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A HELPING HAND  ORA (CONT'D) Here lies the “clearly-not-chosen  one”... and my best friend... I did this. I did this to you, Godrick... You should have never been here. I should be the one asleep underground not you. I just-- I wanted to believe I -- I wanted so badly to believe you were the Chosen One... (Crying) These men, these Vigiles, this, this world It’s -- It’s horrible. People are suffering and we need a Chosen One to save us and I... Godrick, I just...I really, really needed that to be you. I was selfish. I... I thought I... I thought I could tell It was you...I thought I could be the one to help you. What’s... Oh my... your amulet! I should have left It with you. I’m so sorry, I had forgotten you had given It to me. I can’t do anything right. I just... I wish I was the one with Magic and not you, maybe I could bring you back to life, I...I should just go get Spirit and just go home. This whole saving the world isn’t for me. Even helping someone else save the world isn’t for me. (Crying) Well...I guess I could still have a chance to do one thing right. I can still go to Shadow Run and give this to your aunt and tell her how amazing you were. I’m sorry I failed you, Godrick. I’ll deliver this to your aunt and I’ll never make the same mistake again.  SCENE BRAKE  MEL Okay, who's next.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN This one, ‘ere.   SMALL BOY I didn’t do anything??  BOASTFUL CITIZEN That’s what they all say, right  right! Ha ha ha.  MEL Where’s your Ring?  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Oh. I’m not a Vigile yet! But, now that I’ve brought you this scruffy little boy perhaps that’ll change.  Yeah? Right?  MEL He possesses Magic?  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Lifted an entire house high off the  ground with only his thoughts. He scorched m’best mate with his brain magic. That’s what he did.  SMALL BOY He’s lying! He beat my uncle in  cards and my uncle wouldn’t pay!  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Shut It, boy. Make this easy.  MEL Well, if that’s true, then we’ll  find out. Come here with me child. You have nothing to fear.  SMALL BOY You’ll see, miss. He’s lying, he's  a scoundrel.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN (Laughing)Right.  BOOK KEEPER Come on then, sit.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Of course! Save the world right?! Saving the world from Magic! Here  we go.  BOOK KEEPER Put your hand out here, for the  payment.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Hahaha! Right right, ya, right. I look forward ta’ counting It! You  all sure do like the theatrics....  BOOK KEEPER I guess we do.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN OH! What?? What? What is this  here??? Theatrics...  ANN This is a bit of fun, innit?  BOOK KEEPER  LINUS I don’t understand. Why’s his hand  in that metal cuff.  ANN Keeps us honest.  HAL If the boy’s magic, as he claims,  the banker will return without the boy. The man will get to keep his reward.  ANN BUT, if he’s wrong and the banker  returns with the boy, then this clod loses his hand.  LINUS Oh...uh, wow. That’s serious.  VORLAUF It’s for everybody’s benefit.  Without consequences, we’d have Vigiles rounding up anybody who looked at us sideways. This man is no Vigile but he’ll learn quickly.  SHIFT TO OTHER VIGILES  LINUS That...makes sense. Who’s the woman  who holds the money?  HAL That’s the Book Keeper, she’s in  charge of the money.  ANN They do that so he can feel the  reward and, if he loses the hand, knows exactly what else he’s missing.  HAL Excitin’, right? The other woman,  Mel, who took the boy, she’s the banker...the justice, and what she says, goes.  LINUS We’re...100% sure that kid was  magic, right?  ANN Well, you’re the one who claimed he  was! Were you sure?!  LINUS Well, I... I...I thought he was...  VIGLES (Loud Cheering)  SMALL BOY See I told you!  BOASTFUL CITIZEN Wha!!.... He he...He tricked you! I  saw It with me own eye!  MEL Your hand is mine now...  BOASTFUL CITIZEN What?? No no no...that... that...  that wasn't part of our agreement... wait wait wait.... I’m- - please, please, you can’t. You can’t--  MEL We know the rules. What are the  rules?  EVERYBODY TAKE. HIS. HAND.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN NOOOOOO, No no no!  MEL I trust you’ll be more careful next  time. VILGLES??  EVERYBODY FOR VOW AND CODE!  BOASTFUL CITIZEN No no no no, AAAAAAAAA!!!  MEL Get him out of here.  