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CARCEREM  KARRAS See anything, Formosa?  ELIZABETH Dear, she can’t hear you all the  way up there.  KARRAS Well, I’m trying to be quiet.  ELIZABETH Well then, be quiet.  ORA Don’t worry Karras. She’ll be just  fine.  KARRAS But it’s so high.  KEVIN But did you see her climb that  tree? She climbs faster than I can run.  ORA I’d say there was a better chance  of her tripping on the walk up here than of her falling out of that tree.  KARRAS Aaaa. What was that?!  KEVIN (Laughing)  It was just a pinecone, but It was a nice sho... Aaaaa...   Hush!  ELIZABETH  KEVIN (softly)  ....aaaaah!  ORA It’s Formosa!  KARRAS Are you Okay???  FORMOSA  Move!!  KEVIN Sorry, Okay!  FORMOSA Thank you. It’s so much easier to  get down that way.  KEVIN Wow...just wow...  ELIZABETH So, my dear...get a better look?  FORMOSA’s...  ORA How far could you see up there?  FORMOSA Far enough. This is going to be  harder then we feared.  KEVIN ’cause our fears weren’t exactly  easy.  FORMOSA Well, as you’ve seen from down  here, it’s about half a mile to the front doors. But, the whole path is rocky mountains and random cliffs. Now...That wide road? It goes all the way to the door. From the tree top, I could see It get a little more road like just over the first incline, about 500 feet away. Less fallen trees on the path anyway. It’s not flat past that, but it’s flatter then the rest. It was almost impossible to see the whole thing because the entire clearing is filled with the dead on and off the road for about 1000 feet before the walls and the doors.  (MORE)  FORMOSA (CONT'D) And they will be able to see us  coming; there is very little cover.  ELIZABETH They must have destroyed all the  forest around to keep It from protecting people like us - so we can’t get too close.  KARRAS Okay, so we just have to get to the  dead...and then past the dead.  FORMOSA But it’s not just people. There are  animals and Lusus Naturae. We don’t know what they can do.  KEVIN So, how do we get to the gate  without dying? And please don’t answer with “luck and courage” – that’s not a plan.  ORA I had ideas, but this terrain ruins  them all. There’s only one easy path to the gate and there are cliffs on either side. It’s an offensive nightmare.  KARRAS And many, many undead guards.  FORMOSA Ora and I are strong climbers,  perhaps we avoid the obvious path and scale the cliffs. We could sneak past their defenses.  ELIZABETH I’m afraid I’m not a strong  climber, dear.  KARRAS And there are most likely dead on  the cliffs, too. They would not move as fast...but neither would we.  KEVIN So...?  KARRAS Isten lead us here. We’re getting  to that gate.  ORA We’ve come too far to give up now.  At least I don’t see any of the living around. Maybe the Dark Guardians left the defense to the dead rather than sticking around themselves.  FORMOSA They could be hiding.  ELIZABETH Or resting. Galen said that It  takes time to recover from using powerful magic, and for three people, reanimating all of Dawnwallow must have taken a lot of power.  ORA I know this isn’t a great plan, but  we do have the lantern. It would keep the dead at bay and we could make a run for It.  KARRAS Won’t work.  FORMOSA I agree. Even if the dead can’t  touch us while the lantern is lit, they could shoot arrows at us or throw weapons. Not to mention that there are enough of them that by numbers alone they could force us off a cliff or we would get crushed under a pile of immobilized ones.  KARRAS ...and there is a living creature.  ELIZABETH What? Where? How do you know?  KARRAS I could see It from the forest.  Look. It’s getting dark out, but can you see that Lusus Naturae on the cliff, near the gate?  ORA Are those Bat wings and a fox’s  body... how many legs does It have?  KARRAS It’s alive. At least It seems to  be. It does not move like the others.  FORMOSA It’s almost...cute.  KEVIN It’s three times the size of a  horse! A big horse!  FORMOSA I stand by my comment. Though why  is a living Lusus Naturae helping the dead?  