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ANOTHER JOURNEY  ELIZABETH We’re about four hours away from  the cabin; three if we hurry.  ORA Agh! Oh, ugh. The forest still  hates me.  FORMOSA Actually, I think it’s doing  surprisingly little to you. If It really wanted you dead, it’d do more than trip you. Hu...I wonder if it’s distracted by anything.  ORA Great. So I can look forward to  when It isn’t distracted and seriously tries to kill me.  KEVIN Think of It as training!  KARRAS Tough training.  ORA You’re...Ugh!...  ...not helping.  FORMOSA Listen, we know it’s angry since  you captured a wisp, but since that wisp is already gone, I don’t know how to fix It.  ISTEN My sword.   What?  FORMOSA  ISTEN My sword. Wisp blood.  ELIZABETH Your sword has a wisp blood stone  in It?  FORMOSA That could work.  ORA What?  FORMOSA If you crack the stone, smear It  with your blood then repeat after me, It may be enough to get the forest to forgive you.  KEVIN This  KARRAS Magical.  KEVIN Sure. Like blood for blood and  getting plants to listen to you.  ORA If this is magic, I shouldn’t do  It. What if what happened at the tournament happens here because I use my powers?  FORMOSA This isn’t magic. My family taught  me and we don’t cast spells.  KEVIN Just because you’re saying it’s not  magic, doesn’t mean you’re right.  ELIZABETH Karras, help me down. It’s not human magic.  ORA Not human? There’s more than one  type of magic?  ELIZABETH Imagine magic is a fire, It needs  fuel. Magic crafted by humans, magic like yours, has the caster as the fuel. You can always create a fire because you are always you. Now, non-human magic uses a different fuel. If this forest lets you use its magic, it’s like borrowing a torch from someone.  (MORE)  ELIZABETH (CONT'D) Yes, you’re using It but you didn’t  create It and It can be taken away at any moment.  FORMOSA So, I’ve used magic before?  ELIZABETH Borrowed magic. Like how I kept  away the undead. It’s not yours, so no one will trace It back to you. Though borrowed magic is much, much weaker than those with inherent magic. If whoever had enspelled the dead had found us when we were escaping, my little magic lantern would have been as harmful to them as a gnat against a thunderstorm.  KEVIN Then why don’t the Vigiles go after  non-human magic?  ELIZABETH Harder to spot and harder to fight.  And frankly, they probably use some of if themselves.  ORA What!? Does that mean that...  KEVIN What?! What is It?  ORA The ring...I took a ring!!  What?  ELIZABETH  ORA Vorlauf. He had a ring that I took  from him. It also had wisp blood in It!  FORMOSA What? Why?! He hates magic! Why  would he do that?!  KEVIN He killed a wisp in front of you!  Why does the forest not hate him!  ORA I don’t know...all I do know is  that he had... this ring, it’s how he was able to know the wisp was going to the Prophecies.  ELIZABETH That...that is fascinating. The  forest...maybe It does hate him.  ISTEN No...I was traveling with...ummm...  I traveled with him and his people for a while. The forest didn’t seem to bother him at all.  FORMOSA That I can not understand.  ELIZABETH Well, that doesn’t effect us right  now. But freeing two wisp magics may very well help our Ora. If you do this ritual, Ora, It will feel like forest magic to them, and forest magic is almost everywhere here.  KARRAS Wonder if we can use It as a  weapon.  FORMOSA We’re not using It as a weapon.  KEVIN Isten, I guess that means you’re  full of borrowed magic.  Isten? Yes. You good?  KEVIN (CONT'D) ISTEN KARRAS  ISTEN Hard to...concentrate.  ORA Then we should hurry.  FORMOSA Do you still want to return the  wisps’ blood?  ISTEN Please. It was wrong of me. I want  It released.  ORA I’ll do It.  ISTEN Here.  ORA Okay, umm... now what?  KARRAS Here...  ORA Thanks. Here goes nothing.  ELIZABETH Now you dear...  ORA Ugh...  FORMOSA Repeat after me: Blood to blood.  ORA Blood to blood.  FORMOSA Light to light.  ORA Light to light.  FORMOSA Return from here...  ORA Return from here...  FORMOSA what is right.  ORA what is right.  SPIRIT (Gets Skittish)  KEVIN Woah, woah girl. Woah... It’s  alright.  KARRAS Did It work?  FORMOSA I think so.  ORA Uh...Elizabeth?  ELIZABETH Your guess is as good as mine.  