BOASTFUL CITIZEN I’ll get you for this! I’ll get all  of you!!  HAL How you feeling, Linus?  LINUS, does this happen often?  VORLAUF This is why we do this job and not  power hungry wealth mongers. Follow the code and you wont even loose a finger.  LINUS A finger?  ANN Depending on the offense, sometimes  they just take a finger.  LINUS Sometimes they, um, just take a  finger, hu?  ANN Why, you scared?  LINUS No...  ANN Because next time we bring someone  in you’re the one who’s gonna have your hand in the vice.  LINUS Wh..What? But I don’t know... I  mean how can I tell...  ANN Ha! Relax.... Vorlauf is never  wrong...  LINUS Oh...I’m... I’m not scared...  VORLAUF Well, maybe you should be...  SCENE BRAKE  SPIRIT (Horse Sounds)  KEVIN Come...on! Come on. Here we go.  Move! You...ugh...You are such a stubborn nag. Look, we can’t just stand here in the forest forever.  SPIRIT (Horse Sounds)  KEVIN What?! What do you want? You want a  carrot? Look, I don’t have any carrots. I know where we can get some carrots, but its not here! Okay!! Okay, find! You’re not gonna let me lead you. Let’s try me riding again hu? How about that? Okay here we go. Steady...steady... OUCH!! No biting! Ahh, No food. STOP!! Stop turning! You... Stop turning. I can’t...keep my...stop! AAAAAAAH!!  FINE! We’ll just sit here on the floor of the forest for the rest of time!!!  SPIRIT (House Sounds)  KEVIN Yeah, I don’t know what that  means...  ORA It means she’ll move when she’s  good and ready  ORA!  KEVIN  ORA Or you could try this... (Whistles)  Ora!  KEVIN  ORA Oh, I guess It works on horse  groomers, too.  KEVIN I knew you were around here!  ORA Okay... Hey girl. Where have you  been? No one has seen you in a week!  KEVIN Honestly I don’t know where I’ve  been! The forest, I guess. I was... look I was asked to go deliver a new blanket to one of the Doran family stables.  ORA Uh-hu...  KEVIN  Turned out, It was a little farther than I thought, so I only made It back about half way before It got dark so I stopped for the night in a cave.  ORA Uh-hu...  KEVIN Look, you know I’m pretty good in  the forest usually, but... But when I woke up, I couldn’t figure out what direction to go. Everything looked different for some reason so... so I chose one way...and ended up back at the Doran stable!  ORA (Chuckles)  KEVIN So, not wanting to look like an  idiot, I just turned around and I've been wandering ever since... Which kind of makes me look like an idiot... I mean do you have any idea how gross forest plants taste before you cook them? ‘Cause I do!  ORA You know what’s funny?  KEVIN Nothing’s funny!  ORA It’s funny that I have absolutely  no problem believing any of that.  KEVIN Oh...Hey, shut up.  ORA Oh, Come on. People had been  wondering why you stopped your weekly schedule. Spirit's oat bucket is empty.  KEVIN Maybe thats why she’s so upset with  me. Not that she’s ever been an obedient nag!!  ORA She certainly has a mind of her  own. No stable can hold this beauty. Every time she gets out, I always seem to find her wherever she is.  KEVIN Well, I’m glad I found her.  ORA Looks more like she found you.  KEVIN Hu... maybe. But either way, I  figured if she was here you couldn’t be too far off. Or, you know maybe she could take me back. But the immovable mound here was no help at all!  SPIRIT (Blows)  ORA (Laughs)  KEVIN Ummm...Hey...Did you come out here  just to find Spirit? I mean, this is a long way from town... And I’ve never known you to be a great navigator of the forest.  ORA Well, actually I’m not. I’ve never  traveled this far before. I’m a little lost myself. Something um... something happened.  Ora gets a little somber.  KEVIN (reading her mood change)  What? What do you mean? Is your family Okay?  ORA Yes, parents are  fine...but there was a Vigiles raid at another house.  KEVIN Oh no...who's...  ORA Godrick’s...they thought his  parents were... we tried to help, but, but we just couldn’t...  KEVIN Ora, I’m so sorry...  ORA I know you were close.  KEVIN What happened to them?  ORA We buried them at the edge of the  forest.  KEVIN And Godrick?  ORA ...He was amazing...we both got  away...but...  KEVIN But... What?!  ORA Kevin, he used magic!  KEVIN What?  ORA I saw him. He, he did It right  there. He blasted them!  KEVIN Ora, what happened to Godrick?  ORA ... I really thought he was the  One.  KEVIN What one? Which one?  ORA He fit the prophecy.  KEVIN Ora...where is he?!  ORA There was an accident... It wasn’t  Spirit’s fault!  KEVIN Spirit? Ora, WHERE IS GODRICK??!!  ORA I... I buried him a few miles back.  KEVIN Buried him? What happened?  