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KEVIN Slow dooowwnnn.  SHADOW RUN   ORA Hey, I said if you could stay on  your feet you could ride the horse.  KEVIN But It hurrrrttss. My  leg and also my arms.  ORA Learn to fight better  feel better.  bones and my  and you’ll  KEVIN Look, I’m doing my best!! Just take  It easy on me, will you? I...I’m... I’m just, I’m not used to physical combat. Just, you know, physical labor.  ORA Yeah... The Terra were’t used to It  either I bet...  KEVIN We did what...  ORA I know, we did what we could. You  have been saying that for days.  KEVIN It was not our fight in the  first...  ORA How can you say that?  KEVIN They kidnapped us! We should never  have been there! That... That Natura was huge, It was one of the biggest I’v have ever seen.  ORA (sarcastic)  Oh yeah, you’ve seen a lot of them have you?  KEVIN Hey! I stayed. I helped.  ORA I know... but stop saying its not  our fight. Its everyones fight.  KEVIN Ugh! You should  ORA What??? What?!!  KEVIN I don’t know...  just...  Never mind.  ORA I just don’t like that we just  left. I hope the rest are okay.  KEVIN Yeah me to... Me too. So... now  will you take It easy on me training???  ORA NO!  KEVIN Why not!!!  ORA You can’t just ask someone to stop  fighting in the middle of a fight!  KEVIN They might be tired too.  ORA Listen, if you learn nothing else  from your training please understand this: when you ask your opponent for things in the middle of a fight to the death, it’s not likely you’ll find common ground. Generally, you resort to violence because alternatives aren’t viable. Come on girl.  KEVIN I dunno. Some people are just mean.  The Vigiles never tried to find common ground.  ORA They’re paid to be violent.  KEVIN No, they’re paid to hunt and kill  me.  ORA Yeah...It does feel like they just  want to kill us all.  ORA (CONT'D) And that’s why we’re teaching you  to fight.  Ugh.  KEVIN  ORA You said yourself that you need to  learn!  KEVIN I know. But I didn’t realize it’d  be this hard.  ORA It’s not hard. You’re just bad at  It.  KEVIN Hey, and that’s Antagonizing me  fight better.  another thing. doesn’t make me  ORA In my experience, beating someone  in a fight makes them ashamed and they just want to hide in a hole. Antagonizing them while I do It makes them want to win the next time.  KEVIN I’m not ashamed! I’m just not good!  ORA That’s the way to go. Insist you  aren’t capable. I’m sure the Vigiles will hear you out.  KEVIN Hey, I didn’t say--  ORA “Oh, please, please...kind, kind  mercenaries, don’t do violence to me. I can’t defend myself, ‘I’m just not as good.’”  Hey!  KEVIN  ORA What? You want to hit me now?  KEVIN Yeah, I really do!  How is this supposed to get my confidence up?  ORA It’s not. It’s supposed to make you  want to fight and, hey, would you look at that? Looks like I know what I’m doing and you should listen to me.  KEVIN I’m only listening to you because  you can fight. Once I’m better than you, watch out.  ORA It’s a deal.  ORA (CONT'D) Alright, you can ride now.  KEVIN Really? ‘Cause I, I think my leg is  going to fall off.  ORA Sure, go on.  KEVIN (Chuckles) I hate your staff by the  way.  ORA Yeah Godrick did, too. Here, ill  give you a leg up.  KEVIN How much farther is this place?  ORA I don’t know. I’ve never been  there.  KEVIN Think it’s close?  ORA (Groans)  SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN Well, I have a feeling we found It.  ORA What gave It away? The big wooden  door?  KEVIN Okay, alright what? What is your  deal? You’ve been ... You’ve been grumpy for hours.  ORA I’m sorry, I’m just, I-I-I’m tired.  