ELIZABETH See that red rope around it’s neck?  The creature is probably enspelled to fight intruders and tolerate the risen.  KEVIN When in doubt, assume magic.  ORA Everyone down!  RISEN (Growling)  KEVIN That was close.  ORA They must have dead guards  regularly patrolling the forest’s edge. I’m surprised they aren’t in the woods, too.  FORMOSA I can feel the forest’s hatred of  those abominations. I assume if they ventured in too far, they’d be attacked.  KARRAS Then they’d only enter for a  reason.  ORA So let’s not give them a  reason...though...hmmm....maybe we can use that to our advantage.  How?  KEVIN  ORA If we could lure them into the  forest then we might be able to lessen their numbers. And with enough of them in the woods, we could race to the gate with the lantern.  ELIZABETH A distraction is a good idea. In  fact, I might have a magical tool that could help.  KEVIN Have you been holding out on us?  ELIZABETH I found a few things at Emilian’s.  It’s not my fault if you didn’t know what you were looking at. Ah ha!  FORMOSA What is It?  ELIZABETH Each of these little engraved  sticks is a spell that can release a tremendous noise and a puff of color. When magic was accepted, they were used in the theater.  ORA There has to be a dozen of them.  ELIZABETH Thirteen to be exact.  KEVIN Lucky.  KARRAS Anything else in there we could  use? To make us faster? Or stronger?  ELIZABETH General offensive and defensive  items were widely sought after and too expensive for me to trade in. All of my items were so specialized that most considered them useless, like the lantern to keep the risen away or a collar to prevent someone from casting spells. Or like these “storm sticks”, they’re so flashy that if you used them the Vigiles would immediately investigate. So, very few people wanted to own them.  KEVIN Though you had that bell that rings  if someone can use magic.  ELIZABETH No one knows about that and I aim  to keep It that way.  ORA How does this, this...what are they  called again?  ELIZABETH Storm sticks.  ORA Right, how do they work?  ELIZABETH Be careful with that. They activate  when they’re chipped or broken. That’s why the box is lined with cotton.  ORA When they’re chipped or broken?  ELIZABETH If you snap the wood in half with  your hands or strike It with a sword, for example. The problem is if you’re too close when It goes off It can hurt your ears and mess with your vision. But thankfully, the wood is just thick enough that if you throw It the impact usually chips It but not always.  KARRAS An arrow would work.   ELIZABETH An arrow would be perfect. So long  as you didn’t miss, it’s a pretty small target.  KARRAS I never miss.  ORA If you and Elizabeth rode Spirit,  Elizabeth could throw up the spells and you could hit them.  FORMOSA It would be a good distraction.  KEVIN And if you hit the spells from a  distance, then there’d be a chance the dead wouldn’t find you right away.  ORA Look at you, participating in  making a plan.  KEVIN I’m all for good plans when they  are needed. Always have been. Just not foolhardy revenge plots where we don’t survive.  FORMOSA Will that dark trio be able to  track the magic from those sticks?  ELIZABETH It’s an item imbued with magic.  Much harder to track, especially in the forest. However, if Ora were to cast a large spell, I have no doubt they’d find us.  ORA I promise I won’t do anything until  I get to the gate. On purpose anyway...and I shouldn’t have to. The stock sticks will distract the guards, then I can rush in with the lantern.  FORMOSA I’ll go with you. I can defend you  while you use your power on the gate.  KEVIN And I’ll go, too.  ORA Kevin, you could stay in the forest  and be our lookout.  KEVIN Looking out for what? Besides, I’m  a terrible lookout, though I think I’d be amazing at holding a lantern...wait...does It work during the day?  ELIZABETH Yes. You can’t see the scope of the  light as well, but It works the same.  