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THE TERRAN TERROR  KEVIN I don’t get It. Why would anyone  fight those things? That one had wings... WINGS!  ORA I have no idea, these people are  crazy. I hope everyone drops out. But Formosa, you were...  KARRAS Amazing...  ORA Formosa?  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Oh, OH. Is that her?!  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 HA HA! It’s got to be! She’s even  bigger than she looked.   Ugh.  KARRAS  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Excuse me! Miss! Miss...uh... Miss  Terran? Miss Terran hey. HEY! I just want to say, I need to say, you are incredible. You’re incredible!  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 Oh yes. Yes you were. You, come  here, I you... Come here, you were...I mean, we come here every tournament. Every tournament.  ORA Every one?  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 It’s a, it’s hilarious! All these  freaks and their “We found The One” bull shit. (Laughs)  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 (Laughing)  The last night. The last night is the best.  Oh yeah.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 Everybody fights, everybody's  punching, and we just sit on, we just throw horse shit at them.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Yeah!!1 Thats what we do. Oh yeah.  KEVIN How very decent of you.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Oh, come on! Come on. You guys  don't follow this Prophecy stuff, right? No way! You’re here to get picked.  LITTLE GIRL Mommy look its the tall lady!  ORA What do you want?  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Oh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry. We’re  rambling. Come on mommy hurry!  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 I don’t want to throw off your  fight or nothing.  GIRLS MOMMY Alright, alright.  We just wanted to say you were so good and if, if we were prophet followers, we would follow you.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 I mean, It would have been better  if you had-a killed your, ah, your opponent.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Well, yeah, but haha, you know....  LITTLE GIRL  FORMOSA DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 LITTLE GIRL  Huhgn! Ugh!! Hehe, I like her a lot.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 Hey, Whoa! What’s your, what’s your  problem?!  KARRAS Grrrrr.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 1 Terr....Terran dung!  ORA You should go...and quickly.  KEVIN They say don’t meet your heroes.  DRUNK FAIR GOER 2 Let’s go, lots go get a drink.  GIRLS MOMMY Comon, let, lets go  ORA Formosa?  LITTLE GIRL lady!  ORA are you Okay?  FORMOSA  KEVIN  Well, we with the others. Now we just have to find It, right?  KARRAS Shhh...  KEVIN Sorry...  Bye tall Formosa, Ugh!  did It. The Prophecy is  ORA Formosa, you know you don’t have to  fight the currupted, right?  KEVIN No one doubts that you could beat  It, but...  FORMOSA HUU!!!BE QUIET! BE QUIET! BE  QUIET!! BE QUIET!! BE QUIET AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! They were the ones.UGH! There was no reason UGH. It was all for a game! WHY?! UGH. What is wrong with you people?!  Us?!  KEVIN  FORMOSA You people living in towns and  villages. Destroying everything whether you need to or not! They laughed. I saw them Laughing as they watched the Naturae kill people. Kill children. And they made It happen.  ORA But you can’t blame us for that.  FORMOSA OH YES I CAN!!  But I don’t.... I blame myself.  ORA What? This isn’t your fault.  FORMOSA My father....he was right. My whole  life we were taught to respect the world. That we’re just travelers in nature’s home. And the Naturae are just that...part of nature. We defended ourselves when needed...but only when needed.  KARRAS That’s good...   FORMOSA My father always said to respect  nature, but that those monsters were not nature. They were something else. These were created out of the evil of man. To wipe them out would be to save nature. Looking at what I have seen...he was right. And I never believed him.  KARRAS Humm...  FORMOSA What...what is this? What’s  happening?  ORA (Chuckles)  I think it’s a hug.  KEVIN Believe me, you get used to It.  ORA Look, we don’t have to be here any  more. We can get the Prophecies and leave before anyone knows It. You don't have to see those things any more.  FORMOSA No. Those things destroyed my  family and I will destroy them.  KARRAS No, you don’t have to...  