be more  hospitable to our guest. You must excuse us, Chosen One. We’ve been waiting years for you to show your face. After all this time, we can certainly excuse a wee bit of rooking.  ISTEN Well...good!  Here I am: Isten! Your Chosen One!  CROWD (Cheers)  ISTEN Take your hands off me!  MOBSTER #2 Oooooo, I’m so sorry Chosen One.  I’m certain you pass all the tests! This calls for a toast!  (MORE)  MOBSTER #2 (CONT'D) Another drink!! Bring anther drink  of our town’s libation!!  MOBSTER #3 Oh Oh, I’ll get It, let me get It.  Let me, let me get It. Let me get It.  ISTEN A...another one?  MOBSTER #2 Oh my dear boy, that first one was  a congratulations, this one is a toast! Now, how ‘bout a speech?  CROWD (Cheers)  ISTEN I am Isten! All hail to me!! I saw  worth unseen. I have given out deaths toll, I alone shall draw fire!!!! So sayeth the Prophecy! I am Isten, the Chosen One. And...  MOBSTER #3 Here, here, Drink this. Drink up  chosen one.  ISTEN and...I don't need a toast!  MOBSTER #3 You refuse us? You refuse our  hospitality? A prophet would never insult us in such a way.  MOBSTER #1 Go ahead...“prophet”.  ISTEN Yes... Yes... Of corse.  MOBSTER #1 To Isten!!  THE CROWD To Isten!!  MOBSTER #2 May the world be saved by the  prophet!  To you!  THE CROWD To the Prophet!  ISTEN TO ME!! THE PROPHET!!  CROWD (Laugh)  MOBSTER #1 Insults! FALSE. PROPHET.  MOBSTER #3 You’re not welcome in Shadow Run!  MOBSTER #2 On your way then! Back to Yarmouth  Valley!  ISTEN AGAIN!  Fill It again!  Again?  MOBSTER #1  CROWD (laughs)  ISTEN Again, I say!  MOBSTER #2 As you wish, but to insult us twice  is an offense we don't take lightly, even if you are the Chosen One.  ISTEN Again.  To me! Ah! I show you no insults, and now the Prophecy is m... (BLAH)  MOBSTER #1 Hu...Impressive.  MOBSTER #3 Mr. Prophet...?  MOBSTER #2 Well, I’d say he’s made the world a  better place.  MOBSTERS (Laugh)  MOBSTER #1 Hey, let’s send the One on his way  to Yarmouth. But first, he’ll need to sleep It off. I hear the manure pile behind the stables is very comfortable...  CROWD (laugh)  SCENE BRAKE  ELIZABETH As I say, that pub brings out the  worst in people.  ORA But that man, he said he did  everything in that Prophecy. That he was the Chosen One. Is that right?  Perhaps.  ELIZABETH  ORA Can you tell us what this Prophecy  really says?  ELIZABETH You can’t read?  ORA Only a little, I don’t understand  most of It.  ELIZABETH All Hail to you, hear me and say.  Chosen by the self, seeing worth unseen. Cast back, follow a dead brother at home now.  No door stops our fated Moves nature. Giving out deaths toll. To shorn nature.  This Day. Will draw fire alone. Find thy destiny within Joined  dream.  this rhyme.  ORA I...can’t believe It. I was wrong.  It was all wrong.  KEVIN It’s not your fault.  ORA What are you talking about?! It’s  all my fault. ELIZABETH  Ora, what is It? What’s going on?  ORA Godrick...Godrick...he didn’t have  a dead brother. He did not choose him self, or move nature. If this is the real Prophecy, I led him astray. I got him killed! And... And for nothing!  KEVIN No you didn’t! Stop saying that!  ORA I was so stupid, everybody was  right.  ELIZABETH I thought the Vigiles...  KEVIN They killed his parents, but Ora  saved Godrick.  ORA And then I convinced him he was the  One. I convinced him to go on this stupid quest and he died. He DIED! (Crying)  ELIZABETH Ora, come here, child. Shhh. Did  you plunge a blade through his heart?  ORA What?! No!  ELIZABETH Did you poison him? Kill him while  he slept?   ORA Of course not! It was an  accident...  ELIZABETH An accident.  