My mind keeps wandering and picturing...Godrick...the corrupted... All these terrible things.  KEVIN I get It. I’m sorry. Listen, we’ll  go inside, we’ll see about a hot meal and...uhm...huh.  ORA What?  KEVIN Uh...How do we get inside?  ORA Hello??  KEVIN Hello?  ORA HELLO??????  Oh.  KEVIN Anybody here?  TOWN GUARD Who is that?  ORA Who said that? Let us in!  TOWN GUARD Not bloody likely. Look up!  KEVIN Oh...Oh! Hi there! Sorry, we  did..uhh... we didn't know who you were.  TOWN GUARD (Spits) And I still don’t know who  you are.  ORA Oh, umm...Ora.  TOWN GUARD Don’t know you. The other one?  KEVIN Uhh, Kevin...sir.  TOWN GUARD Don’t know you either.  KEVIN So? Can we come in?  Why?  TOWN GUARD  ORA What do you mean “why?” ‘Cause it’s  almost night...and it’s dark at night...and we can’t see in the dark!  KEVIN Ora...  TOWN GUARD It’s going to be almost a full  moon, It won’t be that dark.  ORA WHAT?! Are you kidding me?  TOWN GUARD (Chuckles) I’m just sayin’ “the  dark is scary” is a piss-poor reason to ask for entrance...  KEVIN We don’t...We don’t want to make  trouble. We just have to deliver something and we’ll be on our way. Do you know the matriarch of the Gregg family?  TOWN GUARD I don’t. But, that is a much more  compelling argument. Come on in, I’ll have the boys open the gate.  ORA Really?  TOWN GUARD Yeah, I mean, you’re clearly not  going to cause any more trouble than is already here.  ORA Oh...ummm...Thank you.  TOWN GUARD No horses, though.  ORA But, this is my horse.  TOWN GUARD I hear you and, if I’m being  honest, I do not care.  KEVIN What are we supposed to do with It  then?  TOWN GUARD As It happens, my family operates a  stable just inside the gate. My wife’ll look after your horse while you’re in town.  KEVIN Well, how lucky is that?  TOWN GUARD For a reasonable fee.  KEVIN Of course.  ORA Look, we don’t have much money and  we’re a long way from home.  TOWN GUARD Well, let’s see what you got. Just  wait there. Babs! Got a horse for ya’!! OPEN THE GATE!!  KEVIN  Babs!!  TOWN GUARD  BABS I HEARD YA’, you horse’s ass! If  you yell one more time, I’m going to gut you in your sleep!  BABS (CONT'D) Hello dears, looking for a place to  put your horse for the night?  ORA Like we told...ummm...the... the  guard...  BABS Guard, HA!  ORA We don’t have much money.  BABS OH, well, let’s seen then.  ORA Here...  BABS This’ll do. Your horse’ll be in  fine hands until you leave.  KEVIN And I was worried we wouldn’t have  enough.  ORA I figured we’d have just enough.  BABS You’ll find your horse just down  there to the left when you’re ready to leave.  ORA Please take care of Spirit, miss...  BABS Oh. Don’t you worry, dear. Name’s  Barbara, but everyone calls me Babs What a creature. You ever think about selling her?  ORA Absolutely not!  BABS We’d take good care of ‘er. This  isn’t the kind of animal you’d eat...  KEVIN Well-- If you really needed It...  ORA No! You aren’t gonna’--  BABS Beautiful horses aren’t usually the  delicious ones. Good looking horse like this? She’d probably taste terrible...  ORA Can I trust you to not eat my  horse, Babs?  BABS I just said all beautiful horses  taste terrible! What do you want from me?!!! Although, I did dine on a stallion once that was...mmm  ORA Ya’ know what...  BABS Hey!  ORA I have a better idea.  BABS What are you doing?!  ORA Just a little insurance, Babs.  You can have these coins back when we leave, if Spirit is taken care of...very well.  BABS Really...?  KEVIN Ora...  ORA we have a deal?  BABS (Laughs) You have a deal! You’re  gonna’ do just fine in this town, even for someone so clean. Oh and And don’t worry, I would never eat a horse, dear. I’d sooner eat a person! (Laughs)  TOWN GUARD What’s going on down there?  