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THE TERRA  KEVIN (CONT'D) (softly)  Damn. Damn. Damn It. Damn. Damn. Damn Damn  ORA (moaning)  Ah. Ugh.  KEVIN Ora? Ora, you awake?  ORA (groggily)  Godrick? Godrick?  KEVIN No. Um. He’s...  ORA I remember. Sorry Kevin. What  happened? Where are we?  KEVIN They knocked us out. No time to  explain we have to get out of here now.  ORA What’s going on? Ouch! Why am I   tied up?  KEVIN It’s the Terra.  Terra.  ORA These ropes are  It’s got to be the  tight.  KEVIN Yeah, no kidding! I’ve been working  on mine for a while. But the ropes are going to be the least of our problems if we don’t get out of here.  ORA That sounds ominous.  KEVIN Oh, because being kidnapped and  tied up isn’t ominous enough.  ORA Panicking isn’t going to get us  anywhere.  KEVIN Well, panic is my go-to in  situations like this. If you have any better suggestions, I’m all ears!  ORA Hu, you done...?  KEVIN Yeah... Yeah, I think so.  ORA Okay, first thing, I can’t feel  any of my weapons. What about you?  KEVIN No, me either. But... But I’m  thinking these ropes are just horse hair. Ya know, they are strong together, but the fibers can break easily.  ORA Alright. Now we’re getting  somewhere!  KEVIN But I can’t reach anything to rub  on to break them up.  ORA Can you work on my knots?  KEVIN I tried earlier, but the knots  are... They’re just too tight and I can’t move my hands well.  ORA What if we rub the ropes together?  KEVIN That might work. I think I can  reach. Wait, can you turn?  KEVIN (CONT'D) Ack! Your hair is in my face.  ORA More like, your face is in my hair.  KEVIN Thats... Ugh...This is harder than  I thought...  ORA No, you have to move more to the  left. No No My left.  KEVIN I would if I could, but... No, no,  no no no no! Ugh.  ORA Well...  KEVIN head found a rock...if  that’s helpful at all.  ORA It might be.  KEVIN Ugh. Okay, hold on let me... wait  can you...scoot...No you scoot over more. Come here, yeah, Okay. Okay great. Now don’t move let me just... Okay.  There! Okay, if you hold your hands still...  ORA Is It working?  I think they’re little.  So what Terra?  KEVIN so. My, my ropes feel like starting to loosen up a  ORA do you know about the  KEVIN Nothing good. They are rarely seen.  They don’t stay in one place long. They live in the forest and appear and disappear without a trace.  ORA That doesn’t sound so bad.  KEVIN Yeah...Most say they keep moving  because they steal and want to leave before they’re caught. One thing’s for sure, they’re dangerous. And worse, unpredictable and dangerous.  ORA How so?  KEVIN Well, see there are stories of them  brutally murdering people, without any rhyme or reason. And, and they say they lust for blood and kill for pleasure! Thats pretty ominous.  ORA Have you ever heard of them  kidnapping people before? Maybe it’s not them?  KEVIN Well, I’ve only heard of them  killing. But I wouldn’t put anything past them, and from everything I have seen so far, it’s them. Guess they’re branching out with kidnapping and exploring new realms of terribleness. They’re going to sell us to the highest bidder as slaves. Or, or maybe they want to murder us slowly ya know. Or maybe, maybe they’ll use us as target practice? Or, or maybe-  ORA Yes! I knew you were good for  something!  KEVIN Wait...what happened? I can’t see!  Where are you going?! I’m still tied up!  ORA Let me untie my legs and then I’ll  help you.  There!  ORA (CONT'D)  KEVIN Okay, now get me out!  ORA They are almost cut through.  Where’s the...  ORA (CONT'D) ROCK! Okay, hold still!  KEVIN I am!!  ORA Okay, I got your hands. Get to your  own feet and I’ll see if there’s anything in here that we can use.  KEVIN Shhhhh! They’ll hear us! They’re  probably right outside the tent!  