FORMOSA Yes I do. I won’t allow them to  exist. They destroyed my life and the lives of thousands throughout time. I will avenge everyone who has ever come face-to-face with them. I was always taught peace was the way, and It destroyed everything!  ORA But there is another way! If we get  the Prophecies then...  FORMOSA Then what? Why is your quest better  than mine?!  ORA They are the same thing! You could  go fight one of those things and maybe you kill It. Then what? There are maybe hundreds more...and that’s if you don't get killed!  FORMOSA And I will take them with me!  ORA Or we can follow the Prophesies and  maybe restore the world. If we find the Chosen One, maybe all the Lusus Naturae will go away. Maybe all the Vigiles will go away. Maybe we can have our lives back. Too many people we know have died. I don’t want It to be one more.  FORMOSA I won’t stop...  KEVIN Ahhh!  ISTEN You won’t what? Win? No kidding. Or  were you going to say something else? Liiiiike, “I won’t be friends with Kevin any more?” ‘Cause that would be a good plan too.  KEVIN No one asked you to be here. You  should leave!  ISTEN Careful, with your stupid words  little man...  KEVIN I’m not scared of you.  ISTEN Those are words that you may have  to back up.  ORA What do you want, Isten?  ISTEN I just wanted to come congratulate  the talk-of-the-town here. Everyone’s talking about “the Terran terror.” It even overshadowed some circles. I think you might even have some converts. They think you’re The One! (Laughs) Which is hilarious...  KEVIN And why is that hilarious, you  Crocodile rectum?  ISTEN Quiet, the adults are talking.  However, looking at you, It looks like the contest is getting to you. Hey, why do Terra make awful fighters? Huh? Huh? Anyone? Because every time they step on a blade of grass they have to stop and apologize. (Laughs)  Nothing? Really? I guess you heard It before.  KEVIN For someone who claims to be The  One, you sure are a big pile of dung.  ORA Really, Kevin?  KEVIN What? He started It!  ISTEN Well, I don’t want to over-stay my  welcome.  ORA Too late.  ISTEN I wanted to come and congratulate a  fellow well as Karras.  M-Me?  KARRAS  KEVIN Don’t listen to him, it’s a trick.  ISTEN Yes, I wanted to congratulate you  on being exactly what I always knew you to be. You didn’t sell the Prophecy? And you didn’t fight? I always had to take care of things myself.  KEVIN You never did anything yourself!  ISTEN Is that right? Ha! How’s Spirit  doing, anyway?!  ORA What does that mean?  ISTEN (laughs)  Oh Karras, you really lived up to every expectation I had of you being a complete waste of space. And do you take up a lot of It.  FORMOSA Get out.  ISTEN Oh, I will. It brings me no joy to  spend time in the presence of such people.  ISTEN (CONT'D) Oh, but before I go, I thought I  heard - and I’m sure I was completely wrong - the idea for you not to fight?  ORA So?  ISTEN Well, I’m sure that would do  wonders for your fans. You would walk away a legend. The one who would not kill.  FORMOSA Great...   ISTEN You know...It would be a shame to  never have fought you and shown everyone how It looks when you are knocked off your pedestal. That is, if you lived through the next round.  FORMOSA If I were to face you, I would be  throwing away the name of “the one who did not kill,” believe me. But I don’t fight for your enjoyment.  ISTEN That’s very true. Meh, too bad. I  was just talking with a few travelers that I ran into on the road about you. They will be so disappointed. Come to think of It, they were very interested in my two Prophecies and where I got them.  KEVIN You stole them! That’s where!  ISTEN Yes I did. I’m ashamed of myself.  Actually, the travelers I met were Vigiles, maybe I should go turn myself in to them right now...of course, they would want to know who I stole them from. They said that someone had stolen one from a bar in Shadow Run. They were hoping to run in to them again.  ORA What did they look like?  ISTEN Well, if my conscious gets the  better of me maybe I’ll turn myself in, and then you can be sure I will point them right to you so they can let you know justice has been served. Good night.  KEVIN Well...that was...  ORA ...and what was his crack about  Spirit?  KARRAS (crying)  FORMOSA Karras?  KARRAS I’m sorry.  KEVIN Okay, that’s It! Next  that guy I’m going to a pile of horse shit.  time I see push him into  ORA Karras, you know all that stuff he  said was just him trying to get to you.  KARRAS Yeah well, It worked...  KEVIN None of It was true. You know if  you were a waste of space and fat, I would be the first one to tell you.  