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FOR VOW AND CODE  KEVIN You realize what this means?  ORA It’s’s looks nothing  like the real prophecy.  CONRAD (Laughing)  Oh, it’s doesn't?  KEVIN Hey, listen, we didn’t mean to  badmouth this prophecy. It’s-It’s probably really great. Because obviously, I can’t, you know, just, read It--  ORA No, no. It’s different from the  true prophecy. This can’t be real.  CONRAD By all means, go ahead and look for  wisdom nailed to the wall of a piss- poor public house in the middle of nowhere.  GARY Piss off! I live here!  ORA What’s It to you? I’m just passing  through and was curious about...local customs and whatnot. There’s nothing wrong with that.  CONRAD No, nothing at all!  You think you’re The One?  ORA What if I do?!  CONRAD Well, then we are honored! And I  would like to buy you a drink!  BAR GOERS (laugh)   ORA Hey! Keep your money, I’m just  interested in the Prophecy.  CONRAD Awww, thats too bad. I’ve been from  one side of this world to the other and everybody who tries to tell me about prophecies has been a lunatic.  “But, this one will surely be the one.”  BAR GOERS (laugh)  KEVIN Look friend, we aren’t looking for  trouble. We’re just here because It got dark and...  Ugh! Oof!  CONRAD KEVIN BAR GOERS  (laugh)  ORA You ever seen that guy before?  KEVIN Not that I can remember.  ORA He acts like a Vigile.  KEVIN I think he is one...I think they  all are. They all have the rings.  ORA Can’t really say if these were the  ones I met before. They all dress in black, and have the same attitude problem. It’s hard to tell them apart.  SCENE TRANSITION  CONRAD See, this is why all that ‘Vigiles  code’ stuff is horse shit. Who are we doing It for? That kid? Her? Gary, the million-year-old Vigile??  BAR GOERS (laugh)  CONRAD Nobody cares. I’m not keeping to  some arbitrary set of rules just so some asshole with power can feel like a good person. Old man...  GARY (groans)  CONRAD Here, let’s get him up.  Right!  DRINKING VIGLE  CONRAD One, two, three...  Oh, looks like he’s waking up. What’s that, Gary? “Oi, ‘ello everybody! I’m some dodgy relic from thousands of years ago. Shadow Run is very exciting and not at all a boring place full of mud and piss.”  Well, Gary, like this piss pot of a town, I’d say you’re full of shit! Have a seat, old man!  SCENE TRANSITION  KEVIN That doesn’t sound like the Gary I  know.  ORA Nobody should be treated like that.  Shit eaters.  KEVIN They look like they’ve been  drinking a while.  DRUNK VIGILE #1 (O.S.) Conrad, you’re a riot!  BARTENDER I like that they’re buying  stuff...but I don’t like them saying mean things about Shadow Run. I live here. So does Gary. Oh but they just love screwing with him cause he’s retired, although Gary would never admit It. Honor among Vigiles my ass.  ORA You want us to kick ‘em out?  BARTENDER How’s that gonna work?  ORA You just leave that to us.  BARTENDER Us? Your friend here? Listen...uh,  uh ... What was your name?  ORA Ora.  BARTENDER Sure... why not? Ora, no offense,  but the Vigiles’ entire existence is traveling around and killing or kidnapping people and sometimes both.  ORA How do you know that’s not what I  do?  BARTENDER I don’t. But, I’m damn sure that’s  not what your friend here does.  KEVIN Ooooh, a kitty! Hey, kitty. Come  here.  LEXI (Hisses)  KEVIN Ouch! Oh! Get away. What the hell?  Even cats are mean here.  BARTENDER Yeah, watch out for Lexi, she’s a  mean one she’ll just...  ORA He can handle himself. I’ve been  training him. Right, Kev?  KEVIN What?  ORA I can handle Conrad and the others  are probably drunk enough where you won’t be in any real danger.  KEVIN Look, I’d consider myself ‘in  training’ still. I am not ready for this.  ORA You’re as ready as you need to be.  Come on.  KEVIN I really don’t think we need to do  this. We have a lead on where Godrick’s aunt is. We’ve got a new prophecy which, you know, is fun. Why go looking for trouble?  ORA Hm. You’re right.  KEVIN See? Look, we got what we needed.  Let’s just--  ORA You’re not ready. I’ll do It  myself.  KEVIN Wait!  VORLAUF Conrad!  CONRAD Vorlauf. Sir. Please come join us  for a drink.  Ugh!  ‘Ey!  VORLAUF CONRAD VORLAUF  Have you forgotten the code? A Vigile protects those who need protection. We defend this realm. We do not gallivant. We are not beasts. We provide a service.  