ORA We need to get Spirit back. We can  fight if we have to.  KEVIN With your rock? You have got to be  kidding. Let’s just leave everything and sneak away. I think I can lift up the back of the....  AGILMAR What are you doing?  (Startled)  KEVIN AND ORA  AGILMAR I see you’ve freed yourself.  ORA And I’m not going to be tied up  again!  AGILMAR Good, then we are in agreement.  ORA I can handle anything you got!  AGILMAR What about...Fruit?  ORA hu?  KEVIN Don’t trust him Ora  ORA What?  AGILMAR Sinthar?  SINTHAR (reciting)  Ummm... welcome to....  Go on.  AGILMAR  SINTHAR Welcome to our home, I picked these  apples for you. Ummm...  AGILMAR That’s good enough, now run along.  SINTHAR Yes Grandfather  ORA What a minute. I’m confused.  KEVIN I’m not! They are going to poison  us! Why else would they be happy we got untied?!  AGILMAR Because It saves me the headache of  undoing those blasted knots. Let me explain. And boy... Stop trying to break my tent and come over here. I promise I won’t hurt either of you.  KEVIN Oh, Sure. Cause we should trust the  stranger who kidnapped us.  AGILMAR I’m Agilmar, leader of this clan of  Terra, and I give you my word that we mean you no harm. Have some food, you must be starving.  ORA Uhh...  KEVIN Don’t eat that.  AGILMAR Oh, for Darkness and Light  AGILMAR (CONT'D) See?! Now come, sit down.  Better?  ORA Much! This is amazing! I am Ora by  the way. And this is...  Kevin! Kevin, come here. Have an apple.  KEVIN Okay...  ORA This is Kevin.  KEVIN But only the one that he already  took a bite out of!  AGILMAR Great, fine, whatever. Here. Little  jumpy, that one? Hu?  ORA To be fair, we don’t have any idea  what’s going on or what you’re planning to do with us.  AGILMAR We’re letting you go. The trap  wasn’t meant for you.  ORA Oh... Who was It meant for?  AGILMAR Vigiles.  ORA Why would you assume only Vigiles  would be ensnared? Anyone could have fallen for that trap.  AGILMAR Most people know not to leave the  protected roads. The paths leading from village to village don’t change, but the forest around them does.  KEVIN What? I think we would have noticed  if trees and stuff were moving.  AGILMAR The forest doesn’t move quickly. An  unwary traveler might never notice the differences. But the trees dance. They shift and twirl turning clearings into dense thicket and back again. Sometimes the changes help people, sometimes It causes confusion. In either case, this is usually none of the tree’s concern.  ORA You’re wrong. My parents would have  told me about that.  AGILMAR If you stay on the roads, the  dancing doesn’t matter. And almost everyone avoids going deep in the woods due to the Lusus Naturae, so most don’t know.  KEVIN I’m just going to grab another one  of these...  AGILMAR Help yourself.  KEVIN I’ll bet It was all that forest  dancing that got me lost.  ORA Or maybe you just got lost. I don’t  know if I believe this story about dancing trees.  AGILMAR You can see for yourself. Sit and  gaze out onto the land around you. After hours of watching, you’ll see roots gliding along the soil and branches groaning as they shift.  KEVIN Hu...  AGILMAR Every day, the forest remakes  itself into something different.  KEVIN That doesn’t sound creepy at all.  AGILMAR Usually only the Vigiles and  thieves travel through the forest; those willing to risk getting lost to keep from being found.  ORA Alright...Then why are you here?  KEVIN And why do you move around all the  time?  AGILMAR Because this is where we are meant  to be. This forest is not evil, and if you respect and learn from the land, you can join the dance. Seeing the pattern and shape, even if you can’t hear the music. We don’t get lost here. But we would struggle in a settlement. Stone walls would shut us away from the woods and we would slowly lose our knowledge. Rules would control us and we would slowly lose our traditions. Staying put would put us at the mercy of Vigiles and the Lusus Naturae. We would lose our way. Far better to only visit those settlements to trade or to claim vengeance against Vigiles who try to steal our children.  