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ANOTHER  KEVIN What did you say?  ORA There’s a Prophecy etched onto the  gates! Maybe the Prophecy.  FORMOSA I don’t know how much longer I can  hold them off alone. They may not be able to get into the light, but they’ve certainly figured out that they can throw spears at us.  KEVIN ...and rocks!  ORA The script so ornate, it’s  hard to read.  KEVIN Well try!  ORA Uhmm...alright,...uh...”Hail to  you, hail to thee all hail, To trust words written not seen before”  KEVIN Ahhh!  Faster, Ora! Gotta’ read faster!  ORA “Be Dreams  So close, shade the living on now, twig by limb” Or “Lamb?” No, it’s definitely “limb.” Limb!  KEVIN At least Karras and Elizabeth must  still be okay if they're still setting off the sticks.  FORMOSA (shouting)  Take cover!!  KEVIN What?!   FORMOSA Arrows!!  KEVIN OH NO!! ORA, LOOK OUT!!  Using a corpse as a shield, Formosa? I’m...impressed. Nauseous, but impressed.  ORA Half of winning a fight is  improvisation.  FORMOSA And the other half is strength.  Ora, they're not stopping, they’re only figuring out new strategies and more are coming. If we don't leave soon, we never will.  ORA I have to understand this Prophecy.  It’s gotta’ be the key.  FORMOSA Then hurry.  ORA “Not knowing, this stops no dream  Nature Moves Body survives time”  RISEN AAAAAAAAAA  FORMOSA Look OUT!!  KEVIN Ugh! Thats disgusting!! I hope they  don't do that again.  FORMOSA It’s easier to dodge a falling  corpse than a thrown spear.  KEVIN But much less appealing. And  falling dead can still crush us.  ORA Only a few more lines, but that  riser got blood everywhere. I can’t... I can barely read It.  (MORE)  ORA (CONT'D) Guh...“Lead by cold hearts...” Ugh,  I can’t read the rest!  FORMOSA One of the undead corrupted is  scaling the cliffs.  KEVIN Good news, it’s dead so It can’t  get in the lantern light.  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  Bad news, it’s drool is corrosive and melting the rocks.  FORMOSA We have to go.  ORA I can’t read the words through the  blood!  KEVIN We have to run! We’re overrun and  the corrupted is almost on us.  ORA Not yet! Not until I understand  this last line!  KEVIN We have no time!!  ORA One more minute!  FORMOSA We don't have another minute!  ORA I see “Be Land” in there, but...  but the blood is covering the rest.  Ora!  FORMOSA  KEVIN For land’s sake, it’s,  “Thee should see worth. Be Land, world, for thee self The one alone no more Welcome”  ORA You can read?!  KEVIN Talk later, run now.  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN Big as a horse. Rabbit legs. Three  heads. Has spit that melts rock. And it’s already dead. Why can’t these things be easier to kill?  ORA Duck!  If that hits us, we’re done.  KEVIN Formosa, are you going to save this  monster, too?  FORMOSA I’ll save It from being an undead  abomination by killing It.  RISEN (Growl)  ORA AAAHHHH!  FORMOSA You alright?  ORA Uh-huh...just be careful when you  dodge! Don't leave the light!  KEVIN Formosa take the light! WATCH OUT!!  AAAA, AAAA, AAAA!!!!  ORA Drop the shield!!!  KEVIN That stuff is no joke!  FORMOSA Are you okay?  KEVIN I think so...It didn’t get me, just  the shield...  ORA Nice work.  FORMOSA It’s fast!  ORA We have to keep running.  KEVIN It looks like the dead are falling  back!!  ORA I think thats just ‘cause they are  avoiding the evil, death-causing spit aimed at us!  KEVIN Well...bright side?  FORMOSA Look there! The blast! It’s purple.  That only leaves blue. We have to...AAAAAAAA!  ORA Formosa!! Kevin, grab the light!  KEVIN What happened?!  ORA A knife hit Formosa!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  FORMOSA UGH! I’m Okay...It was just my  shoulder. I can still hold my axe. We’ve got to keep moving  KEVIN How is an undead Lusus Naturae  smart enough to block the road? The lantern will take care of this...Ahhh... ...if I could just get close...  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN ...which doesn’t seem likely.  