CONRAD All due respect Vorlauf, but we’re  mercenaries. We keep things the way they are -- usually with violence -- for money.  LINUS Wait, is that true?  VORLAUF Absolutely not. If you weren’t pre-  vows, I’d make this man your first test of might.  ANN Conrad here is a special kind of  Vigile... the kind with one hand too many.  CONRAD Nice to see you too Ann, you going  to take It from me? I’m sure you’d put It to good use.  HAL Conrad, what about me? You leave  our group and you don’t even say hello to me? That hurts... hurts me where I live...  CONRAD ....Nope...don’t think I know  you...  HAL Thats exactly what I said to you  last time.  CONRAD Listen, Vorlauf. You need to ease  up a bit. I mean, take a look around. Do you really care so much about these people? So much that you’d regularly risk life and limb for a code? A code that does NOTHING to protect you. Don’t pretend like you’re not in this for the same reasons the rest of us are.  VORLAUF I chose this life because I believe  in the code. Somebody needs to defend--  CONRAD ...your ability to make a bunch of  money. Yes, I agree. We all agree the code of ‘I need money to live so I’m going to make a lot of it’ is important.  BAR VIGLES (Cheer)  CONRAD Glad we could defuse this. You  really seemed upset when you walked in here.  LINUS Sir, if It helps, I believe you.  CONRAD (Laughs)  Boo  BAR VIGLES  CONRAD Oh yes. I used to as well...then I  got smart.  ANN It’s funny how the people who claim  to be smart never show It.  VORLAUF This - this is why people feel the  way they do about Vigiles. This selfish attitude. It’s disgusting.  SCENE TRANSITION  It.  BARTENDER Pssst. Hey. Ori. Wa ha, ha. You  been starin’ at that guy quite intensely It seems like.  KEVIN Right? Ora, that guy looks like  he’s pissed. What are you doing?  ORA What? Oh... think I’ve seen that  guy. I mean I know his voice. I’m... I’m just trying to see his face...It’s just weird because I’ve never been to Shadow Run before.  BARTENDER It’s not that surprising. And  seeing his face may not be that helpful. People call Shadow Run “The Bog Of Faces”. It’s because people here tend to be incredibly forgettable. Take me for instance. Go ahead. Take this in.  KEVIN It’s uncanny!  BARTENDER See? What stands out about what  I’ve got going on here? Nothing. Just another muscle-bound, one-eyed Gnome missing half his teeth... Just another face from the bog. You’ll forget you ever met me as soon as you meet someone else.  ORA What does that have to do with that  guy?  BARTENDER It means he’s probably not from  around here.  KEVIN (laughs)  You know, I’ve kinda come around on you, barkeep. You’re alright.  The bartender shrugs.  BARTENDER That’s nice of you to say. You  gonna stick around the ol’ Bog of Faces a while?  KEVIN Oh no... No no no no.  SCENE TRANSITION  VORLAUF You’ve broken the code more times  than I can count. And that’s just since I got here!  Ha!  CONRAD  VORLAUF Time to settle the bill, Conrad.  CONRAD I’m not going anywhere. I haven’t  finished my drink. For Vow and Code!  VIGILES FOR VOW AND CODE!! (Laughs)  CONRAD’s you, your two idiots and  your wet-behind-the-ears, idealist Pre, who, according to the “code,” ain’t allowed to do anything to me...  ...vs. a table of veterans who understand how the world works.  VIGLES (Cheer)  CONRAD That little one over there? She saw  the prophecy on the wall and she seemed to think that she was having a bloody revelation. Think about that. She saw something on the wall of the Lord’s Throne and thought... “Of course! The truth! I understand now!”  (MORE)  CONRAD (CONT'D) Tell me again why we’re supposed to  protect people like that from Magic, instead of locking them up someplace dark and damp so nobody else gets crazy all over them?  (Cheer)  BAR GOERS  CONRAD What’s more dangerous? Magic or  stupid?  VORLAUF I’m far more concerned about the  danger of having a pile of garbage like you wondering the countryside and giving the Vigiles a poor reputation.  SCENE TRANSITION That’s... That’s him. He’s the one.  KEVIN What one?  ORA I don’t like the way he’s looking  at me.  KEVIN I think maybe we should go.  SCENE TRANSITION  VORLAUF Did that girl over there  she was from?  CONRAD Ask her yourself. You’re  the people, after all...  LINUS That’s enough!  say where the man of  ORA  *Fight *  CONRAD Found your voice, have you, Pre?  