KARRAS (crying)  It was my fault.  FORMOSA What was...?  KARRAS I did not stop Isten. I knew his  plan and I did not stop him.  ORA What plan?  KARRAS The only reason Isten let you  travel with us was to get your Prophecies.  KEVIN I wish I could say I’m surprised.  ORA Shut up, Kevin.  KARRAS (crying)  But, I would not help him. He wanted me to steal them, or to distract you. But, I refused...I’m... I’m not bad...I’m not bad.  ORA See, you did nothing wrong. You  didn’t help him.  FORMOSA But he didn’t stop him.  KARRAS (balling)  KEVIN Hey, look, you can’t blame yourself  for that walking pile of frog guts.  KARRAS But Imogen...  ORA Oh no...  KARRAS I knew what he was up to when we  stopped. In the hilt of his sword is a gem, inside the gem is the blood of a yellow wisp.  FORMOSA What... The blood of a wisp?!  How... how is he still...? How did he manage It?!  KARRAS Thomas. He traveled with us. He was  a little slow. Isten had him catch that wisp.  ORA Why is this such a big deal? What  does a yellow wisp do?  FORMOSA Each wisp represents a different  element, and a yellow wisp represents wisps. They are an element all in themselves.  ORA Oh, so It can tell when other wisps  are around, like the blue one goes to water.  FORMOSA ...who taught you about wisps...?  ORA Isten took me to a wisp’s wheel...  KEVIN Really? Why did you not tell me  this?  ORA You know about wisps?  KEVIN I have heard about them I’v never  seen one for myself.  ORA Yes you have, that thing that made  Spirit bolt? That was a wisp. And also the reason I did not have a chance to tell you. You were a little busy hanging on for dear life.  KEVIN Ya’ know, one day you’re not going  to have a good excuse for something and BAM! Point for Kevin.  ORA Uh, Sure.  KEVIN But that thing was a wisp? It was  like...all black...  KARRAS It was captured. They lose their  light after a while when they are confined. But, it’s the blood of a wisp that glows and sings. If you remove It from a wisp and imbue a gem, It will last the life of the stone. The blood is what makes the gem glow.  KEVIN So the one he gave to me...  KARRAS Was used up as far as he was  concerned.  ORA Oh, that’s why he had me catch one?  To replace...  FORMOSA You did what?!  KARRAS He used the one he gave Kevin to  make Spirit bolt.  What?!  Horses trifle  KEVIN AND ORA  FORMOSA know, wisps are nothing to with.  ORA What do you mean?  KEVIN This is why you keep having things  happen to you in the forest.  ORA What are you talking about?  KARRAS I’m so sorry.  FORMOSA A wisp is part of the forest, It is  nothing but kindness and light and beauty. It represents goodness. When you capture It, the forest takes its revenge.  KEVIN The falling down, the branches  breaking, all the random bad’s not random. The forest is angry!  ORA How do you know this stuff?  KEVIN What? Oh, just stories. I thought  It was all fake but... ya know... moving dancing forests...  ORA Oh, so the forest just stays pissed  at me?  FORMOSA But the stone... to catch a wisp is  one thing. Ora, you have seen what the forest does. But to take the blood - to kill that part of the forest - how is Isten alive?  KARRAS Thomas did not know better...Isten  convinced him he was doing something great.  KEVIN What happened to Thomas?  KARRAS (crying)  A day later he went for water and we never saw him again.  ORA The forest killed him?  Karras. Isten fooled all of us.  KARRAS (Grunts.) Yeah... Yeah..,  KEVIN It’s true.  I mean, you know... I never thought he was The One, and never trusted him, and no one believed me but, Ow...  But I never thought he would do anything like this. He got me to do his dirty work without me even knowing It.  KARRAS So... so you’re not mad at me?  ORA Nah, that’s too much work, and you  know how lazy Kevin is.  KEVIN Hey! If I wasn't so tired I would  be offended by that.  ORA AND KEVIN (laugh)  KARRAS (laugh)  You are my best friends now. You are my best friends!  ORA Oh, Okay big guy.  KEVIN I think I liked the crying better.  ORA Alight, now the important things,  what do we do?  FORMOSA Tomorrow morning, I fight the  monster and I kill It.  KEVIN Is...No one going to argue that?  ORA I would... but I don't see another  way. If she doesn’t, Isten will tell those Vigiles where we are. We could run...  FORMOSA No, we don’t run. Even if we were  not threatened, I would stay and kill the monster. They are a violent curse on nature.  ORA But, it’s so dangerous.  KEVIN Karras? Thoughts?  KARRAS I am worried for the Lusus Naturae.  Did you see Formosa fight? I am not scared for her at all.  KEVIN Well...I guess that was easy.  