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THE PLAN  GALEN Oh..Oh...This is bad...I mean, it’s  all bad...but It wasn’t this bad. It was my magic they felt...I should have guessed...but your lives...!  VORLAUF What is that? What in land’s name  are you afraid of?  KEVIN Listen Vorly. There’s a whole lot  to be afraid of right now.  ANN Hey! Watch It...  KEVIN You be scared of whatever you want.  Me? Right now it’s the thousands of undead. Before that It was loose rocks.  ELIZABETH Ivan? Galen, is It really him?  ORA From your story?  GALEN It’s not “MY STORY”. It’s “The   Story”.  Oh...  ELIZABETH  ANN What story?  LINUS Who is Ivan?  GALEN He’s the dark guardian. One of  them, anyway. He, he, he was one of the three that led the upheaval of the guardians --  LINUS Wait wait wait... So you’re telling  me that’s a...and you’re a...  GALEN Yes, yes, that’s It. Guardian...we  guard!  LINUS But...but...  GALEN But, but but, but. But what? I’m  not real? I’m evil? I was wiped out? Which is It? What story have you been telling yourself all these years? The same one your parents told you, no doubt? Don’t worry. No don't worry. I am at least four times as old as you are, so you did not miss killing me as a child. I may have even saved your families’ lives years and years ago, but no matter. Would you like to kill me now?  LINUS We defend the land, ss-ss-ssir!  GALEN (Laugh)  Well, I can’t argue with that. I have been living in fear for decades since I became the scourge of the land instead of it’s hope. How’s the land doing, by the way? Everyone happy? Doing well? Loving each other?  LINUS Stay back!!  ORA Vorlauf! You swore!  VORLAUF Linus, stop It.  LINUS NO! He...u-u-unnatural... that’s  what you said...unnatural!!  GALEN Yes yes yes yea. That does sound  like something someone would say... have the upper hand, my friend. My magic can’t kill you, but your sword can kill me.  LINUS You...LIAR?!  GALEN Awwwww  ELIZABETH’s alright. The rest of  us know...  GALEN Did they not teach you that part?  Is that not part of the story these days?  IVAN Hahahahaha!  Magic...naughty, naughty magic...  VORLAUF Linus! Lower your sword!  GALEN But his magic? His magic could kill  us all... Isn’t that fun?  VORLAUF Put It down, Linus. We  alright.  LINUS No! (Blah)  ANN He will be alright.  Just breath, you’ll be  VORLAUF It’s a lot to take in.  LINUS (Blah)  will be  okay.  FORMOSA Ugh. I can’t say I blame him...  ORA Nor I...  GALEN I’m...I’m sorry...  ELIZABETH Oh hunny, you did nothing wrong.  History is not your fault.  GALEN Really?  VORLAUF Come...I could use a cup of tea...  KEVIN Really?  VORLAUF I keep some with me.  KEVIN Really?  ANN Ya’ know that’s getting old...  KEVIN Really?  KARRAS I’ll make a fire.  ORA I’ll get Spirit’s bags that we hid  and some water; Kevin, come help me.  ELIZABETH And I’ll sit here and rest.  GALEN I can do that, too!  ELIZABETH Let me know when the water’s  boiling.  SCENE BRAKE  ANN I don’t know what this is, where  you got It, or how you cooked It....but It almost makes me glad you got away at the tournament.  FORMOSA Oh ha. Thank you. My cousin taught  me.  KARRAS Formosa, how is your shoulder?  FORMOSA A little weak...but better. Thanks.  GALEN Well, It must be, because It did  not stop you from making literally the best thing I have eaten in years and years.  ELIZABETH Ha! I’m not sure that’s a good  measure, but It is quite good, and the mint tea also helps bring out the flavor.  VORLAUF I’m glad you like  tea, actually.  It; I dry my own  up a few things  How?  KARRAS  VORLAUF Oh, I have picked  over the years.  GALEN Feeling better, fella’?  LINUS Ummm...yes? I think...I-I mean...  sure?  ELIZABETH Kevin, would you like some tea?  Kevin...? Are you Okay?  KEVIN I...Uhhh...  ELIZABETH What’s wrong?  KEVIN It’s just...uhh...looking around at  who's here - knowing what we just went through - this is the strangest conversation I have ever heard...  FORMOSA I’m going to bring some tea to Ora.  Here,’s already starting to get cold.  ORA Thanks.  FORMOSA How does your back feel? Did those  plants work?  ORA If I don’t think about It, It feels  great.  FORMOSA Give It some more time.  ORA It’s not really what I’m thinking  about now anyway.  FORMOSA What? The door?  ORA It wouldn’t open...  FORMOSA You can’t think that meant anything  back there. We were in the middle of fighting for our lives.  ORA But, we failed. There’s a dark  guardian out there waiting for us along with who knows how many undead still walking around.  KEVIN Ora, would you like some food?  It really hits the spot.  ORA No, thank you.  KEVIN Ya’ know...I might be crazy, but I  think it’s a lot colder over here away from the fire. You angry about the door?  ORA I’m angry because we failed...  again. We keep....  KEVIN Failed? What are you talking  about?! Look at us! Have you seen Galen? That guy is scary. We just gotta’ think of a plan.  ORA OH...A plan to get to the door? Had  one, didn’t work.  