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 Help me.  THE GUARDIANS  GALEN (CONT'D)  KEVIN It can speak!  FORMOSA We have to unchain him.  KARRAS If it’s a corrupted, we can’t  release It.  ORA But we can’t leave him like this.  KARRAS (Grunts)  ORA Karras, get out of my way.  KARRAS It could attack.  GALEN Oh oh oh, I won’t attack. Please.  Help me.  ELIZABETH You can understand us?  GALEN You’re not hallucinations, right?  But my hallucinations don’t fight. You’re, you’re real, right?  ORA Yes. We’re real.  GALEN You...promise?  ORA I promise.  GALEN It’s been so long. Where’s Emilian?  ORA I’m sorry, he passed away.  GALEN Stabbed?  ELIZABETH There was no sign of violence.  GALEN So he wasn’t murdered? Good. Oh  Goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood. A natural death. Just bad luck. Just damn bad luck. You promise this isn’t all in my imagination?  KEVIN For better or worse, this is  reality.  ORA I know this may be overwhelming,  but we have some questions for you.  GALEN Questions. Fine. That’s fine.  ORA How did you survive? Emilian’s been  dead for a long time, you should have starved.  KARRAS Why do you have wings and a tail?  FORMOSA Why are you being held captive?  GALEN Ah, manners, manners. I forgot my  manners. I’m Galen. And...I’m a Guardian.  ELIZABETH A Guardian!  ORA But I thought they all...?  KARRAS Kevin, what’s a Guardian...?  KEVIN Umm...  GALEN They ask what a Guardian is, can  you believe It? Can you? What is a Guardian, indeed!  ELIZABETH It can’t be.  KEVIN Magic users who helped people.  They, uhm...well, according to legend, they’d maintain useful wards, like the forest protected the road. They could stop famines and plagues. They killed monsters. They Kept order. But they all abandoned us... Right, Elizabeth?  ELIZABETH I...I don’t know. It’s been so  long. I do know many were driven away.  FORMOSA They were hero...  GALEN Heroes! Yes, that’s right! Heroes!  KEVIN Then why are you chained up, hero?  GALEN Chains. Chains. Yes, Chains. Can  you please remove them? I haven’t been able to leave here for months. Years? Decades? Or... Oh, should I leave? I probably shouldn’t, but I do want the chains gone. Yes, please remove them.  ORA How could he have survived being  here without food or water? Has someone been feeding him?  ELIZABETH A Guardian does not need what we  need. It would be easy to borrow magic to keep oneself alive.  FORMOSA Then why hasn’t he escaped?  ELIZABETH Also magic. See those symbols on  the metal? It suppresses personal magic. There are also elements all over the house that would do similar things.  KEVIN Well there you go. Magic: the cause  of, and solution to, all of life's problems.  ORA How do you know so much about the  chains?  ELIZABETH Because I sold them to Emilian. I  had no idea he’d use them for this.  GALEN So you’ll remove these chains for  me, right? Right? They’re so heavy and I haven’t been able to scratch an itch on my neck for eons.  (laughs) It’s enough to drive one mad!  ORA How’s this? If you answer all our  questions, we’ll free you.  GALEN Really?  ORA Really.  KARRAS (Grunt.)  ORA Karras, I know you don’t like this,  but we need answers.  GALEN What are you talking about? If  you’re going to kill me can you scratch an itch for me first? All the other hallucinations tried, but they never could.  KARRAS Fine. But if It attacks, I attack.  ORA Agreed.  Galen, why do you have wings and a reptile tail?  GALEN Oh, my wings? You noticed them...I  was hoping you would not.  KEVIN How would we not notice them?  GALEN They have scared people in the  past. It’s why I had to hide...did I tell you I was a Guardian?  FORMOSA Uhh...yes...  ORA How did you get them?  ELIZABETH There were two physical types of  Guardians. Those who physically resembled humans. And those who evolved in to...something else.  GALEN My original wings grew when I was a  child, although they were much smaller and easy to hide. Sometimes a child has even more obvious... deformities. That’s what they are called now. People are scared of them. I was, I was, I was a lucky one...but anyway, that’s how they found me.  ORA The Vigiles?  GALEN Oh, no, no, no. This was long  before those hunters.  ORA Who then?  GALEN But you want to know about how I  got my big, ugly wings and then my the tail? I went down too far. Twice.  ORA What do you mean?  GALEN In my pool. I went down too far.  Twice.  ORA But can you explain what that  means?  