KEVIN So you keep children that can use  magic? You don’t give them to the Vigiles?  AGILMAR Of course we keep them. They are  our children. But we teach them to never use their powers. Magic calls to too many evil beings to be worth using. The evils of Magic can be seen in the abomination of the Lusus Naturae. The selfish hubris of man and the needless destruction of nature.  ORA Putting aside the frolicking forest  for a moment, let’s say I do believe that you set that trap for the Vigiles. Then why didn’t you free us the moment you caught us? We’re obviously not Vigiles.  AGILMAR Not that obviously. Some travel in  disguise so they can better approach their target. We needed to see if you had any inculpations or rings to connect you to them. Also... We consider Vigiles cowardly, and some of your actions may not have been the bravest.  KEVIN Why are you looking at me?  AGILMAR But...we looked through your  belongings and you appear to be normal travelers. We’ll give you food as an apology for your troubles and send you on your way.  ORA And what about Spirit? Where’s my  horse?  AGILMAR Oh yes, of course. We’ll return  your horse to you.  KEVIN ...or they could keep her.  ORA Please take me to her. I need to  make sure’s alright.  KEVIN Knowing that horse, I’d be more  worried about the Terra’s.  ORA You’re just jealous she likes me  better than you.  AGILMAR I’ll take you to your horse.  ORA Kevin, you coming?  KEVIN Umm...I don't feel good...  ORA What is happening  KEVIN Oh no! I knew It!  ORA What did you do?!  to him? They poisoned me!  AGILMAR Oh, calm down. He ate four apples,  core and all, in the flap of a bird’s wing; that would make anyone sick.  ORA You know Kevin... He has a point.  KEVIN Ugh...I’m such an idiot.  ORA ...and you have a point, too.  KEVIN (Burps) Oh yeah I feel better  ORA It’s beautiful here.  KIDS It’s the funny man!/Funny man!/Tell  us a joke, funny man!  SINTHAR I heard you ran away from the  corrupted.  KEVIN Well, I, you heard wrong.  KID 2 Funny man Funny man  KEVIN I well I may be funny but looks  are’t everything.  KID 3 Are you a scared funny man?  KEVIN Scared? What would I be sacred of.  KID 4 Look at his hair!  KEVIN Well I grow my hair  SINTHAR Why do you talk funny?  KEVIN I don't talk funny  SINTHAR Did you like the apples?  KEVIN A little too much.  KID 2 I grew them from seeds!  KEVIN Yeah.  AGILMAR Enough! Everyone away!  KIDS (running off)  Bye, funny man!/Bye!/Hope you don’t get scared!  KEVIN What just happened?...  ORA ...well, that was strange.  KEVIN Well, not really. Kids like me. I  just have a way with them. You know, this place is really starting to grow on me.  ORA Feeling better are you? Agilmar,  what did they mean, “funny man”?  AGILMAR This one talks in his sleep...and  the children really enjoyed It... Ora, Kevin, this is Haren. She has your weapons.  HAREN Good evening, Agilmar. Are these  our guests?  AGILMAR They are.  HAREN Pleased to meet you. Your weapons  are over there.  ORA Thanks. Wow, you cleaned them?  HAREN ...and sharpened them. I figured  that since you were not Vigiles you might be a little upset that we grabbed you.  ORA Thank you so much.  KEVIN And that soup smells amazing.  HAREN Well, it’s not done yet, but  perhaps later you can come back and have some.  AGILMAR If you want to see your horse,  she’s right around the corner there.  ORA Thank you, Haren. We will be back.  HAREN See you later.  KEVIN Look, I’m so confused...everyone is  so nice. Why are there all those stories about you doing awful things?  