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IT CAN’T BE  SQUIRE OF ZELENNE Phony! Charlatans! The dark is a sign!!! Succumb to the  the Prophecy!  cloud will of   ZEALOT #5 It is you who killed the true  Chosen One! He lies dead at your feet!!  SPECTATOR #5 What’s wrong with all you lunatics?  ZEALOT #6 YOU ALL BLASPHEME!  SCENE TRANSITION  ZEALOT #7 We follow the one true prophet.  ZEALOT #8 Our champion was unjustly defeated  by a bloviating fraud.  SPECTATOR #6 You are both stupid as  It’s just a game. I do love a good riot,  dog turds. however.  SPECTATOR #7 We’ve got to get out of here.  ZEALOT #8 You will be judged for your  insolence!  SPECTATOR #6 This is the best tournament  SPECTATOR #7 Help! Somebody help!  I’m...bleeding? I just want home!  ever!!  to go  ZEALOT #7 All that’s happening is the true  champion fulfilling the Prophecy.  SPECTATOR #7 Which...Prophecy... Which one,  which one do I choose? SCENE TRANSITION  LINUS this normal?  ANN No.  HAL I have never seen everyone charge  the arena before. Look, the stands are almost all empty at this point. (Laughing) But, that dark cloud?...I... I don’t like this...  BIG ZEALOT It’s a sign!!!! For the chosen  one!!! AAAAAAAA!!  Ann!  LINUS  ANN I see him.  Uuuugh!  BIG ZEALOT  LINUS Well...he’s dead...he landed on his  own sword...  ANN Well...that was not my plan.  HAL This is all wrong. Where is  Vorlauf? SCENE TRANSITION  SQUIRE OF ZELENNE No champion but ZELENNE! We are nothing without the Prophecy...  ...This dagger stands as proof of our Prophecy’s testament.  (MORE)  SQUIRE OF ZELENNE (CONT'D) No man, no matter his skills in combat, will thwart the will of  what has been written. And, so It shall be--oof!! No...No, It can’t be...PLEASE!! ARRGHHHHH!  CROWD (Gasps)  SPECTATOR #8 It can’t be!! just saw  you... you were...  SPECTATOR #9 You...You were just...You were  just...  He was..  SPECTATOR #8  ISTEN What...what happened?  ZEALOT #9’ve killed our squire...  ISTEN What? No,  AAAAH!  ZEALOT #10 He must be...He is the One...  CROWD (Cheers)  ISTEN I...I...I?  ZEALOT #11 Isten has Risen!  SPECTATOR #9 HE IS THE ONE!  SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS Humm.... Formosa?  FORMOSA Yes...Yes, I hear It Karras. I  don’t care. I want nothing more to do with that tournament.  KARRAS But... but you can’t, you can’t  just sit here all night.  FORMOSA It doesn’t matter, Karras. I just  want to be left alone.  KARRAS (Grunts)  SCENE BRAKE  HAL How can you say that!!!!  ANN Hal, he could not have been dead!!  Look at him!!  HAL YOU SAW HIM! Stabbed, impaled,  penetrated. Outside object on the inside! Inside objects on the outside.  ANN So what are you saying?! Eh?!  LINUS Well he certainly looks like he’s  got the crowd’s attention.  HAL SHUT YOU GOB! Where is Vorlauf?  ANN Alright “Halbert”, you need to calm  down. Why don’t you go punch someone in the face? That always makes you feel better...or getting punched, I never remember which.  LINUS Halbert?  HAL You have been told to shut your  gob!  ANN Look, I’m just saying, we met  Isten, right? He’s a Fribble. He’s a squirmy, lying, cheating, duplicitous...  HAL Ooooo, nice word.  ANN ...little rat muffin. Would you  really put It past him to pull something like this to be “The Chosen One?” Come on.  HAL Okay...that’s a good point.  ANN If this were magic A) there’s no  chance Vorlauf wouldn’t detect It with his... what ever he has. And B) I mean... SOMEONE else would dictate It to right? .  LINUS Umm...People...  HAL Who are you? “Duplicitous?”  Arguments I can get behind? I’m liking this Ann.  ANN That was a ‘ad hominem’ compliment,  I believe.  LINUS Seriously, Ann!  HAL I’m not sure It works like that,  but, if this new Ann says It, then I accept It!  LINUS HALBERT!  HAL WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!  LINUS Look! All the other champions!!  ANN ...they...they all  HAL I don’t think this  ANN WHERE IS VORLAUF?!  SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS (Grunts)  I’m sorry. I don’t happened.  got up... is a trick...  like what’s  FORMOSA Me neither. I’m as much of a  monster as every Vigile I’ve sworn to protect my people from. What kind of protector am I? I’m an imposter.  KARRAS No! Isten is an imposter.  FORMOSA I’m a worst kind. The kind that  didn’t even know they were one...  KARRAS Isten is the kind that is also a  pile of horse droppings.  FORMOSA (Chuckles)  Yeah...You have a point there... wouldn’t even shock me if he somehow won the stupid thing. Can you imagine?  “Were the situation similar to a hypothetical romp, I’d be, nonetheless enamored with such a proposition.”  KARRAS (Laughing)  Yes! Yes! He is dumb!  FORMOSA In his way, yes, very dumb.  At least someone is enjoying themselves...It sounds like someone’s been chosen.  KARRAS We should look for Ora and Kevin.  FORMOSA They’ll find us.  KARRAS What about the loud boomings?  FORMOSA Even more reason to stay put.  KARRAS Hey, let us see who won!  FORMOSA Karras, I really don’t...  KARRAS I told Kevin I would try and get  you to the tournament to cheer you up.  FORMOSA What? Why did you do that?!  KARRAS I wanted to cheer you up...  FORMOSA I know, but...  Alright, let’s go find Ora and Kevin. It’s been longer then I would have expected It to be anyway.  KARRAS Haha YES!  FORMOSA Don’t get too excited. The moment  we have Kevin and Ora back we are leaving.  KARRAS YES YES YES YES!!!  SCENE BRAKE  LOYAL ZEALOT Move! Excuse me. Move, move. Move.  Oh great Zelenne! I knew It! It was you! You were brought back for you are the Chosen One!  ZELENNE (breathing)  LOYAL ZEALOT Oh what will you have us do?!  Master? Oh master, please forgive me! Your might was never questioned.  ZELENNE (grunts)  LOYAL ZEALOT He is whole once more!!  ZELENNE Uuuuuuunnng...  LOYAL ZEALOT UGHH..... Mas... master...?...Why?!  SPECTATORS (scream)  SPECTATOR #11 Run...Run!!  SCENE BRAKE  ANN I don’t see Vorlauf down there, do  you?  HAL Linus will find him.  ANN I still think this is some trick.  HAL Really? Well it’s a damn good trick  then...  CUT TO:   ANN Do you find It a little strange  that we are still sitting here watching? Everyone else seemed to have the foresight to run away...  HAL It seems like the safest place. All  the Risers are down there... killing everyone. Vorlauf knows we are here if he’s looking for us. Plus, this is the best goddamn tournament I’ve ever seen. I mean...the guy won, got backstabbed, then returned and won again. If that guy isn’t the prophet then I’d almost say these Prophecies were all bullshit.  ANN It is bullshit, Hal.  HAL Oh, come now! Isn’t It more fun to  believe It? That’s a hell of a story.  ANN You don’t believe this shit!  HAL Who says?  ANN If you did you would be wigging out  right now.  HAL Yeah...I guess you’re right. But  I’d love to be--  LINUS ANN! HAL!!  ANN Did you find him?!  LINUS LOOK!!  ANN Ugh. Never even a little helpful,  are ya’?   HAL Honestly, man, can you not just be  useful for a bloody moment?  LINUS LOOK OUT!!  AAAAAAAA  BIG ZEALOT  HAL What the...?!  ANN But...but you...  HAL Still think it’s a trick?  ANN What do we do?  HAL Kill It!!  ANN I THOUGHT I ALREADY HAD!!!  LINUS AAA UGH! Everything...everything is  getting back up. Nothing staying dead! Not just the tournament people. Once they kill someone, that person gets up!  ANN How...we...what?  HAL Pull It together! Let’s go, follow  me!  LINUS NO! We can’t go that way. The  stadium doors are funnels to get killed.  ANN We gotta’ find Vorlauf!  LINUS We have to jump the wall into the  forest. I don’t think there’s another way out.  HAL Don't be stupid. How do you expect  us to get back in, huh?! What...?  ANN I THINK THEY HAVE BIGGER ISSUES  THEN TO KEEP US OUT, YOU TOAD- TONGUED WASTE OF SPACE!!!  HAL Oh.  LINUS Come on, this way...  SCENE TRANSITION  SPECTATOR #12 Help us!! Please help us.  ZEALOT #11 The prophet raises the dead! He is  punishing us for not believing!  Kill him attacks.  Kill him  SPECTATOR #13 again! It will stop the  SPECTATOR #14 again!  ISTEN No! I am the Chosen One! I am here  to protect... This is the doing of...  ZEALOT #12 We must...We must not run!  ZEALOT #14 Run you fool!  ZEALOT #12 We must not fight! He will protect  us if we believe!  ISTEN No!! I am...  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Screech!)  ISTEN Run. THE CHOSEN ONE COMMANDS YOU TO  RUN! SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN Ora...Ora... wait...I can’t...I  can’t...  ORA Fine.  Ow!  KEVIN  ORA Sorry. We can rest for a minute,  but we’ve gotta’ find Formosa and Karras.  KEVIN I know...I know.  KEVIN (CONT'D) So, so what happened back there?  Did that guy recognize you?  ORA Yes. From both the bar and the  fight with Godrick’s family. He has a very twisted view of the world, let’s just say that.  KEVIN Well, don’t worry, looks like you  took him out.  ORA I...I don’t know what happened?  KEVIN Ha. You beat the essence out of him  is what happened.  