ORA Godrick and I were playing around  and he drew his sword and held It above his head and... When he did, It struck a beehive.  KEVIN Bee hive?  ORA The bees started swarming and  Spirit got spooked and bolted.  KEVIN What?  ORA Godrick was never the best  horseman.... He was thrown off and...  KEVIN But...  ORA When he hit the ground his head  struck a rock...  KEVIN I...NO!... No! And you’re... and  you still want to ride this horse? After all that?! Have she...  ORA It wasn’t Spirit’s fault. It was an  accident. If a swarm of bees came after you, you would run too.  KEVIN Yeah! Yeah I would run, sure.  But... But Spirit threw him. She... She thew him off and now he’s dead!  ORA Kevin, I know was trying to bees, It just  you’re upset, but she get away from the happened...  KEVIN Don’t tell me I’m upset. I’m, I’m  not upset! I’m not... I don’t... I’m... AAAAAAAAAHH!! I should have done SOMETHING! I could have been there... (Crying)  SPIRIT (comforting sound)  KEVIN I’m sorry, girl. I know It wasn’t  your fault...  ORA You’re very loud when you’re upset.  KEVIN (Chuckles) I’ve been told as much.  ORA You know you couldn’t have done  anything, right? I mean, no offense, but you can barely hold a sword.  KEVIN Yeah, I know. I’m just figuring out  what to do, that’s all.  ORA Godrick and I were going to Shadow  Run. Come with me!  KEVIN What?  ORA You know the forest better than me.  KEVIN Did you not hear me say I’ve been  lost wandering the forest for a few days?  ORA You at least made It to the Doran  family stables.. twice. So, you know the forest better than me... most of the time.  KEVIN Yeah. I guess so.  ORA Godrick had an aunt in Shadow Run;  I want to tell her what happened. It can’t be random that Spirit and I found you, right? I think you’re meant to come with us!  KEVIN Really? After all this you still  think that it’s a sign?  ORA Of course It is! It makes sense.  You were lost till Spirit found you. And I was looking for Spirit! That’s not random.  KEVIN Nooooo, That sounds pretty random.  ORA Whatever. Just come with me.  KEVIN And after that?  ORA I don’t know...It took so much for  my family to support me leaving that I can’t go back yet.  KEVIN Okay, but only because I literally  have no better options, than to wander into the woods...full of evil things...and go see a person that I have never met.  Which makes my life very, very depressing now that I say that out loud.  ORA Come on, I'll let you ride Spirit  first!  KEVIN You’re joking, right?  ORA You know, on second thought, it’s a  lovely afternoon for a nice long walk.  SCENE BRAKE  MEL Next! Vorlauf! Aren’t you a sight  for sore eyes?  VORLAUF Always a pleasure, Melanie. No one  to turn in today. Just a completed contract and a report; just collecting today.  MEL Ha! You only come by when you need  something. It’s what I like most about you.  VORLAUF Here. Should be in order. I’m not  known to overlook details. We went out to bring in 2... and came back with none.  Mel nods approvingly and stamps the paper a few times.  MEL Well, that seems to be happening a  lot these days. Corrupted, eh? I was wondering what happened to Jasper.  VORLAUF Yeah, didn’t make It, I’m afraid.  Shame to lose a good man. Though we did find a new one.  MEL Is that right? You? What’s your  name?  LINUS Linus, ma’am.  MEL What are you, Linus? You don’t look  like a soldier.  LINUS I-umm-well...umm, see, I’m an  enhancer of the most useful substances, I--  ANN He’s a wool fuller.  MEL A piss stomper, huh?  ANN But he’s alright in a fight. I’ll  sponsor him.  MEL Tell me, Linus. Do you know what we  do here? And why we do It?  LINUS For protection, miss. Keep the evil  away.  MEL That’s right. No person should have  the power of magic. It’s too much authority for a single person. Therefore, for the good of the world and to protect people’s freedom, anyone caught using magic must be eliminated. Do you agree?  LINUS Ummm...Yes.  HAL Look at him, he’s trembling. Like  it’s his wedding night.  ANN She’s not gonna take ya’, Linus, I  hate to say.  MEL Well, thats good enough for me.  Linus, here’s the rules: you only capture those with magic. No trifling with un-magic children. No killing un-magic adults for fun. Do you swear to abide by these rules or else be punished?  LINUS I do.  MEL Well, then you are in for an  adventure. You are now in the care of Ann here. Agreed?  ANN Agreed.  MEL You are an acolyte. We require at  least one contract with your sponsor before you’re eligible for your credentials. Now, I want to make this clear. Step closer.  