ORA Easy...right...  FORMOSA Hey, and the good news is you  already know how to follow the marked Prophecy.  ORA I do?  FORMOSA I marked It with a wisp.  KARRAS Where did you get that from?  FORMOSA In a place like this, you can find  anything.  KEVIN Oh great!! Now the whole forest is  just going to uproot itself and come after us.  FORMOSA Not so much. The Terra are close  with the forest, we know how to ask It for favors when we need to, and not just take them.  ORA Well...I guess that’s all good...  but, umm....I’m a little... not scared but...ya’ know...I’m worried about pissing off the forest more...I’m already bruised up.  KARRAS Well... what if you make It up to  this wisp?  KEVIN I can’t tell if that’s brilliant or  stupid...  FORMOSA He’s right.  KEVIN Brilliant is It.  FORMOSA You have to do something selfless  and kind in order for the forest to forgive you.  ORA And releasing a wisp is doing that?  KEVIN Oh. That’s not too big of an ask.  ORA I’m a little uneasy about that. I  made It angry by accident, I’m not that sure if I should fix--  FORMOSA At the very least it’s a start.  You’ll have to wait till night so as not to been seen, and to see the glowing more easily...  ORA Okay...I think we have a plan...  KEVIN Well...good, I guess...  KARRAS Come on, all! We are together, It  is a happy night!!  FORMOSA You know what! You are right!  KEVIN Look at this guy, cheering everyone  up. He's like a big fluffy ball of fun.  ORA (Laughing)  Well, let’s get some sleep cause tomorrow’s going to be a very, very long day.  KEVIN There is one more issue actually  that we need to deal with. Formosa...  FORMOSA Me? What about me?  KEVIN Well it’s know...Formosa  smashed my bed...  ORA Ohhh, right! uhhh, I already solved  that.  KEVIN Really? How?  ORA I solved It for me. Your bed your  problem.  KEVIN What?  ORA Good night, everyone.  FORMOSA Good night.  KARRAS Good NIGHT, friends!  KEVIN Hummm... That’s about right....  SCENE BRAKE  ANN How ya doing there, buddy? Here,  have some bread.  LINUS Ugh, I don't think I can.  ANN You going to vomit again?  LINUS Ugh, I don’t think so. I don’t  think that I have anything left.  HAL Amateur. Serves you right for  trying to out-drink the fighters.  LINUS I don't know how Isten is going to  fight today. He's got to be feeling worse then I do.  ANN I doubt It. He was giving away most  of the drinks when you weren’t looking. Why do you think the whole bar was on your side? The more you drank, the more they drank for free.  LINUS That NO GOOD....ohhhh nooooo I  should not yell...someone just chop off my head.  ANN You’ll be fine after you eat. The  veterans around here call this bread the fixer. They are no stranger to bad mornings, believe me.  VORLAUF Sit up strait, for hope’s sake.  HAL He's not feeling great this  morning.  VORLAUF I don’t care, there are eyes  everywhere and we are representatives.  LINUS Yes, sorry, of course.  VORLAUF Eat your bread and pull yourself  together.  ANN So, what’s the morning news?  VORLAUF There are seven left.  HAL ONLY SEVEN!!  SCENE BRAKE  VORLAUF Eight got picked up from other  crews, four dropped out due to fear, and apparently one ran off in the middle of the night.  HAL Coward.  LINUS Why? I can’t blame them too much  for dropping out.  VORLAUF If you drop out people tend to have  an opinion.  HAL If you get picked up by a crew most  people understand that, and if they don't...well, you are usually good enough that they leave you alone anyway.  ANN If you drop because you’re  scared...not so much. They tend to have to put up with a lot of heckling, but will still get honored at the end of the tournament festivities. If you run can’t handle anything, and should never show your face again.  LINUS I’ll be interested to see who’s  still in.  HAL Anyone you’re looking at specific,  Vorlauf?  VORLAUF I don’t know yet...but I have this  feeling that something is going on here...and I don’t know what.  ANNOUNCER Okay, are we are ready?  HORN PLAYER Aye aye, captain!  CROWD (cheers)  ANNOUNCER Alright, let’s go.  To all those still here, welcome to day two of the one true Tournament! Yesterday we found many a false prophet. Some paid for their misguided ambitions with their very lives. Can we have a moment of silence for the fallen?!  NO!!  THE CROWD  ANNOUNCER Ha ha! Because they deserve none!!  (Laughs) And now for our first champion!!  CROWD (cheers)  ISTEN WHERE IS MY BEAST?!  ANNOUNCER You have your spear and you have  your sword! Beside you, there are seven ropes attached to seven doors. Pick a rope, cut It, and your beast will be set free!  