GALEN I went down-  ELIZABETH Explain It as though someone didn’t  know anything about magic.  GALEN Didn’t know...? Huh. Well...So,  magic is a force that lets you remake the world how you want, like a, like... oh making a flower bloom in a snowstorm. Those who had It were trained to be Guardians! Did I tell you I was one? Luckily, it’s not from a bloodline or anything. Both parents can be normal and give birth to a kid with power and magical parents don’t mean a magical baby. No one knows why someone has It. Good thing, too, or else we’d be breeding for magic like we breed for hunting dogs. (Laughs) Do you have food? I haven’t had food in so long. Or water? Or a pillow? Ooooh...can you sing?  KEVIN Here. Have an apple.  GALEN Oh....It’s so shiny and green. It’s  almost too perfect to eat.  ORA Do you have a never ending supply  of those things?  GALEN Ahhhh... Woah!  ORA Now that you have something to eat,  can you explain more about what going too far means?  GALEN Those with magic have what we call  a “well of magic” - a deep reservoir full of power inside you that ,that you can draw from. Everyone has different depths. Some can, some can barely cast a simple spell, others can level a village with how deep theirs goes. As long as you cast within the capacity of your well, you’re fine. Sure, It can dry up if you use It too much, but rest and time makes everything dandy again. But, but... But if you go too far that means you cast a spell that goes past that magic reserve, beyond your limits. You’re dropping a bucket in the well and not just getting water, you’re getting mud with It, and there’s always a price. Always a price. That’s how I got my tail! I was lucky It was only that.  ELIZABETH So what you’re saying is that magic  users have limits and if you go past those limits your body can change?  GALEN Exactly! Though sometimes the cost  isn’t physical, but It usually is. I I think I only changed my body.  ORA Can this happen when you use your  power on instinct? Like, you used magic and you didn’t realize It.  GALEN Huu... probably not. Someone  untrained would only use up all their magic for awhile, your body doesn’t really want to hurt you. You have to know what you’re doing to get past that mental block of wanting something more than your life. And lots of us claim we care for things more than ourselves, but... but do you really, really, mean that in the most selfish part of your heart?  FORMOSA So, how would one learn such stuff?  How did you go too deep?  GALEN The same way you know how to read!  ORA Well, most people don’t know that.  My mother taught me.  GALEN Well, most magic people wouldn’t  know anything unless they were taught, too! Once you were shown to have magic, or wings in my case, you were taken away and taught all the amazing things you could do. And taught how to help people. Taught magic ethics. Oh...and how to cook the best cakes!  ELIZABETH So, you were...kidnapped?  GALEN Oh, no! Not at all. We were  trained. You needed to be trained or else you could do some really bad things by accident.  ORA Well...I...I can understand that...  FORMOSA So if instinctive magic won’t harm  you, why use other magic?  GALEN ‘Cause they’re great? Think about  It, instinctive magic is chaos, only coming out when a person is super emotional. For example, as a non-magic person, sometimes you can’t control your own body. You can twitch, or if you get very upset, you might do things you don’t normally do. Same with instinctive magic. But when you learn It, it’s.. It’s like flexing a muscle. You can do anything, regardless of how you feel, if you train your body. And proper magic uses less of your pool. Of course there are spells that can take longer and the gestures are annoying to remember, and with the higher level magic there are rituals which are even harder to remember and sometimes relics you have to use...then again, instinctive magic can’t turn your hair to a beautiful green color, but I could if I wanted to.  KEVIN  Who’ed want to turn their hair green?  ORA Simple magic is like flexing a  muscle. Gestures for other magic? Chants and such more for high level? This is a lot to take in.  GALEN It’s a little difficult to sum up  how one can remake reality in a few minutes. Oh, though magic users all have some specialties that are easier to call on. Like fire! Fire takes very little magic for me to call up compared to others. It’s like for non-magic people, some people can wiggle their ears and some can’t.  