ORA Then let’s hurry. I don’t know  about you, but I don't want to stick around and find out what’s distracting the forest.  SCENE BRAKE  IVAN (Humming)  Oh, watch out, James. Your leg is only hanging on by a thread, if you lose It...  RISEN (Growls)  IVAN Awwwww...Well I did warn you. Did  you lose your ears before you died? Nope ...still there, mostly. let me down... ...and I won’t have friends who let me down... AAAAAAA are even. I release you back to the peace of death. Rest, my once friend. I will see you nevermore.  (Humming) Friends! You are boooring! I want to contact my family!  RISEN (Grunts)  IVAN Sure, but there’s no need, not  really, and It requires so much power.  RISEN (Grunts)  IVAN Yes, yes...Plus, they may be  angry... buuut what’s the use of power if not to quash the dreadful boredom?  RISEN (Grunt)  IVAN (Laughing)  Of course, you’re right! I’ll do It! From lips to ears And mind to mind,  Bring our words To each in kind.  ROHESIA Ivan, my darling, are you okay? I  don’t feel anything wrong.  IVAN I grew impatient. I hope you’ll  forgive me.  DANIKA If you hadn’t contacted us, we  would have reached out to you. How are you handling the forest?  IVAN Terribly. It’s cruel and nasty,  keeps trying to break apart my friends. And after all the trouble I went through...killing them and resurrecting them...  DANIKA We understand. But don’t worry. We  will rule the forest one day and you will have more friends than you know what to do with.  IVAN WEEEE!! Hooray!!  ROHESIA Do you think you can come home  soon?  IVAN My friends and I are not far from  their new home. Once I introduce these new friends to my old friends, then I can come home. Though I might rest a few days beforehand...  ROHESIA Of course, you should rest! That  last incident took a lot out of all of us.  IVAN I wish you could meet all our new  friends.  ROHESIA So do we. But we must conserve our  pool. We don’t know if we were able to destroy whoever we detected at the tournament.  DANIKA Their magic has been growing  stronger. We have felt the same essence too many times. What if we feel It again and have to transport you back to them?  IVAN I know, I know.  DANIKA It’s not the time for play.  IVAN Oh, remember that time you  enspelled an entire library so every book sang out their contents?  DANIKA You said you loved the music.  IVAN I did. Oh, I still dream of It  sometimes, often harmonizing with the screams of the librarians.  RISEN (Growls)  IVAN Ugh!!! Stoooooop.  ROHESIA What is It?  IVAN This evil forest, until It rips the  our friends ugh.  ROHESIA We should burn It  It won’t rest limbs off half  to the ground.  IVAN Yes, but I applaud its  determination. It will be that much more satisfying when we turn It to ash. Would you like me to show you what’s happening?  DANIKA That’s alright. We will simply  imagine your glee as each branch and bush is cut away to clear a path.  ROHESIA We must go now, but be careful,  Ivan. Even depleted, I know an army wouldn’t stand a chance against you. But that spell we followed was powerful.  IVAN Are you worried someone might  willingly follow our caravan of cadavers? Oh, that would be wonderful! It would be lovely to have a playmate for the rest of my journey.  DANIKA I would have expected them to use  magic again to survive, but there was nothing. That means that they were either depleted and died, or were able to flee the dead without casting another spell. I’m very curious who could do that.  IVAN I know! I really, really want to  play with them!...but my friends probably got to them first.  ROHESIA (Laughing)  But they couldn’t do It without you.  DANIKA Well, if we feel them again, now  that we have tasted their power, we’ll be even faster to find them next time. And you can have all the fun for yourself.  IVAN Oh, you spoil me. Heheheh!  ROHESIA Enjoy your journey. We will check  in again soon.  IVAN Okay, friends! Tally-ho!!  (Singing) Oooooh, we’ll groan and moan, and crack our bones, and then we’ll...burn some trees...then we’ll claw, and paw, and lose a jaw ...amongst these...foul leaves...  SCENE BRAKE Is this where your friend lives?  ORA ELIZABETH KEVIN  Yes. The cabin looks rundown.  ELIZABETH Better to avoid unwanted guests.  