ORA It slows down when its preparing to  spit and leaves its mouths open for a moment.  FORMOSA That’s practically an invitation.  And look... ...I have a throwing dagger ready to go.  ORA Don’t miss!  FORMOSA I won’t.  KEVIN Spread out! The other dead are  staying back. That way he can’t  attack us all at once, you a better chance!  ORA Just watch out because  the only one protected lantern.  FORMOSA I know, I’ll watch.  ORA GO!  FORMOSA Wait for It!  KEVIN It’s confused...  Oh crap...  ORA Kevin, it’s coming for  KEVIN Yes, I can see that...  it’ll give  Kevin’ll be by the  you!!  FORMOSA Wait for It!  KEVIN Umm...Formosa...?  FORMOSA It’s almost ready....  ORA NOW!!  UGH!  FORMOSA  ORA YES!!  KEVIN HA. NICE SHOT!!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Growl)  KEVIN HEY!!! Did It...did It just swallow  the knife?  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN WHAT IS GOING ON?! THAT’S NOT  FAIR!!  ORA Everyone back to the light!!  FORMOSA IT’S SPITTING AGAIN!  ORA SCATTER!!  FORMOSA WATCH THE CLIFFS!!  ORA AAAAAAHHHHHH!  Ora!  KEVIN  ORA Ahh...uh....  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN Here.  ORA I’m okay. My back’s only a little  hurt.  KEVIN “Only a little.” I can see It!  That’s not a little.  ORA Kevin, let’s discuss my new badass  scar...  KEVIN Your hair! It’s burning, too!!  ORA What?! Ahhhh!  KEVIN Don’t touch It! Give me your  sword!! UGH!  ORA You get It?!  KEVIN Yes, I think so. Part of your head  might be cold now...are you...?  ORA We can discuss how I am when we  talk about your sudden ability to read: later.  FORMOSA Good idea. Because here It comes  again, and I don't think standing in a group is our best plan.  ORA Scatter!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  KEVIN HA! MISSED!!  WOOOAAAHHHH!  FORMOSA I SAID WATCH THE CLIFFS!!  KEVIN THANKS! I see It now!!  Help!  ORA Hold on, Kevin!  FORMOSA And don't let go of the lantern!  ORA I got Kevin. Formosa, distract It.  FORMOSA Eat rock!  ORA Give me your hand!  KEVIN Thanks. That was close.  FORMOSA That was the Blue one! They are out  of sticks!  KEVIN The stick! We can use our storm  On It.  stick!  But if we Elizabeth and help.  ORA use It now, Karras and wont know when to return  FORMOSA If we don't use It now, we’ll be  dead.  ORA Can you hit the stick if I toss It  down it’s throat?  FORMOSA With my axe? Easy.  KEVIN For you, maybe.  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar in pain)  KEVIN Well, I guess that’s as good a  signal as any.  FORMOSA Stop talking and start running.  ORA How are there even more of them?  FORMOSA They’re regrouping, they must have  realized other explosions were just distractions.  KEVIN That’s not good...  ORA Halfway there!  KEVIN Ther... There’s so many of them.  Even if the light stops them, it’s like going through a wall.  FORMOSA I think there are even more dead  coming back from going after Karras! Look to the right! There are two more Lusus Naturae coming for us.  KEVIN Not to mention the swarm of dead  behind them!  FORMOSA Do you think that Elizabeth and  Karras...  ORA If we can just get to the forest...  FORMOSA Be prepared to go through them.  KEVIN What should I do? What should I  do?!  ORA Shut up and keep running. They seem  to have thrown most of their arrows and knives. We just have to outrun them!  ORA (CONT'D) Keep going!  KEVIN Where? I can barely move! There,  there are too many dead, it’s too steep.  FORMOSA Even if Karras and Elizabeth saw  our signal, they wont be able to reach us in time. And... And even if they could, they wouldn't be able to make It through this horde. Too many, it’s just too many...  At least I’ll see my family again.  ORA Again, I failed you again.  I’m sorry, Kevin.  KEVIN Ora, I...  RISEN (Scream in Pain)  FORMOSA WHAT WAS THAT?!  ORA What...what is happening?!  KEVIN Haha!! I don’t know!! But if  Elizabeth was holding out on us again...  GALEN He he he he he! Weeeeeee!  FORMOSA Galen?!  GALEN Oooo, Where, where??!  You!  FORMOSA  GALEN Oh...yes! It’s me!!  KEVIN You actually came to help?  