KEVIN Oh, fantastic.   GALEN Don’t try to push past your limits  and you’ll be fine.  FORMOSA Your bodies change if you go too  deep.  GALEN Mm-hmm.  FORMOSA Could you completely become an  animal?  GALEN Of course. Though usually not an  animal, but many in one body.  FORMOSA And what about your mind?  GALEN The mind turns, too. Not always,  but it’s hard to keep human thoughts in a beast’s brain.  FORMOSA The Lusus Naturae.  ORA That... that... that can’t be.  FORMOSA The Corrupted are magic users who  went too deep and turned into monsters!  GALEN Wha..di.di.di. We’re not supposed  to talk about It. So don’t spread It around. It’s an open secret. As long as we keep the Lusus Naturae contained, they don’t mind. Many of them sacrificed much for the rest of us.  Oh my.  ELIZABETH  ORA That’s...I can’t believe It.  KARRAS (grunt)  KEVIN Oh my doesn’t begin to....  GALEN It’s okay, it’s okay. At least, I  think it’s okay. We take care of them. Only had one escape in all my years. Ok fine, more than one at the end there, but I’m sure not too many.  FORMOSA They’re everywhere now. Everywhere.  ORA This is...this is...oh my...  GALEN Soooo... Was that all you wanted to  know? Not the secret to my raisin pudding? Oh, well, in that case, can you unlock me? I promise I won’t go far, just, just stay in the cabin and scratch my neck. Yes please scratch my neck! Yes, yes, staying here is best. They haven’t found me here. But without removing the chains I can’t get that itch.  KARRAS Who are they?  GALEN Who are they? Who are they?! Who  are they?!  KARRAS Ummm, yes???  FORMOSA Who have not found you?   GALEN Everyone...well  now.  ORA No! Who did you  you yet!  except you right say have not found  GALEN Oh yes, I remember. But I can’t  say. I really can’t.  ORA We won’t free you unless you answer  all of our questions.  GALEN But I don’t like this question.  ORA Please. We need to know.  GALEN The...  Dark Guardians.  ORA Who?  GALEN The Dark Ones. Bad Guardians who  want to kill the few remaining good Guardians they haven’t already murdered.  ORA Galen, I think you need to tell us  everything.  GALEN I’ll try.  Long before I came here, I was a Guardian. The title said It all, we used our magic to guard humanity against evil. And, and if you had magic, you had to become a Guardian, that way, that way people couldn’t use magic for bad things. We were respected and, and, and we were loved. Well, we were mostly loved. I thought everyone was happy like me until the Feast of Naming when I was twenty-two? Twenty-four? Twenty-something-years-old. I had taken ill. Despite how everyone came from everywhere for the celebration, I, I, I was barely able to sit at a table let alone partake in the festivities.  (MORE)  GALEN (CONT'D) Naturally, I could have used a  spell to cure myself, but we were taught not to use our powers for ourselves unless really necessary. The Masters said the illness would help me understand normal humans, and besides my friends promised we’d, we’d find the leftover food when I got better. I had really good friends.  SCENE BRAKE  RANIA Galen, you lucky sack of pig shit,  how did you manage to get out of every chore today yet still come to the feast?  GALEN Lucky? Imagine smelling and seeing  all this food and knowing that if you take a single bite you’ll be stuck in the privy again for hours?  RANIA Well, sucks to be you.  This is damned delicious.  GALEN Rania, you’re killing me.  HARDMOD Look at Master Silver over there.  GALEN Is he... dancing?  RANIA I’ve never even seen him smile  before.  HARDMOD Most have finally been assigned to  the Starlake Valley. I know he’s been angling to get there for years.  GALEN I wonder when we’ll have to leave  for an assignment.  Don’t here.  Bored  HARDMOD remind me. I’d rather stay  RANIA every day?  HARDMOD Safe every day. That anti-magic  talk in the cities hasn’t been dying down. I heard a mob killed Master Traheart when he used his power to stop a house fire. Claimed he started the flames.  GALEN That’s only a rumor.  HARDMOD Then where’s Master Traheart? I  don’t see him here, do you?  GALEN Uhh...hum..  HARDMOD But we’re safe here. Carcerem is so  well defended that I doubt even the strongest army could make a dent in our walls. Between the ancient defenses and the bell tower, I’m perfectly happy to be assigned here forever.  CROWD (Cheer)  RANIA Fine, Hardmod. You stay bored here  while I explore the world.  