BABS OH SHUT UP AND KEEP TO YOUR OWN  BUSINESS, YOU PIG FART.  TOWN GUARD I just wanted to shut the  gate...dear! If you would not mind STEPPING INSIDE THE TOWN ALREADY!  BABS LISTEN, YOU WEASLE’S ASS...Oh...Oh  we should probably do that. Sorry kids, lovely chatting, but I want to get your horse inside before it’s too dark outside.  ORA Babs, do you know the Gregg family?  There’s supposedly a woman with that name in Shadow Run.  BABS Hm...No, doesn’t ring a bell.  KEVIN Are we even sure she lives here? Or  that she's still alive even?  ORA Are you sure she doesn’t live here?  You see Babs, we have an important family heirloom for her.  BABS Well, I don’t know your Gregg, but  if anybody does, asking around the Lord’s Throne pub would do the trick.  KEVIN Oh, that sounds nice!  BABS It’s not.  KEVIN Oh...  BABS Oh, and watch out for whiskers!  ORA Thank you.  TOWN GUARD Welcome to Shadow Run!  Ah-HEM!  (Laugh)  BABS AND TOWN GUARD  ORA Still think they have nice parks  here some place?  KEVIN Not particularly. I’m starting to  think this is not the friendliest place.  ORA I have a feeling it’s going to get  worse before It gets better.  MUSIC  SCENE BRAKE Hu! Well, this is a real...  ORA Look out!  KEVIN AAAAAH!!  (Laugh)  BAR GOERS  KEVIN  ORA Hey, you Okay?  KEVIN Yeah, yeah I’m fine.  ORA I don’t think they actually wanted  to hit you, if that makes you feel any better.  KEVIN You know, It does not.  GARY Oy! Hey Fearless, come here!  KEVIN Let’s just hope someone in here  knows who we are looking for...  ORA I’ll go talk to the bartender. You  ask around the tables.  KEVIN What are you kidding?  CONRAD Hey, hero!  KEVIN You want me to just go strike up a  conversation?  CONRAD Hey, clean boy, ya’ deaf?  KEVIN What...?!? Me?!  CONRAD Sorry about the bottle...It slipped  right out of Gary’s hand. Right, fellas?!  (Laugh)  BAR GOERS  CONRAD Hey, why don’t ya’ come over here  and let ‘im make It up to you!  KEVIN This is a bad idea....  ORA See? You’re making friends already.  Oof!  BAR PATRON Hey, watch It!  ORA Sorry, I was just trying to...  BAR PATRON No one cares what you were trying  to do ...and no one cares if you live or die.  ORA Oof!...I...ummm...  Hello? Hello?  BARTENDER Okay, hold on!  ORA Where are...  BARTENDER Okay, whaddaya want?  ORA You’re...are you...?  BARTENDER A gnome, yes. And impatient.  ORA Information.  BARTENDER Never heard of It. Try Grog.  ORA What? Hey! Get back here!  BARTENDER Let me know when you need another!  SCENE TRANSITION  KEVIN Can’t you just answer...?  CONRAD We could...but we won’t...  (Laugh)  BAR GOERS  CONRAD Gary here has been nice enough to  welcome you to his table and you won’t even play with him?  KEVIN I-I totally would, but I... You  know, but I hurt myself practicing my moves. I got a little... Back thing now.  GARY Come on! Feats of strength, ya’  noodle-armed bastard. What? You afraid to arm wrestle a 200-year- old man?  (Laugh)  BAR GOERS  GARY Look at him the little wimp.  KEVIN I...I don’t think you’re really 200  years old, Gary!  GARY Yer only as old as you feel...and  200 feels right. C’mon, give us a go! I’ll tell you what you want to know if ya’ win!  (to the crowd) (MORE)  GARY (CONT'D) Give the people what they want,  boy!  (Cher)  BAR GOERS  KEVIN I’m not a boy!  Ooooooo  BAR GOERS  GARY What’s the wager?  KEVIN I- I don’t have any money.  GARY So, don’t lose, then!  (laugh)  BAR GOERS  KEVIN What?...Why do you want to arm  wrestle me? There many other people you could do this with.  GARY It’s a custom here at the Lord’s  Throne. New ones... wrestle the old one! And...this is all I have.  