ISTEN Then let It be so!  Ugh!  ISTEN There you are.  UGH!  ISTEN Ha ha! I think It looks better with  only one eye, don’t you?!  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  SPECTATOR #1 (Laughing)  I don't think you can get through that wall. Nice knowing you!  ISTEN Come on...come on...come get me....  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ISTEN  UGH! (In Pain)  ISTEN Oofff.  SPECTATOR #2 (Yelling in Thai)  ISTEN Hurting the Chosen One will be the  last mistake you ever make. For every drop of my blood, I will take a gallon of yours!  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ISTEN I’m over here, you ugly  abomination! COME GET ME!!  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ISTEN (Laugh) YAGH!  ANNOUNCER VICTORY!!!!  THE CROWD IS-TEN! IS-TEN! IS-TEN!  ISTEN ISTEN ISTEN HAHAHAHA.  LUSUS NATURAE  SCENE TRANSITION  THE CROWD IS-TEN! IS-TEN! IS-TEN!  ORA Sounds like Isten survived.  Hum.  KARRAS  KEVIN Sounds like It...  ORA  Formosa, I’m having second thoughts.  FORMOSA I don’t care.  ORA I thought that might be the case...  SOLDIER You! You in the green! You’re next.  EXCIS My name is Excis!  SOLDIER Sure, sure, sure. Tell me if you  survive. Here is your spear. Excis takes the spear.  EXCIS Follow me believers. On to GLORY!  EXICS TEAM  GLORY! Hey, you! Tall lady!  FORMOSA Uh...Me?  SOLDIER They say you’re next.  SOLDIER  ANNOUNCER You have your spear and  PICK YOUR ROPE.  LUSUS NATURAE (SCREECH)  EXCIS (Laughs)  Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!  LUSUS NATURAE (Screech)  ANNOUNCER LOAD! AIM! FIRE!  LUSUS NATURAE (Screech)  KEVIN What was that?  SCARED SQUIRE False prophet.  your sword!  ANNOUNCER THE PROPHECY HAS SPOKEN!!!  THE CROWD PROPHECY! PROPHECY! PROPHECY!  KARRAS I don’t like this.  FORMOSA I will spill its blood.  KARRAS Revenge is not...  FORMOSA Is not what? It is justice. That’s  what we all want. That’s what we all deserve. Justice.  SOLDIER Alright, let’s go! Here’s your spear.  FORMOSA I have my axe, I don't need It.  SOLDIER Ha. Look, take the spear. You need  all the help you can get. Take my advice, and the advice of the catchers. The moment that gate opens, take your shot. You only get one. The more damage you can do before It gets close to you the better. They told me to tell everyone that. The first guy, hit its head, second guy hit its decide what’s better. I couldn’t care less.  KEVIN They...didn’t take the other ones  away? They just leave the bodies?  SOLDIER You ever try and move one of those  things. Now you three wait here, only fighters in the ring.  ORA Formosa, please be safe.  KEVIN Good luck.  KARRAS I...I want...  ANNOUNCER Our next champion, The Terran  Terror!  CROWD (Cheers)  KARRAS Good luck! Good luck Formosa! Good  Luck!  ANNOUNCER You have your spear and you have  your...axe, looks like. PICK YOUR ROPE.  LUSUS NATURAE (Growl)  FORMOSA Come on...  LUSUS NATURAE (Growl)  ANNOUNCER Hey! HEY! What are you.... Throw  the spear!!  FORMOSA What?! What are you waiting for?!  Come kill me!! You abomination of nature!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  LUSUS NATURAE (Whimpers)  FORMOSA COME ON! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY?!  KILL ME!! THAT’S ALL YOU DO!! COME ON! HEY!  SPECTATOR #2 GET It!! (and in Thai)  SPECTATOR #3 What are you waiting for? Kill the  monster!!  FORMOSA Come on! What are you doing?!  ANNOUNCER  Fire! What the...  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  FORMOSA Come get me... come get me... come  on.  FORMOSA What...what have I done...? Ugh!  SPECTATOR #2 (Speaking Thai)  FORMOSA  THE CROWD (Booing)  FORMOSA I am the one who would not kill.  SPECTATOR #4 You are Literally the worst  personIi have ever seen!  ANNOUNCER (from a distance)  Load!  What?!  Aim!  FORMOSA ANNOUNCER FORMOSA  No...NO!! It does not want to  kill!!  FIRE!!!!  ANNOUNCER  FORMOSA NOOOOO!!!!  LUSUS NATURAE (Screams in pain)  FORMOSA (crying)  No...I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...  The crowd is turning mean and yelling booing and throwing things. Ora and our team run up.  ORA Formosa, we have to go.  FORMOSA I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  KEVIN This crowd is turning...  OUCH! I’m sorry, I'm so sorry!  ORA Formosa!!  FORMOSA  KARRAS  Move! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  KARRAS  Run! They all run for the tunnel.  Formosa calls after to the dead Lusus Natures  FORMOSA I’m so sorry, I’m sorry! I’m sorry,  i’m sorry! I’m SORRY. I”M SORRY!!!!!  END OF EPISODE 18  FORMOSA    

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