You’re following a nearly extinct breed, might be the last of his kind...although he would like you think that we are the minority. Your ‘ethical’ sponsor here thinks he should take us in and reprimand us. Little slap on the wrist for not checking every bullshit bureaucratic box when we do our jobs. Remember, It does not matter what I do... the code says, a pre can’t draw his sword. So you’re gonna help him to slap my wrists??  LINUS Uh-uh...ummm....  ANN Actually, I’m his sponsor.  CONRAD Ho ho! S’that so? So you’re here as  a bodyguard and a baby sitter? ANN  And pest controller.  CONRAD So you’re here to  contract...  VORLAUF That’s right. One I won’t allow you sullying the code  life to.  CONRAD Then. Make. Me.  fulfill your  way or the other, to continue I’ve dedicated my  DRUNK VIGIL HA, my turn!  HAL Not So fast! Sleep tight friend.  Watch yourself Vorlauf.  VORLAUF Another one??  CONRAD Bloody Pre bastard!!  ANN Hey snot-brain!  You’re mine, you piss poor...  DRUNK VIGILE #2 Take that, ya’ plague Sore!  ANN Ahhhhh!  HAL Not smart, friend.  SCENE TRANSITION  BARTENDER Thats my cue.  ORA Wait! Where are you going?! This is  your bar!!  BARTENDER (O.S.) (yelling)  PLEASE LEAVE AND PAY YOUR TABS WHEN YOU’RE FINISHED. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO LORD’S THRONE.  KEVIN Ora! Let’s go!  ORA This is my chance. I can avenge  Godrick.  KEVIN Godrick? There’s too many of them!  Come on. Let’s go!  ORA I’m going in!  VORLAUF You! Stop right there!  SCENE TRANSITION Hey! High-and-mighty!  CONRAD  VORLAUF As It was always going to end.  AAAHHHHHH  CONRAD AHHHHHHH!!!!  SCENE TRANSITION  LINUS I could use!!!....I could use a bit  of help here!  ANN On your left!  ANN (CONT'D) Care to dance?  HAL If you’re not too busy...!  ANN (to Linus)  Let’s go!  LINUS Alright.  SCENE TRANSITION  VORLAUF Now to your rest, however  undeserved. Now, as to the girl...  SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN Wait, wait hold up.  ORA What?! Come on, you were right. We  gotta go!  KEVIN No...  (breathing heavy) No...come on. Seriously. I’m so out of breath.  ORA GHHAAAA! AAAA!  KEVIN Why did you mention Godrick back  there?  ORA That was him! That was the man who  came with that crew of Vigiles and murdered Godrick’s parents.  KEVIN What???  ORA I froze. I froze! I can’t - I can’t  believe I froze! And.. And then there’s that second prophecy!  KEVIN So the thing on the wall really was  a...  ORA Yes! Another Prophecy! I couldn’t  read It all - people kept talking and then they came in - but... but if there’s a different prophecy...then...then... Gaahh, what an idiot I am.  KEVIN Hey, come on! Don’t talk like that.  ORA I was so, so sure that Godrick was  the Chosen One and now I...I don’t even know if that Chosen One thing is real or not. I mean, how do I know if anything is real?  KEVIN Well...  Alright that is a good point.  ORA I’ve got to go back.  KEVIN WHAT?!  ORA Don’t you get It? I have to read  the rest of It, memorize It!  KEVIN There are people back there missing  hands...dead people...people who have literally tried to kill you!  ORA But...Godrick...I...  KEVIN  Look, Maybe... Maybe this will help.  ORA Kevin! Did you...? Is that...?  KEVIN I grabbed It off the wall during  the fight.  ORA Kevin I... I can’t believe you!!  You...Oh, you’re amazing!!  KEVIN It’s no big deal, I’m just good in  a crisis, I guess. Oughf! Hey!...what was that for?  ORA And you weren’t going to show It to  me?!  KEVIN Oughf. No, I...  ORA ...And you were just going to what?  Never let me see It?!  KEVIN I just...  ORA If I wasn’t about to go running  back in there, would you, would you have just thrown It away or something?  KEVIN I was just thinking It would be  better to show It to you when we weren’t standing in the middle of the street.  ORA Hummm... Alright... I MIGHT believe  you. Thank you. This is really great.  KEVIN Don’t mention It?  ANN Hey, you forgot your sword...and  your finger!!  RUNNING VIGILE Keep It!!! Just keep It!  ANN Meh, Hey Linus, I got you a new  sword! And a new finger!  ORA Well...You’re right, we’ve got to  get off the street.  KEVIN Gary said that the lady lives at  the back end of town...and since the gate was over that way...I’m... I’m guessing we want to go this way?  ORA I guess that makes sense.  