KEVIN I feel bad for you, if that’s true.  GARY UGH!  KEVIN Ouch!! Son of the...  CONRAD Oh Gary, I think you jiggled his  brains loose with your ring.  KEVIN Why? Why do you have such a big  ring?!  CONRAD We all have ‘em.  CONRAD (CONT'D) And they never come off...  GARY ...unless the hand does!  KEVIN What...happened to your other hand?  GARY UGH!  KEVIN OW! Stop that!  GARY Wouldn’t stick around here long if  I were you kid if you can’t handle yourself. That was barely a tickle.  SCENE TRANSITION  ORA Let’s...try this again. Have you  seen anybody, ANYONE with the name Gregg?  BARTENDER I see lotsa’ stuff.  ORA I’m asking...  (Belch)  BARTENDER  ORA OH! Oh... No...No (Cough)  I’m asking have you seen any Greggs around here? Ugh. Do any Greggs live here?  Oh. No.  BARTENDER ORA  You’ve been huge help.  BARTENDER Ah, a short joke. Very funny.  You’re too clean. (MORE)  BARTENDER (CONT'D) What’re you doing alone? You got  some kind of virus or something’?  ORA Ugh.  (Laugh)  BAR GOERS  KEVIN Yeah, well...joke’s on you then!  Ora, that was a really bad idea.  ORA What happened?  BARTENDER To him? Well, he looks like he just  got his ass kicked by the old man.  KEVIN Yeah, well he had a big ring!  And...I don’t think he’s as old as he said he was so...that’s... that’s something.  BARTENDER No... It isn’t.  ORA Shut up.  Did you learn anything?  KEVIN No. An slapped me when  I wouldn’t arm wrestle him.  ORA Did you ask him whether he knew the  Greggs or not?  KEVIN I tried, but he seemed dead set on  either arm wrestling me or beating me senseless.  ORA You should have tried some of what  we learned.  KEVIN I...I felt bad for him? He says  he’s 200 years old.  ORA Nobody’s that old.  GARY WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME, HERO BOY?  YOU WANT TO HAVE A PIECE OF THIS?  ORA Ugh!  GARY Oof.  KEVIN Ahh, okay. I see now. You just, you  just shove ‘em.  ORA Unless you know the whereabouts of  the Gregg family, leave us the hell alone, old man.  KEVIN He does have a name, Ora.  ORA Why would I care?  GARY Because I know the Greggs...and I  think my leg’s broke now.  ORA Oh, your leg’s fine. Where can I  find them? I have a family heirloom I need to deliver. It was a dying man’s wish.  GARY (laughs)  Elizabeth doesn’t need any more stuff.  KEVIN That must be his aunt.  ORA Does this ring any bells, old man?  GARY Gary. I’m the one called Gary.  Yeah, that’s theirs, alright. Has the Gregg family crest.  ORA Finally. Thank you. Do you know  where we can find them?  GARY I dunno. I haven’t been allowed  near Elizabeth since I tried to get rid of her house.  KEVIN Uhh..Gary, you’re just not making  sense. How do you get rid of a house?  GARY Elizabeth, how do I say this,  collects things. A lot of things. For no particular reason. Just to have ‘em.  KEVIN Okay... well where is the house  you didn’t get rid of?  GARY It’s by the back side of town. When  you think you have gone too far... keep going. Then you’ll come to a wooden shack...that’s not It. Keep going a bit further, until...  ORA I get It. We’ll figure It out.  Well, great, we’ve got something to add to her collection. Right, Kevin? Hey, Kevin...  GARY What’s the matter, kid? Never seen  a prophecy before?  KEVIN That’s not the prophecy.  ORA You’re not reading are you? That’s  kind of a big ‘no-no’.  KEVIN No, but it’s different than the one  you showed me. The lines. They’re...longer.  GARY (laugh)  That’s a genuine prophecy, you noodle. What? You don’t believe me??? Here I’ll arm wrestle to prove It hahahahah ...  END OF EPISODE 5    

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