MISTRESS ASTOR Thank you all for coming. The Feast of Naming is such an important time  for us. It’s a night to reflect on our founders.  RANIA We should drink every time Mistress  Astor talks about how great the blowhard ancients were.  HARDMOD I don’t want to get too drunk.  MISTRESS ASTOR I know in the past few years there  have been false rumors of us, but now more than ever It is important to remember our mission to protect humanity.  ARTIN (Coughing)  CROWD (Clap)  MISTRESS ASTOR Our founders had the wisdom and  strength to carve out –  ARTIN (Coughing)  ARTIN’S WIFE Artin... Artie... are you okay?  MISTRESS ASTOR They had the wisdom and strength to  –  ARTIN’S WIFE Artin! ARTIN, ARE YOU OKAY?!  MISTRESS ASTOR Whats going on over there?  ARTIN’S WIFE HE’S NOT MOVING...  PEOPLE IN CROWD (Coughing)  RANIA Tarris?! Tarris.  GALEN What’s happening?  ARTIN (Coughing)  CROWD (Gasps)  HARDMOD Food poisoning?  RANIA You don’t have a seizure from food  poisoning.  MISTRESS ASTOR  Everyone, Everyone please stay calm. A simple healing spell will solve this.  GALEN OH YES!!  MISTRESS ASTOR Repair and remake our mortal  bodies. Remove illness and sickness. With each breath, may we grow stronger.  CROWD (Coughing Continues)  RANIA Galen, feel better?  GALEN No...I...I don’t...  MISTRESS ASTOR That’s odd. Let me try again.  Repair and remake our mortal bodies. Remove illness and sickness. With each breath, may we grow stronger.  Why isn’t this working?  IVAN (Laughing)  DANIKA UGH! Finally!  MISTRESS ASTOR UGHHHH!!!....  FEAST GOER What have you done?!  DANIKA Oh, don’t worry...she’s not dead,  none of them are. It’s just a trick! Watch!  IVAN “Revita compensory”  ARTIN’S WIFE Artin! Oh thank that light.  DANIKA What do you think???  GALEN Tarris! Tarris! Are you Better now?  ARTIN’S WIFE Are you alright? You had me so  worried.  DANIKA Oh, should continued to  be worried, because It gets much worse from here.  ARTIN’S WIFE Artin...Why? AAAAAAAAAH  RISEN (Breathing)  CROWD (Scream)  RANIA Tarris! No!  RISEN (Grunts)  ARTIN  TARRIS  HARDMOD What’s happening?!  RANIA We have to get out of here.  HARDMOD My Magic...Why would Danika stab  Mistress Astor?  GALEN There’s fighting in front of every  exit.  RANIA The side doors by the band are  closed, but unguarded. But how do we get there without dying?  HARDMOD Why are people stabbing people?!  GALEN Under the tables!  DANIKA You have no idea how hard It was to  wait! You see, we had to confirm the poison and spells were in affect before the fun started. But sitting quiet was so tough! Hu!  AAAWWWWW  RANDOME FEAST GOER  DANIKA And for those fools trying to use  magic still, when are you going to get It? Tonight’s meal was spiced with a spell to dull power. Oh yes! It took years to do and at such a high cost...  IVAN (Laughing)  DANIKA Or so I’m told! But worth It. Not  to mention those few chosen who got an extra helping of moonseed, nightshade, arsenic, hemlock, and other goodies we threw in. But don’t take It personally, I needed a few friends to start the fun! (Humming)  Everyone thought It was so hard to kill us Guardians, but It really doesn’t seem like It.  Wh...why?  MISTRESS ASTOR  DANIKA Did you really think we were going  to be slaves forever?  MISTRESS ASTOR We’re not slaves...we’re defenders.  DANIKA You lie.  MISTRESS ASTOR AAAAAAAAAAA  DANIKA Where were you when those darling  humans we’ve sworn to protect tortured me for having the audacity to be born more powerful than them? Oh, and this was after you had kidnapped me from my family and forced me to join you.  MISTRESS ASTOR They were scared!  DANIKA I was scared.  Why do I even bother with you? How many Guardians did you abandon? Oh! That reminds me. Friends! Remember, try to keep some alive. Our power can be boosted with a Guardian’s life blood.  IVAN Awwwww!  I know, you can DANIKA I know, but don’t worry, still have fun.  MISTRESS ASTOR You have no soul.  DANIKA We’ll kill you last, that way we  can play longer.  MISTRESS ASTOR are a necromancer?! Your  pool will not last, the cost will be too great for you.  DANIKA “I” am nothing. Ha! But your  concern for me is cute. I wonder where that was all these years? But don’t you worry, our magic pool is deeper than you will ever know. Plus, I did not raise the dead.  (MORE)  DANIKA (CONT'D) My talents come from a different  place. I’m not alone, and we have made It so we’ll never be alone again!!  MISTRESS ASTOR You will destroy the whole world!  DANIKA That’s the plan....  GALEN Hardmod! Watch out!!  