LINUS Okay...  MEL You have NO authority. You have NO  protection. You are NOT a Vigile. You have not taken your vows. You are only able to protect yourself if attacked like any other in the realm. If you do anything else, It won’t be your hand that you that understood?  LINUS Yes. I understand.  MEL Good. Oh, and just a suggestion,  don’t go around telling people you’re an acolyte. There are those Vigiles who would take advantage of your hands being tied, so to speak. Right, Ann?  ANN Haha. I don’t know what you’re  talking about Mel...  LINUS Um...Is that It?  MEL Thats It for now. Come back when  you are ready for your vows and know what they stand for.  VORLAUF Come on. Take Linus and get him  properly outfitted. I suspect we’ve more work to do.  ANN Well done! Welcome to the order.  HAL You’ve never lived. This is the  first day of you truly being alive.  ANN Adventures. That’s all your life is  now.  MEL Your new orders, Vorlauf.  VORLAUF Oh, you can’t mean me.  MEL I’m told you were chosen  specifically for this lot.  VORLAUF Doesn’t seem right.  MEL It’s the job. To the Vow and to the  Code.  VORLAUF Indeed.  SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN What’s the first thing you’re  gonna’ do when we get to Shadow Run?  ORA Find Godrick’s aunt.  KEVIN I hear they have these amazing  parks. Like, incredible gardens with tons and tons of animals who frankly are way nicer than Spirit.  SPIRIT (snorts)  ORA You know, she’s smarter than you  give her credit for.  KEVIN Oh yeah? If she’s so smart, how  come she never listens to me?  ORA I’m not sure you want the answer to  that.  KEVIN I just don’t understand how that  could happen to Godrick and his family. I mean they were incredible. Everybody thought I wasn’t the smartest guy when I came to town, but not them. They stood up for me.  ORA No, they thought you weren’t that  smart, they just needed somebody to take care of their horses.  KEVIN What? Are you saying that...?  ORA I--I mean, no. No no no. No, they  used to always tell me they thought you were secretly quite sharp.  KEVIN Yeah...Yeah, I do keep that a  secret.  ORA Oh, well If that’s true, I guess  I’d have to ask why? Why pretend you’re a simple horse groomer?  KEVIN (pleased with himself)  Oh see hahaha. See now the student becomes the master. The tables, ooh boy, the tables turned. The worm, too. That wormed just turned right around ya know. And ah who's on top? Hu?  ORA uh-ha yeah. If you were secretly  such a smart guy, you never would have gotten lost just now and you certainly never would have burned down that barn.  KEVIN Oh, fine. Just throw that in my  face.  (MORE)  KEVIN (CONT'D) Ya know remember, I just learned  about Godrick. You’ve had time to process It.  ORA Making fun of you puts me in a much  better mood.  KEVIN You know, see, if people had been  nicer to me that barn wouldn’t have caught on fire. Everybody kept telling me I had something dangling off the back of my shirt. What else was I supposed to do?  ORA Not knock lit candles onto a pile  of hay trying to grab your shirt tails.  KEVIN Well..Who puts lit candles on a  shelf directly over a bunch of extremely flammable hay?  ORA (Laughing)  You! You put them there!  KEVIN Oh, you’re just jealous. People  said I was a great dancer after that. AAAAAAAAH!  Kevin gets yanked up into the trees. Ora doesn’t notice.  ORA Listen, if It takes...hahahahahaha  KEVIN Ora!!! ORA HELP ME!  ORA (still Laughing)  KEVIN What are you Laughing at?  ORA Wow. Look at you...having a little  problem?  KEVIN THIS IS NOT A JOKE. IT’S A TERRA  TRAP!  ORA I don’t know what that is, but...  Why don't you just come down?  KEVIN I can’t!!!  ORA Ugh, fine.  KEVIN We gotta’ get moving. The Terra  don’t set these things randomly, we must be close to one of their camps.  ORA Okay, I mean, we’re not gonna stay  here. So, I don’t understand the sudden---  KEVIN OOFFF...Aw, Maybe little warning  next time.  ORA Don’t be a baby. You’d still hit  the ground.  KEVIN Okay, lets go!  ORA What is the matter with you?!  KEVIN You don’t understand these people,  Ora. I do. Please, we’ve got to get moving, now.  ORA Okay, okay, okay. Fine. Let’s both  hop on Spirit and we’ll move faster.  SPIRIT (Loudly Rears)  ORA Whoah. Whoah Whoah Whoah. Whoah  Whoah Hey hey hey.  KEVIN Ora...Ora?  ORA Hey! You were the one who wanted to  get out of here quick, what’s the--  Ora!  KEVIN  ORA WHAT?!  REGINALD Hello there...  ORA Ow! Ughhhhh...  KEVIN No no no wait ughhhhh!!  END OF EPISODE 2    

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