AGILMAR The Vigiles don’t like us because  we don’t follow their rules. If It were up to them, they would wipe us all out. But because they hardly ever find us, all they can do is spread stories. Truth be told, we don’t mind. Keeps people from looking for us.  ORA Spirit!  SPIRIT (horse sound)  ORA Did you miss me, girl?  AGILMAR Let me introduce you to my  daughter, Formosa. She has a way with animals and is one of the best fighters in the Terra.  ORA Thank you for taking care of  Spirit. She looks well-groomed and happy.  FORMOSA I can tell she’s well loved; she’s  so sweet and gentle.  AGILMAR And this is Reginald, my nephew...  AGILMAR (CONT'D) ...who is one of the best braggarts  in the Terra.  ORA Pleased to meet you. I’m Ora and  this is Kevin.  REGINALD Since you’re untied and walking  around...and breathing, I guess you aren’t Vigiles. Aw, that’s a shame. I was hoping to kill something today.  FORMOSA Reginald! Sorry about him. He’s an  idiot. I’m sorry we tied you up, but out here we have to be careful.  ORA It’s alright, we understand.  REGINALD And what were you doing out here,  anyway?  KEVIN ...trying to get kidnapped.  ORA Kevin! Sorry. He too is an idiot.  (Laugh)  FORMOSA AND ORA  ORA As for us, Kevin was traveling  through the forest to our village and got lost. And I... well, I was...  REGINALD You are a Prophecy hunter.  FORMOSA Reginald!  KEVIN What did you say?  ORA How did you know? You know of the  Prophecy?  AGILMAR Yes. We found It in your bag, and  there It remains. (MORE)  AGILMAR (CONT'D) The Terra don’t put faith in It, we  believe it’s far better to try to improve the world ourselves than wait for another.  FORMOSA ...But some still hope It comes  true. It would be a blessing to have peace once again.  ORA I thought I had found the Chosen  One. Everything lined up perfectly. But...  AGILMAR What happened?  ORA He died.  REGINALD Well, figures.  KEVIN Hey! You know what?!  WHAT?  REGINALD  ORA Kevin! Stop It!!  FORMOSA Reginald! They’re our guests!  KEVIN Okay fine! I’ll drop It, but only  ‘cause... I don’t really know how to use a sword and It really seems like he does...  REGINALD There goes all my fun.  FORMOSA I’m sorry for you loss.  ORA Thank you. We’re on our way to  Shadow Run to tell his family.  AGILMAR We will provide food for your  journey. We can escort you to Shadow Run, if you wish.  ORA Thank you. We may take you up on  that. I’ve seen what a Lusus Naturae can do. The sooner we get safely to Shadow Run, the better.  REGINALD Nowhere is safe from the Lusus  Naturae.  FORMOSA Stop trying to scare people,  Reginald.  REGINALD What? It’s true.  KEVIN I’m with Reggie on this one.  REGINALD You can’t deny that Lusus Naturae  attacks have been increasing.  FORMOSA It’s the way with nature. Sometimes  It rains enough to flood, other times It rains so little that the rivers dry up.  REGINALD You really want to debate this  again? Those creatures aren’t natural. They’re an abomination, created to hurt us because of our ancestors’ greed and obsession with magic. Why else do you think they usually appear if someone uses magic? Hu? Your FATHER even thinks so.  FORMOSA You’re so quick to label anything  you don’t understand as unnatural. You’re beginning to sound like those magic-hating Vigiles.  REGINALD Vig..! You take that back  AGILMAR Enough. Stop bickering like  children in front of the outsiders.  FORMOSA Sorry, father.  REGINALD My apologizes, uncle.  AGILMAR Now then, I smell deer roasting.  Let us enjoy a meal together and then we’ll discuss how to-  REGINALD Formosa!  FORMOSA Go! I’ll be right behind.  REGINALD I’m on It.  ORA What’s that?  AGILMAR Lusus Naturae.  END OF EPISODE 3    

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