DANIKA Stop them! Those three are  escaping!  HARDMOD It’s locked... magically sealed.  RANIA My power’s too weakened to open It.  GALEN I got It!  Locks unlocked. Seals unsealed. What is closed must be revealed.  HARDMOD  How? No eating for me tonight.  HARDMOD Alright!!  ROHESIA I’m sorry, but the hallway is  closed. Night night.  HARDMON Wait...  GALEN Hardmod! NO!  ROHESIA See you soon, friend.  GALEN  RANIA We have to go!  ROHESIA Do you really think you can outrun  us? Release the Lusus Naturae!  GALEN You killed Hardmod! We abandoned  him!  RANIA He was dead. If we stay, we’ll be  dead too. He saved us.  GALEN The eastern gate is the fastest way  out of Carcerem.  RANIA Oh...wait!  GALEN What?  RANIA If we leave, they’ll control  Carcerem. They’ll have access to the vaults and the relics. All that power.  GALEN There’s nothing we can do.  RANIA There’s the Ward Bell Tower.  GALEN I don’t know how to use It!  IVAN (Laughing)  RANIA You...  IVAN Surrender.  RANIA How did you get...?  IVAN I said SURRENDER!!!!  GALEN Never!  IVAN No fair! No fair!! You were  supposed to eat!!  RANIA If we get to the bell tower we can  activate the spell to seal out anyone who would harm a Guardian.  GALEN But they’re Guardians, too!  RANIA They’ve spilled Guardian blood. The  magic will realize they’re the threat...I hope.  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  RANIA Hurry! We’re almost there!  DANIKA Why are you trying to escape? It’s  no use. Even after using our magic to catch up to you, I have sooooo much left.  GALEN So do I!  DANIKA Really?! We just took out all the think a puny fireball will stop me?  RANIA This bell will seal those who mean  harm out and keep the rest of us in. All we have to do is ring It and pour our magic into the metal to activate the ward.  GALEN How much magic?  DANIKA I have to admit, that was a good  chase.The Lusus Naturae didn’t even catch you, though most were distracted by chasing the Guardians who decided to abandon Carcerem.  RANIA You let the Lusus Naturae out?  We’re supposed to care for our brethren!  DANIKA I am! Why do you think we’re doing  all of this?  RANIA Because you’re heartless monsters.  DANIKA If we have no hearts it’s because  THEY TOOK THEM FROM US!!!!  RANIA Why? We didn’t do anything! We just  wanted to protect...  DANIKA That is a very nice and young  sentiment you have there. Where are your parents now, hmm?!  RANIA Well, I...  DANIKA Don’t think I don’t see you there,  Galen.  GALEN AAAAAAA  DANIKA Oh, I know where we are. This has  the sealing spell. Ha, you were so close yet so far. (Laughs) Careful Galen, you’re going to lose too much blood if you keep attacking me. I think my dagger may have nicked an artery.  GALEN I don’t need to fight for long.  Just long enough.  DANIKA To run away? Abandoning a friend,  just like a Guardian.  GALEN Never!!!  DANIKA Want to try another fireball?  GALEN Don’t mind if I do.  DANIKA OOOOH! That is loud!! But you  missed me completely!  RANIA Did he? Shouldn’t have turned your  back to me, traitor.  DANIKA You don’t have enough magic.  RANIA Let’s find out.  DANIKA You are turning already, you’ve  exhausted your pool! You’ll be dead before you get me out of here!  GALEN We’ll see about that!!  DANIKA What?! It can’t...NOOOOOOOOO!!  GALEN AND RANIA (Scream)  SCENE BRAKE  GALEN The spell worked. Any enemy to a  Guardian was magically transported outside the walls. I was kicked out, too. I don’t know if my attack on Ivan and Danika counted as fighting a Guardian. Perhaps anyone who drew blood was kicked out, friend or foe.  (MORE)  GALEN (CONT'D) All I know is I woke up outside the  walls and I had these new, massive wings that were far too large to try and hide any longer. My power was completely depleted and I saw Ivan unconscious a few yards from me. I fled and looked for Emilian’s father since he often stopped by the city to buy magical items and had pointed out his home on a map. I thought I’d find safety here.  ORA What happened to the Guardians  still in Carcerem? Why haven’t they left and helped us?  GALEN I don’t know. Maybe...maybe they  never fully recovered their powers. Maybe the spell went wrong and it’s forcing them to stay. I don’t even know if Rania is alive or not.  ELIZABETH But surely some Guardians fled.  GALEN I suppose so. Yes. A few must have  escaped, but I’ve got no idea how many. After that night, Dark Ones surrounded Carcerem with their “friends” and they killed anyone who tried to open the gate. If you used magic, they would detect It and come after you.  