KEVIN That’s good, ‘cause going at night  seems like a much worse idea.  ORA Day or night, it’s going to be  incredibly dangerous.  KEVIN Not really a stranger to that any  more. Besides, it’s better for you to have another person to watch your back.  KARRAS He should go with you!  ORA He should?  Really?  FORMOSA AND ORA  KARRAS Best not to argue with him, you’ll  get a headache and he’ll still get his way.  KEVIN Aw, Karras, I think that’s the  sweetest thing you’ve ever said about me.  ORA Are you sure, Kevin?  KEVIN I’m sure.  ELIZABETH Here. Take one of the storm sticks.  If you need us to come back, break the wood and It will go off, then Karras and I will know to come back.  ORA Thank you.  I guess we all know what we have to do. If we die, well, I want to tell you how happy I am to have met you. You’re all so strong and caring; I’m lucky to call you my friends.  KEVIN Oh so now you want to hold hands?  ORA Shut up, Kevin.  KEVIN We’re not going to die. Remember,  I’m selfish, I won’t allow any of us to die.  FORMOSA And you say Ora’s the optimist.  KEVIN Meh, I might complain a bit-  ORA You? Never.  KEVIN But I’m truly honored to know you  all. You are my true family.  KARRAS  Wooop  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Don’t hug us too hard, Karras. We  don’t want to die before we go into battle.  ELIZABETH You are all, by far, some of the  most interesting people I have met. So, of course I’m glad to be here.  FORMOSA I will gladly put my life on the  line for any of you.  ORA Thank you, thank you all... We  should get some rest. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day.  SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN Karras and Elizabeth left a while  ago, we should’ve seen their signal by now.  ORA Hey. Give them time.  KEVIN Sorry, I’m just nervous.  ORA Don’t worry Kevin, I’ll defend you.  KEVIN I’m supposed to be the one  defending you.  FORMOSA Hush. We should stay quiet so we  don’t miss the signal.  KEVIN If our talking drowns It out, then  It won’t be much of a distraction, will It?  FORMOSA Also, I noticed that neither of you  were claiming you’d defend me.  ORA How’s this? We all defend each  other. Deal?  RISEN (Roars)  KEVIN I guess we didn’t about missing the  FORMOSA I hope Karras and  safe.  have to worry signal.  Elizabeth stay  ORA Don’t worry, Spirit will protect  them.  FORMOSA It looks like about a third of the  guards are taking the bait.  ORA We’ll wait for the second spell to  go off before we make a run for It. Maybe the sound will draw off more of them.  KEVIN Even if another third of them  leave, there’s still so many left.  ORA That’s why we have the lantern. And  they seem to be more spread out so there’s less chance of us being overwhelmed.  KEVIN Didn’t Galen warn of more defenses  than just risen?  RISEN (Roars)  ORA It’s time!  Ready?  KEVIN Sword, ready. Lantern, On.  FORMOSA Axes, at the ready.  ORA Alright. Go!  FORMOSA To your left!  KEVIN The lantern still works. Thank the  light... Oh.. Ha.  ORA Hurry!  Some of them are throwing their weapons at us to avoid the light!  KEVIN Great.  Ora! I got an idea! Stop! Get behind me!  We have  ORA to keep going!  KEVIN I know.  Ora! Do  FORMOSA as he says.  ORA What are you?!  KEVIN I may not be great with a sword,  but a shield? That I can use.  FORMOSA He’s stopping the dead with the  lantern and their weapons with the shield; it’s a good plan.  ORA Well, let’s keep going, fearless  leader!  KEVIN Fearless, ha. Right.  FORMOSA We’re halfway there!  UNKNOWN VOICE You should give up.  ORA Who said that?  UNKNOWN VOICE It’s useless.  FORMOSA Where is that coming from?!  KEVIN It’s a spell! Don’t listen to It!  ORA What do you mean?  UNKNOWN VOICE You won’t win.  KEVIN Galen said there was a spell that  could drive one to madness.  UNKNOWN VOICE All you do is fail.  FORMOSA It’s...It’s saying something  different to each of us...  ORA How do you know?  FORMOSA Do you feel you should be dead  instead of your people, too?  