ORA But if I hadn’t talked him into  going, he would still be alive!  ELIZABETH Oh, perhaps or perhaps not. Perhaps  fate had a plan of her own. You were so willing to believe in destiny so long as It bent to your desire, but destiny cares little for the wants of man. You may not like It, but that accident was Godrick’s destiny. Just as It was our destiny to meet here this evening. All of our paths were set in motion eons before any of us drew breath. Shhhhh...  You’re no more to blame for Godrick’s death than I am. Shhhh Feel better?  ORA I...yes? If Godrick  Chosen One, then... I’m sorry.’s  wasn’t the Then maybe... just a lot.  ELIZABETH Oh, don't be sorry. A good cry is  the sign of a strong heart. It’s one of the two best healing things.  KEVIN What’s the other one?  ELIZABETH Stabbing those who deserve It.  Ideally in the eyes.  ORA (laughs)  CHUANCY (Squawks)  ORA I’ll remember that.  KEVIN You’re good...  ELIZABETH Okay, now let me see the other  Prophecy you say you saw, the first one. I assume you have It with you? Where did you find this one?  ORA My family has had It since I can  remember.  ELIZABETH Hmmm, I see. I’d guess it’s  old as the other one, but I say I can put much faith in  ORA So... You don’t believe It?  ELIZABETH It doesn’t matter.  just as can’t either.  ORA How can It not matter? Either we  can save guardians or we can’t. If not, then I’ve been wasting my time.  ELIZABETH Have you now? Believing a better  world is possible seems far from a waste of time.  KEVIN But does that mean Godrick wasn’t  the Chosen One?  ELIZABETH Perhaps not.  CHUANCY (as Isten)  Here I am: Isten! Your Chosen One!  ELIZABETH Maybe this Isten fellow is the  Chosen One. Maybe he’s not. It’s up to you whether you want to believe in It or not.  ORA But, you don’t. Why should I?  ELIZABETH Oh, you’re too young not to believe  in things. Don’t you think the world would be a better place if the Prophecy came true?  ORA Of course.  ELIZABETH Then make It come true. Find the  Chosen One and help them to fulfill their destiny.  CHUANCY (Squawks)  KEVIN Oh! Can I take Chauncy?  ELIZABETH Absolutely not. Although It is  interesting how much he seems to like you.  ORA Kevin, you don’t have to come if  you don’t want to. You only agreed to come this far.  KEVIN You don’t want me to come with you?  ORA Well, obviously, I’d like you to.  But, you’ve still got so much training left to do and we’ve already cheated death on more than one occasion. If you wanted out, I would understand.  KEVIN But what if this is my destiny?  ELIZABETH It’s not Chauncy, but hopefully  it’ll bring you some luck.  KEVIN Oh, ha its a bird! Wow. Thank you.  ELIZABETH A friend of the Greggs. That’s what  It says on there. I’m guessing you can’t read.  KEVIN Why do you guess that?  ORA Kevin, we both know you can’t read.  KEVIN Yeah, I know... but I like to think  that I look like I could...  ELIZABETH Ora, you’ll want to keep an eye out  for Vigiles on the way to Yarmouth Valley.  ORA We’d better get going then. We’ve  got a long walk ahead of us.  ELIZABETH Nonsense. Sit. Stay here for the  night. I’ll make sure you are well rested and well fed before you set out.  KEVIN (Yawn)  That’s probably a good idea.  ELIZABETH (Whistles)  CHUANCY (Squawks)  ELIZABETH Chauncy catch!  I’ll put a kettle on. Make yourselves as home.  CHUANCY (Purrs)  ORA Seriously, Kevin. You don’t have to  come.  KEVIN When we find the Chosen One, I’ll  go home. But in the meantime, I’m still gonna’ need you to teach me to fight.  ORA Ugh!  KEVIN Woah.  ORA Impressive. We may make a fighter  out of you yet.  END OF EPISODE 7    

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