KEVIN OKAY! That’s enough. What is wrong  with you? I’m so tired of... This!  ORA What?!   What?  FORMOSA  KEVIN Every time something doesn’t work  out the way you want It to, you say It failed...that it’s all your fault.  FORMOSA You know that’s not....  KEVIN We keep failing?! Over and over?!  Really?! First of all, we’re not dead from monsters or Vigiles or whatever else has tried to kill us!! And second, no one else thinks we failed, but you keep telling us we did!  FORMOSA Easy Kevin.   KEVIN NO! She needs to stop pitying  herself. Because every time she feels bad, we have to give her this big talk about how it’s “not her fault” and blabbity blah, blabbity blah.  ORA What is your problem?!  KEVIN Well - according to you - you are  all of our problems!  ORA Oh! So you think this is my fault  too?!  KEVIN I have been listening to you this  whole trip and that’s all you keep saying!  ORA What do you want from me?!  KEVIN Well, maybe this is all my fault!  Did you ever think of that?!  ORA What?  KEVIN I mean I have been here, too. Or  maybe it’s Spirit’s fault! Or Formosa’s! You aren’t the only one to blame and you need to stop ignoring us!  ORA So you want me to blame you?!  KEVIN What? No! What?! Wait...  FORMOSA I think you’ve lost your path...  KEVIN NO! I want you to stop telling  yourself things that you would stab someone else for saying about you.   ORA Shut up, Kevin.  KEVIN Oh, here we go again! “Shut up,  Kevin!” “You’re embarrassing yourself, Kevin!” Well, why don’t you shut up Ora!  ORA NO, YOU SHUT UP!  KEVIN Fine!  ORA FINE! Give me that meat!  EVERYONE (Laughing/inaudible convo)  ORA Hello! How is everyone’s evening!  ANN Well...It was pleasant a moment  ago...  ELIZABETH Is everything alright?  KEVIN Oh yes ORA! Is everything alright?  ORA Yeah, it’s all great. Turns out  you’re all to blame for us failing. ELIZABETH  What?!  ANN Really?  LINUS Great...  KARRAS Formosa?  FORMOSA Just go with It.   KEVIN SEEEE?! WAS THAT SO HARD?!  ORA AND KEVIN (Laughing)  KARRAS (Fakes Laughing)  GALEN And I thought I was a little off...  ORA Sorry, sorry. I’m fine! I’m fine.  VORLAUF I see...  Ignoring the spurts of insanity for a moment, did you have anything remotely resembling a plan?  FORMOSA Well, the forest will help us. At  least keep us safe as long as we stay inside It.  ELIZABETH If that’s truly Ivan, there is some  good news.  GALEN Good news? Good news?!? You’re a  monster. A lying, old monster. Oh...I’m sorry. You’re not old. I’m much older. Ancient, even.  FORMOSA If there’s a dark guardian on the  other side, I don’t see how we get around that.  ELIZABETH We suspected these undead were  under the control of a necromancer, yes?  ORA Stands to reason.  ELIZABETH Well...I think we found our  necromancer.  LINUS I...I think I need some more tea...  ANN How is knowing that good? Hooray!  We found the most foul, evil thing in the world! We win!!  KEVIN You are not helping you know.  GALEN It means we don’t have to kill all  the dead...we just have to kill the necromancer. Once Ivan is dead there’s nothing keeping his army up and walking around.  VORLAUF Hmmm, that does sound like a more  attainable goal but, and pardon my ignorance here, but how does one go about killing a dark guardian? They’re basically death itself, are they not?  GALEN Bup bup bup. Not quite. Guardian or  dark guardian, strip away all that magic and they’re just mortal men and women.  KEVIN Wait! Let’s not forget all of the  undead between us and him.  GALEN You’re right. The more undead he  controls, the stronger he is. He’s strong, too strong. OOO...Too strong. So strong. The strongest!  ANN But if they’re just  you just torch him, Fireball”?  GALEN My magic can’t hurt  KEVIN Of course It can’t.  mortals, can’t “Mr. Flying  him.  ORA What do you mean?  GALEN He is too powerful. I’m sure all  the dark ones are impervious to direct magic by now. If they can raise the dead, they certainly found a way to survive magic-based attacks. Plus...  FORMOSA What...?  GALEN Well, my magic is not that strong  any more...I’ve been locked away for a very long long, too long, the longest...  KEVIN What do you talking about?! You  saved us with a huge fire bomb!  GALEN But just one. That took so much out  of me that I could not do that again any time soon. So....I’m afraid I won’t be too much help in killing him...  ANN Great, so let’s just walk up to him  and stab him in the eye.  GALEN That would work! Can we do that?!  LINUS No...  ORA So...what do we do?  FORMOSA Wait one moment.  VORLAUF Didn’t realize she had these sorts  of abilities. Assumed her performance in the tournament was the best she had.  ANN Giving up rather than killing a  Lusus Naturae? Kinda fits that she’s a good tree climber.  KARRAS She could take both of you.  VORLAUF Of course.  ORA Look!  FORMOSA Okay, coming down!  KEVIN Nice!  FORMOSA I just wanted to get the lay of the  land. The forest has been keeping the undead out, but they can’t keep It up forever. If the risen wanted in badly enough....  