SCENE BRAKE  VORLAUF Those of you that can still draw  breath, get out! You are not on my summons. But remember what happened here! For a Vigile, the code is not a choice! However, the ring on your finger is... and we are more then happy to relieve you of It.  HAL That went well ha ha... Right?  VORLAUF Shut up, Hal.  LINUS It was incredible! I only wish that  I could have helped more.  ANN Eh, if you had done any more It  would have ended very badly for you, Code-wise. Ya’ did good.  HAL That Code... I think It causes  Vorlauf more problems then It solves.  Really? I  This from neighbor.  LINUS don’t think thats true.  HAL the guy who turned in his  LINUS No no no no, but that was part of  the law.  Liked your town and wanted to protect It did you? Then why aren’t you still there?!  LINUS (CONT'D) I did the right thing.  HAL Let me tell you something: if you  had even thought about drawing your pissy little sword on one of these poor excuses for a Goat turd, Vorlauf would have turned you into the Bank himself! Now... You still love the precious Code?!  LINUS Hey! What?! You can’t talk to me...  ANN Ugh!  Hey!  LINUS  ANN Stop! First of all, he could skin  you standing up even if you did fight back. Second, it’s not about you. Conrad used to travel with us.  LINUS What?  ANN Conrad was one of Hal’s friends  before Hal joined up. But when Hal tried to get him in, Vorlauf thought It was a bad idea. Conrad was always exactly like you saw him tonight...a complete self-serving Goblin. And Vorlauf sponsored him.  LINUS But...why?  ANN To stop Hal from doing It. Hal  isn’t exactly a push over. Conrad was going to be someone’s apprentice one way or another and Vorlauf knew It. He also knew It would likely end like this.  LINUS I don’t understand.  ANN If an apprentice commits a crime,  the sponsor is held accountable. Unless... the sponsor can capture the apprentice themselves and turn them in. Vorlauf knew Hal would never turn in his friend, even if It meant losing a hand. So, Vorlauf became Conrad’s sponsor; he was responsible for him...  LINUS But why couldn’t Hal do It?  VORLAUF Because Hal is loyal to a fault. He  never would have hunted down his “friend” for breaking the Code.  (MORE)  VORLAUF (CONT'D) No, he would have lost his own hand  instead of turning in a deadbeat criminal disguised as a protector. Conrad was always on that path.  LINUS Well...  VORLAUF Enough, it’s done. I need you to  keep watch, Pre. The head watchman should have been ‘round by now. If he’s not here by morning we will go look for him.  Ann, where’s Hal?  ANN I don't know, I thought he was  inside...  VORLAUF I’ll find him.  ANN I’ll be back out in a bit to  relieve you.  LINUS Who are we waiting for?  ANN Don't worry about It, just let us  know if anyone’s coming.  LINUS How should I let you know?  ANN Just...yell. Or come inside.  Whichever.  Hey!  LINUS  ANN WHAT?!  LINUS If it’s so easy to get screwed over  by an Apprentice, why did you take me on?  ANN If you for one second think that  you’ve impressed someone with your fighting skills you can forget that right now. I took you on because you’re the perfect apprentice. You’re a coward. You’re so scared of what other people think of the law that you would never desert. And Linus, I’m not Hal. I would have no problem hunting you down and turning you in. Better still, I might just cut off both your hands and leave you to bleed to death. And that’s why I took you on...because you are the perfect, disposable soldier.  LINUS Eat shit.  ANN Prove me wrong.  SCENE BRAKE  ORA Ugh, even with the full moon I  can’t see what this says.  KEVIN Look! On the door of that cottage.  ORA Where?  KEVIN What do you mean ‘where?’ We  haven’t passed another building in what feels like an hour. Look up!  ORA Sorry, I was... I was trying to  read.  KEVIN Look on the door. Isn’t  same seal that’s on the  ORA Shhhhhh! Shhhh, shhhhh.  Looks like It to me.  that the amulet?  KEVIN Sooo... should we knock?  ORA Maybe... or maybe we should just go  home. I mean, if that guy recognized me we’re all dead. Why risk this poor woman’s life, too?  KEVIN But we came this far! Why not at  least see if this lady is actually Godrick’s aunt?  ELIZABETH Who are you?  KEVIN Aaaaah! I’m... I’m blind!!  ORA The light! I -I can’t see!  ELIZABETH Shut up and tell me what you  want...quick!  END OF EPISODE 6    

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