KEVIN Formosa it’s not true, it’s just  your fears.  FORMOSA What do we do?  KEVIN Ora what is It saying to you?  UNKNOWN VOICE You bring death and chaos wherever  you go.  ORA Let’s...outrun It!  UNKNOWN VOICE How many have died because of you?  FORMOSA It’s still there.  KEVIN Don’t listen. The more you hear the  weaker you get and the more you... Ugh... the more you believe.  ORA It’s not like I can put down my  sword and cover my ears.  UNKNOWN VOICE The world would be a better place  if you had never been born.  ORA And it’s making some good points.  KEVIN Ora! Keep fighting!  Give up.  UNKNOWN VOICE  KEVIN There’s no one here to cast the  spell, so It has to be attached to an item.  UNKNOWN VOICE You can rest if you give up.  FORMOSA What could It be attached to?  KEVIN Anything that doesn’t look like It  belongs on this road - something out of place.  UNKNOWN VOICE Why even try? You always fail.  ORA Why even try? I always fail.  FORMOSA What is It, Ora? Kevin, wait!  UNKNOWN VOICE The cliff is right there.  ORA I got us into this.  UNKNOWN VOICE Rest is right there.  ORA The cliff...  UNKNOWN VOICE Jump. Jump.  ORA I should just...  Jump.  UNKNOWN VOICE  KEVIN You can’t, Ora! You promised me  you’d live. If you jump off that cliff! I’ll kill you  RISEN (Growl)  KEVIN Aaaaa!  ORA Kevin? KEVIN!  KEVIN I’m fine, I’m fine...  FORMOSA The Lantern!!  ORA Sorry!!  KEVIN Thanks, I’ll take that back now.  FORMOSA There! It’s a statue with runes  along the base.  KEVIN Where?  FORMOSA To the right behind Ora, by the  edge of the cliff!  KEVIN YES! Destroy It!  ORA I got this!  KEVIN And we got you!  UNKNOWN You are weak. You  Give up and die.  ORA I. Am. Not. Weak!  VOICE are a failure.  VOICE  VOICE with a sword.  Nooo!  UNKNOWN  ORA Yes!  UNKNOWN You can’t stop me  ORA It won’t stop...  UNKNOWN VOICE I am your voice! I am your fears!  KEVIN Ora! Hurry!!  ORA Well, if you are me, then you  already told me what to do!  KEVIN  Ora! AAAAAaaaa....  UNKNOWN VOICE  KEVIN (Laughs)  You did It! It stopped!  FORMOSA As much as I’d love to celebrate...  ORA Sorry!!  FORMOSA We have to keep moving, we are too  vulnerable here.  ORA We’re almost there!  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN Oh no.  ORA The Lusus Naturae! It is alive! It  can get within the lantern light! Aim for its wings! If we can cut them off and push It off the cliff, it’ll die.  FORMOSA No! It’s enspelled, we can’t kill  her!  KEVIN Then what are we supposed to do?!  FORMOSA The red rope around her neck, I’m  going to hack It off and free her!  KEVIN You know, even freed, It might  still attack us.  FORMOSA I know. You two just keep the dead  off of me.  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  FORMOSA I’m trying to help you.  LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  FORMOSA I did It.  KEVIN It’s going to attack!  FORMOSA I’m sorry...  KEVIN It didn’t kill us.  FORMOSA No she didn’t.  ORA I almost thought It would...  KEVIN It’’s coming back!  ORA Where do we go?!  KEVIN Stay in the light!!  ORA DUCK!!  FORMOSA So be It...  ORA What!  KEVIN Ha...AHAHAHA! It...It missed us!  ORA I...was sure...what was that?!  KEVIN I can’t believe It missed us!!  FORMOSA It didn’t miss...look.  ORA It cleared the path...  KEVIN How...?  It... We...?  FORMOSA Shut up and run!!  KEVIN I...I can’t believe we made It.  FORMOSA Do It, Ora.  ORA I didn’t know It would have images  and words carved into It. It’s beautiful.  KEVIN Of course it’s beautiful, that’s  pure silver. The gate’s so cold to the touch.  ORA Quiet. I’m trying to concentrate.  KEVIN I don’t think It will work.  ORA Shut up.  FORMOSA Hurry up. They’re coming!  KEVIN I don’t think It-  ORAAND It will work! It has to!  FORMOSA They’re here. Keep trying, I’ll  defend you.  ORA Maybe I need to knock or push on  It. I’m so sorry.  KEVIN  ORA Wait... wait the words on the door.  KEVIN What about them?  ORA NO!! It can’t be!! It’s another  Prophecy.  END OF EPISODE 27    

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