ORA What was Danika talking about with  life blood??  GALEN A forbidden spell. Well, used to be  forbidden. It only works on magic users, can’t get magic from a normal person, but if you prepare for a long time and kill a Guardian in a certain way, supposedly the murderer’s well deepens, just a little. It was all rumors but apparently someone figured It out.  FORMOSA Then these “Dark Guardians” are  even more dangerous than a normal magic user.  GALEN Probably. I don’t know what’s going  on now since I’ve been chained to a wall...with this itch!!  KARRAS How do we know he’s telling the  truth?  ORA We can’t know for sure. I think he  is.  KEVIN I think he’s telling the truth,  too.  GALEN You know I can hear you, right?  ELIZABETH I have another question. Why  wouldn’t the Guardians who escaped team up to fight the Dark Guardians?  GALEN I don’t imagine many got  least, I don’t think so...and it’s not like, its not like we all knew each other. After all that, humans turned on us very quickly. The Dark Ones spread rumors that magic and the Guardians were responsible for everything going wrong. So, how do you find each other without casting a strong spell that would sic the Dark Ones on you? Or, for those like me, how do I even walk around without being attacked by people? Easier to stay hidden and quiet regardless. You, you, you may even have crossed paths with one, but don’t know It. I am one you know.  KEVIN Thats ridiculous.  GALEN Oh no I am....  KEVIN No I mean....  ORA How would we break the seal and  release all the Guardians from Carcerem?  GALEN (Laughs)  I don’t know. I had never rung the bell before. It can’t be too simple or the Dark Ones would probably have done It already.  KEVIN Wouldn’t want things to be too  easy.  FORMOSA None of this explains why you’re  chained up.  GALEN I hid here for years with Emilian’s  father and mother, I was.. I was there when Emilian was born, his mother died during birth. I practically raise Emilian myself. I couldn’t help with money much because I had to stay hidden due to my wings and most of my magic was tied up in maintaining a spell around the house to keep the Dark Ones from finding me, but I could do tiny spells on items that Emilian sold. Everything was fine for years and years...and then... and then Emilian’s father passed away. Riddled with grief, Emilian asked me to cast a spell, a big spell. He asked me to help him to speak with the dead, with his parents. I thought...well, maybe I owed him this. Just once. I went deep again, conjured the book, and lost my legs, gaining this-this snake tail in their place. Thankfully, the spell around the house kept us hidden for the moment, but...  (MORE)  GALEN (CONT'D) but I knew It wouldn’t last much  longer. He was really happy, of course, but got mad when I told him I would never do anything like that again. Emilian said I was selfish and one more spell like that could bring us a fortune. But I refused. Then one day I woke and he had chained me up here. Said he’d release me if I agreed to cast one more big spell. Promised me. I said no. He kept coming back and asking me. Brought me some food and such... until he left and didn’t return. And I thought maybe he was punishing me for a long time. So long. So very long. And now you’re here.  ORA Alright. Galen, I’m going to  release you now. Please don’t make me regret this. Actually, does anyone know how to pick locks?  Here...  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Elizabeth? I have a whole new  respect for you.  GALEN Oh!!! OH YES!!! Oh...Thank you!  Thank you! I can’t believe you’re really here and you really did this.  ORA I don’t completely understand the  war we’ve stumbled into, but I’m glad a true Guardian isn’t kept locked up anymore.  GALEN All I want to do is go outside and  feel the wind on my face. That’s all I want. Oh, uh... and a scratch. Please?  ORA Uh...  GALEN Ooo ooo ooo yeah, right there lower  lower lower, oh its been years and years and years.  ORA Galen, I have one last question for  you. I didn’t want to ask you when you were chained or for you to feel like you’re being forced to do this, but it’s important. We need to help the Guardians. Could you take us to Carcerem?  GALEN To Carcerem! Ooooooooh, to return  there? Oh, my. Oh my. My my my my! Hahahahah! No... No definitely not.  END OF EPISODE 25    

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