GALEN A Guardian acting like a Guardian!  Hahahaha.  FORMOSA Galen watch out! The corrupted!!  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  GALEN Oooooh! That was close...  KEVIN Blast It!  GALEN My magic doesn’t work like that!  KEVIN WHAT?!  GALEN It’s too low! But I have an idea...  KEVIN What?!  GALEN RUN AWAY!!  This way!  ORA He’s clearing a path for us! We can  make It. RUN!  GALEN (Laughing)  Hide in the trees! I’ll find you there.  ORA We made It.  KEVIN The dead are still after us, let’s  not say we made It until we’ve actually lost them in the forest.  FORMOSA This way.  KEVIN I think...I think we’re losing  them! Keep going!  KEVIN AHHHH!  FORMOSA Kevin!! The Lantern.  RISEN (Roar)  ORA NO!!  RISEN (Pain Sound)  FORMOSA I...I think that’s It...  ORA I...that was...  KEVIN Ha! Karras! Talk about great  timing!! Get out here buddy! You get a hug!!  VORLAUF I think I’ll pass on that...  We meet again.  ORA Vorlauf.  ANN Aw. You remembered him.  FORMOSA  ORA Are you here to fight?  VORLAUF No. Not now.  ORA How can I trust you?  VORLAUF I’m a man of my word.  FORMOSA Fairly poor evidence of that.  ANN Oh please! There are three of us  who fight. And two of you who even have weapons; one who is bleeding from the arm, one who can barely stand, bleeding from the back...with a lopsided haircut. And then this third fellow...carrying a lantern in the middle of the day...  LINUS Seems like you might want to trust  us...  KEVIN Forget trust, we have to go. Those  risen could still be after us.  LINUS I don’t see anything behind you.  ORA Are you crazy? The dead are after  us! They’ll be coming this way!  KEVIN Where...where’s the path?  FORMOSA The forest. It’s protecting us, but  we have to move, the forest’s power is stronger in the deep woods. Come.  ANN Vorlauf?  VORLAUF Follow her.  ORA Don’t worry...we’re right behind  you.  ANN That doesn’t make me less  worried...  ORA There! Happy now?!  ANN Oh...Ecstatic.  FORMOSA Well...We’re here. Karras and  Elizabeth know to meet us here...if they can... I think, I hope, the forest will keep those abominations from finding us. Hopefully Galen will be able see us from the sky.  VORLAUF Karras, Elizabeth, and Galen.  ORA Why are you here?  ANN Is she always so rude to guests?  LINUS I feel positively unwelcome.  ORA How did you find us?  VORLAUF You were quite loud.  ORA But-  VORLAUF I tracked you to kill you. But I’ve  reconsidered.  ORA So you wanted to kill me and now  you don’t?  VORLAUF Unexpectedly, we share a common  foe.  (MORE)  VORLAUF (CONT'D) We watched you and  your...companions...make a quite ill advised run and the dead clearly didn’t follow your commands.  KEVIN You could have helped us when we  were trying to come back.  VORLAUF This is not my first time facing  the have a useful tool that destroys them. I do not. And I am not suicidal. Besides, we only reached the forest’s edge a few moments before that winged atrocity set fire to the dead.  So what? You want  ORA You don't want to kill us? to be allies?  VORLAUF For now.  How do I  ORA know you won’t betray me?  VORLAUF We’re here to protect the land. I  don't know what is happening, but I don’t see how killing you right now would do that...and I’m not craven enough to stab someone in the back. Although, once the dead are gone...  KEVIN Now that’s the type of speech that  makes me really want to trust you.  ORA Swear on whatever you hold dearest  that you and your companions will not hurt me or my companions until three nights after all the risen are taken care of.  ANN Why three nights?  VORLAUF To give them time to flee.  KEVIN I don't like this.  ORA We need all the allies we can get  before we try again.  KEVIN Try again?  VORLAUF Very well. I’ll swear if you swear.  ORA I swear on Godrick’s name that none  of us will hurt you or your companions until three nights after all the risen are taken care of.  VORLAUF And I swear on Diana’s name no  Vigile will hurt you or your companions until three nights after all the undead are taken care of.  FORMOSA Who’s Diana?  