KEVIN I’d think being hours away from any  village and far from the road would do that.  ORA Well, let’s go in.  ELIZABETH It might be best to warn you that  my friend, Emilian, is a bit eccentric.  ORA How eccentric?  ELIZABETH He may have booby-trapped his home  and will only answer questions for money.  KEVIN And he’s a friend?  FORMOSA How much money?  What type help you.  My, thank this.  KARRAS of traps? Here, I’ill  ELIZABETH you. I could get used to  KARRAS Ummmmm.  KEVIN Are you sure we should talk to him?  ELIZABETH Emilian’s been trading magical  objects on the black market for years. I don’t know anyone else who understands magic and its history as well as he does.  ORA It’ll be useful to talk to someone  who understands all of this, but it’s a risk. Look, we all agreed to come this far, but it’s not too late to back out now.  FORMOSA If we’ve come this far, I say we  keep going.  KARRAS (Grunts)  ISTEN It’s fine.  KEVIN What? I’m in, of course.  Just because I like to talk It out does not mean I’m not in. Forget all of you. Let’s go see what this “eccentric” magic dealer has to say.  ORA Spirit, stay here.  SPIRIT (Blow)  ORA Let us know if you see anything.  ELIZABETH  Hello? Emilian, are you there? It’s me, Elizabeth. From Shadow Run?  ORA Maybe he’s out hunting?  Emilian?  ELIZABETH  KARRAS Wait. May be a trap.  Ah. Here.  FORMOSA  What? A string...  KARRAS  KARRAS (CONT'D) Now open It.  KEVIN Is that a crossbow?  KARRAS If this string on the doorknob goes  loose, It shoots.  KEVIN It’s aimed right at us.  KARRAS (Grunts)  ORA Huh, but the crossbow bolt is on  the floor.  Oh...  KARRAS  ORA This is so strange. The string’s  still there, but the gears are all messed up.  KEVIN I’m more concerned about the  crossbow aimed at the door than why It would have failed.  FORMOSA There are three other traps in this  room. Though two are no longer working since they weren’t maintained.  KEVIN Your friend knows how to welcome  visitors.  ELIZABETH To be fair, we did break in.  Emilian, are you in?  ORA Elizabeth, I don’t think Emilian  can take visitors anymore.  ELIZABETH What’s wrong? Oh.  KEVIN What’s going on?  KEVIN (CONT'D) Is that a skeleton?  ELIZABETH It’s Emilian. He must have died  here a long time ago. Poor dear. I should bury him.  FORMOSA Hang on. Wait until we check for  traps.  KARRAS (Grunts)  ORA Are you sure it’s Emilian?  ELIZABETH It’s him. The skeleton has the same  silver ring Emilian always wore.  ORA I’m so sorry.  Do you think he’ll rise again? Like the dead at the tournament.  No.  ISTEN  ORA How do you know?  ISTEN I know.  KEVIN If Emilian’s dead, there goes our  lead. What do we do now?  ELIZABETH I want to see if he has any magical  objects.  ORA Or Prophecies.  KEVIN Hey...ummm...  ORA Kevin? You alright?  KEVIN I, uhmm, I just got really tired  or...I don’t know, I just, I feel funny...  KARRAS Maybe it’s the dead body?  KEVIN Maybe you’re right...  FORMOSA After we look around, are we still  going to that city from the Prophecy? Uh..Carcerem?  ORA But Emilian was the only one who  knew how to get there. But maybe he has the location in one of his documents.  KEVIN If he doesn’t, we should leave. Run  from the dead and all that evil magic. I’m tired of everyone looking at me like I’m a coward! We obviously can’t go against that. We’re outmatched.  KARRAS I agree with Kevin. You don’t fight  when you can’t win.  ORA Well, we can’t let evil go  unchallenged. We need to stop them, whether by fulfilling the Prophecy or hunting down whoever cast that spell.  FORMOSA I agree with Ora. Those things are  abominations. No offense, Isten.  ORA, FORMOSA, KEVIN, KARRAS (All Talking at Once)  ELIZABETH (Whistles)  Quiet! Do you hear that?  ORA What?  That.  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Where’s It coming from?  ORA A trapdoor?  ELIZABETH It must lead to the basement.  FORMOSA Do you think that’s where it’s  coming from?  ORA Let’s find out.  KEVIN What the....  ELIZABETH Is that a Lusus Naturae?  ORA No, its head and arms are human.  FORMOSA Yeah but the wings and that tail.  KARRAS It’s chained up.  ORA Did It die down here?  FORMOSA Look out!!  KARRAS He moved!  GALEN Help me.  END OF EPISODE 24    

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