ORA No. No, I didn’t. Something else  happened, you heard the explosion!  KEVIN Yeah? So?  ORA It was not me! I  did not mean to...I think?  KEVIN What? What are you talking  least I  about?  ORA I DON’T KNOW!! All I know is that  Vorlauf was about to kill me and then, somehow, a blast saved me. I didn’t “DO” anything and there was no one around.  It was...It was just like...magic?  KEVIN What...well...maybe...maybe that  wisp that Formosa sent was protecting you. That could be, right?  ORA He...He killed It. Without even a  flinch.  KEVIN Well, there ya’ go! She said that  they are magic and you shouldn’t kill them, right. Maybe It explodes when you do or something! Maybe the forest sent an exploding bird or something. Who knows... I don’t think It was you.  ORA Maybe...but that would have been  really good timing. It was more when Godrick and I...  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ORA Oh my...  KEVIN That does not sound  ORA No, It does not. We  things later. We’ve Formosa and Karras.  good.  can worry about got to go find  SCENE BRAKE  SPECTATOR #14 Great Isten! Help us. Make It stop!  ISTEN I did not do this! But I...  ...would not concern yourself with why at the moment!  SPECTATOR #15 It all started with you!!  You rose and then you rose everyone else! You are The One!  SPECTATOR #16 (Spanish)  I can take care of these over here.  SPECTATOR #14 And why should I not concern myself  with It?!  ISTEN Because we are all going to die!  SPECTATOR #17 Make It stop!!  ISTEN There! Over there! A break!  SPECTATOR #18 Don’t leave us!  SPECTATOR #19 Where are you go....AAAAAA!  SPECTATOR #20 NOO!! You coward! Stand and fight  with us!!  ISTEN Run, you simple fools!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (growl)  ISTEN What? Why?!  CUT TO:  TRICKSTER SPECTATOR Isten! Over here! I know what to  do! There’s a way out!  ISTEN Where?! Where do you see It?!  TRICKSTER SPECTATOR Over here! Come back to us!  Yes, over here!!!  ISTEN I don’t see anything.  It’s you!  TRICKSTER SPECTATOR  ISTEN What is...? UGH...  Wha...?!  TRICKSTER SPECTATOR (crying)  It started with you. It must end with you. It must! It has to end! Demons of Hell!! Your leader is dead!! Return there!! PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE!!  AAAAAH! is your bloo...AAAAAAA  ISTEN Uuuunnnggg!  SPECTATOR #16 (Scream)  Profit Isten what have you done!  ISTEN What...? I didn’t...that was not  me...  SPECTATOR #23 He is one of them! The Chosen One  is of the dead!  ISTEN It...No!  SPECTATOR #22 They’re multiplying! Look!  ISTEN Oh no....everything killed becomes  part of their army! The wall! Climb the wall to the seats! Hurry!  SCENE BRAKE  HAL Vorlauf!  It’s Hal! Your friend!  LINUS What makes you think he’s here? He  could have gone anywhere.  ANN The flash of light.  LINUS I don’t know what that means.  HAL Ignore It. It’s a bunch of Malarky.  ANN That first flash of light we saw  during the fighting. If It was magic, Vorlauf would have headed for It. I think It was in this direction.  SCENE BRAKE  If?  LINUS  HAL See? Utter horse shit.  ANN Fine. What do you suggest?  HAL Umm...  VORLAUF. IT’S ME, HAL. YOUR BEST PAL.  VORLAUF (groaning)  HAL VORLAUF. VORLAUF!  ANN Would you shut up?!  HAL At least I’m trying!  VORLAUF Ughhh, yes! Shut up!  ANN Vorlauf!  VORLAUF Ughh...uhhh.  ANN What happened here?  LINUS Glad you’re safe, Vorlauf!  HAL I found you! See, Ann? My calls  worked.  VORLAUF The Prophecies.  ANN What about them?  VORLAUF Ugh.... Move... Damn  Where is she?  HAL Ann’s right there, Vorlauf. Damn,  you really musta’ taken some licks.  VORLAUF I was one breath away from ending  that girl who I’ve now met three times.  ANN And she took the Prophecies? Who  cares? She did, but that’s not my concern.  VORLAUF  ANN What did she do? It’s not like you  to lose a fight.  VORLAUF Someone or something saved her.  LINUS Did you see who It was?  VORLAUF Because they used magic.  ANN You don’t think it’s the same...  VORLAUF Can’t be sure. But, we have a job  to do now, don’t we, now? SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS The first thing I’m gonna do when I  see Ora is hug her.  FORMOSA Great plan. But, we gotta move fast  because I don’t know what’s happening at the arena, but--  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (screech)  KARRAS Hey, I...I thought that thing died.  FORMOSA It did.  No.  Shit.  END OF EPISODE 20    

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