ANN You don’t need to know...but It  means more than your “Godrick.”  KEVIN How dare...  ORA Kevin! Stop. I accept It. Ugh...  FORMOSA Ora! Let me help you.  ORA I’m okay...I...I just need to sit  down...  VORLAUF Linus, get some bandages out of the  bags and help them.  LINUS Yes sir.  ELIZABETH (Laughing)  KARRAS You’re alive!  KEVIN Not for long if you keep hugging me  like this.  ELIZABETH You stupid oaf, help me down!  KARRAS Sorry, sorry!  ELIZABETH Ah, thank you! NOW! Who are they?  VORLAUF Elizabeth and Galen, I presume. Or  is It Karras?  ORA They’re Vigiles, but they’re  friends at the moment.  ANN Temporarily allies.  KARRAS (Grunts.)  GALEN Weee hehe WOOOOO!  LINUS What...what is that?!  Vor...AAAAAAA!  ORA Stop! He’s my companion.  VORLAUF This is a companion?  ANN I don’t believe It!  GALEN And what are you?  VORLAUF I am Vorlauf.  GALEN Hmmm...awfully short for a  Vigile...  VORLAUF (Grunts)  ORA You vowed.  VORLAUF Yes...I recall. If he is your  companion, then...  ORA Galen, I can’t thank you enough.  GALEN I...Thought maybe I was too hasty  in chasing you out. I didn’t even give you any snacks. And you freed me. I remember you freed me.  ORA You saved us.  GALEN Guardians guard.  VORLAUF Guardian...?  KEVIN Galen, I really do want to thank  you, but first we have to let Ora rest. She’s losing a lot of blood.  GALEN Ugh. Is...a... that your blood?  It smells like your blood. I think it’s your blood.  ORA My back got a little hurt.  GALEN Hum....Doesn’t seem like a little.  hu...I can maybe heal It. A tiny spell, you know, just...just to stop the bleeding.  LINUS Spell? No!  KEVIN Oh, shut up...  ANN Ha ha!  ORA Can they track It?  GALEN I think there’s little chance  someone doesn’t know where we are...not after all that. But, it’s just a small spell, no less chance. Just a small spell; but It will leave scars.  ORA I’m fine with scars.  GALEN Good. Good. I’m just going to place  my hands on the wounds.  ORA Ahhh...Guuuu....Thank you. That’s a  lot better.  VORLAUF It’s repulsive.  GALEN It’s just some scars.  VORLAUF The scars aren't revolting, it’s  your magic.  ORA What matters is that I can swing my  sword without much pain.  KEVIN Are you really thinking of fighting  so soon?  KARRAS Formosa! Are you bleeding, too!  FORMOSA I’m fine.  KARRAS Galen! Fix her.  FORMOSA NO! I will heal.  VORLAUF Smart woman.  FORMOSA I have no fear of the magic as you  do. I do not reject It because of what It is. I reject It because of who I am. I know the difference.  VORLAUF Hmmm...  KEVIN Ora, seriously, what are you  thinking?  ORA Their numbers are down. And when  else will we get another chance at this?  FORMOSA And what about that new Prophecy?  KARRAS What new Prophecy?  ORA There was a Prophecy etched on the  doors.  VORLAUF What did It say?  If you can’t trust me with this, will you trust me to have your back?  ORA Fine.  “Hail to you, hail to thee all hail To trust words written not seen before Be Dreams  So close, shade the living on now, twig by limb Not knowing, this stops no dream Nature Moves  Body survives time Lead by cold hearts Thee should see worth. Be Land, world, for thee self.  (MORE)  ORA (CONT'D) The one alone no more.  Welcome”  ELIZABETH Hmmm...that changes some things.  KEVIN It’s even more vague than the other  versions.  VORLAUF  IVAN  GALEN No!...  IVAN Hahahaha...somebody was using  magic!!  ORA Where’s that voice coming from?  Hm. Magic....  ELIZABETH GALEN IVAN  Magic. No! We can always sense It!  KEVIN (annoyed)  Of course.  VORLAUF (disgusted)  Of course.  KEVIN Let us never agree on anything else  again.  GALEN, no no no no no no no  no... What...what is It?!  ELIZABETH  GALEN Not, Not, Not Not. Not what! Who!!  ELIZABETH Okay, who is...? You know that  voice...  GALEN It was one of the last voices I  heard inside Carcerem...  ORA He can’t find us in the forest,  right?  GALEN Oh no, no, no no no no no. Well,  probably not. Maybe, maybe, maybe... Oh I hope not.  END OF THE EPISODE 28    

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