KEVIN That’s not good!!  FORMOSA But they don’t know we’re here  specifically, and the forest will make It very hard for them to find us.  ELIZABETH That sounds promising.  FORMOSA It’s dark, but I could see Ivan  too, or at least, I think It was him. Slender; black, unkempt hair; floating a few feet off the ground...  GALEN Sounds like Ivan.  FORMOSA He’s hard to miss. He is right in  front of the door. I’m sure he can see everything.  ORA And we know what we need to do and  we know where we need to get to...  ANN This is fun, it’s like a terrifying  puzzle.  ORA Exactly! I have the start of an  idea...  VORLAUF I’m sure you do, and I certainly  don’t mean to offend, but I’ve seen how your plans pan out and I think we need to do better than the “start of an idea.”  ORA Well, what do you suggest?  VORLAUF I’ve been listening and taking note  of the talents and skills of our little company.  KEVIN And...?  VORLAUF And...I may have an actual plan...  ANN Oooooh. I like the sound of that...  ORA Alright! Let’s hear It.....  SCENE BRAKE  ANN Doing alright, Linus? Not going to  throw up on me, are you?  LINUS No...I’m ready.  ANN You really think this plan will  work?  LINUS  Yes! Not quite sure.  LINUS What?!  ANN I’ve never known you to not be sure  of a fight.  SPIRIT (Whinnies)  VORLAUF It’s alright Spirit. It’s alright.  We will see them all again soon.  SPIRIT (Blows)  VORLAUF It will work as long as they all do  their part.  LINUS Why are we doing this?  ANN I hate to side with Linus, but...  I trust you, I just don’t trust them.  VORLAUF I trust them...enough. I know the  loyalty they have to their Prophecy quest. They would never betray us...because to them, that would be betraying their mission.  ANN Sure, but...  VORLAUF Means to an end, Ann. Means to an  end. We will not betray the vow we took...ever. Time will prove that. The sun is starting to rise...get ready....  VORLAUF  SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN You can see can see the  dead from here.  ORA What are they doing?  KEVIN Well, the group who chased us in to  the woods are just...waiting...  ORA are we...  KEVIN I hate being visible like this.  ORA They don’t know where we are, so as  long as we stay out of site they won’t see us. They will just stay where they are... I think...  KEVIN I know, it’’s just very  unnerving...sun’s almost up behind us, we’ll be seeing the signal soon...  ORA The plan is good. Everyone knows  their part. It’s good...  KEVIN I know...I know...  ORA It’s good...  SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS I like the forest. I don’t  understand It much, but I like It.  FORMOSA There was a woman in my family who  used to say that the first step to understanding the forest is to realize there is no way to understand It.  KARRAS Oh...well, I guess I got that part.  FORMOSA (laughs)  I guess that’s true. Feels like we might have the easy job...I’m worried about the others.  KARRAS Kevin will be okay. I know It.  FORMOSA (snickers)  Still, I can’t help but feel like you and I could be more use out in the open.  KARRAS I like fighting with you.  FORMOSA (Sings)  The wind through the tall called her Children. From they rose with their arms held high to embrace their mother, and she swayed them to sleep. And she said soon children will sow what they reap. Many days many seasons an age. All her children slumbered there. Dreaming of many days not yet dawned. When this age would be gone.  (Spoken) It’s almost time. The sun is about to peak over the trees. Shall we? The forest will keep us safe for as long as possible, but once the dead know we’re in here...  KARRAS I know the plan...  FORMOSA There...the edge is just beyond the  dark patch up ahead. You can just see It through the trees.  KARRAS How do you know? I can’t see  anything beyond It?  grass, the soil  FORMOSA That’s how I you need to  get closer?  KARRAS Bigger head start if we’re here.  Ready? No. Me either.  KARRAS (CONT'D) FORMOSA KARRAS  Go!  KARRAS  RISEN (Roar)  FORMOSA No wait! We have to make sure they  make It though, and they know where we are!  RISEN (Roar)  FORMOSA NOW, RUN!!  KARRAS They are coming!  FORMOSA It’s only a small gap, only one can  make It through at a time. We can make It!  FORMOSA (CONT'D) What are you doing?  KARRAS Buying us time!  FORMOSA What was that?  KARRAS Galen?  FORMOSA No, I don’t think’s too  soon and...  KARRAS Look! Fire!!  FORMOSA The forest...the forest is on fire!  They are burning a hole...RUN!! SCENE BRAKE  KEVIN It’s starting!  ORA Good. The sun will be directly in  their eyes now.  KEVIN Wow...somehow it’s even worse  watching from here than being in the middle of It.  ORA Well...You say that now...  KEVIN Do you really trust Vorlauf? You  really think they’ll come through?  ORA I do...  KEVIN It makes me really uncomfortable,  but I do too...  ORA Ha! Who would have thought that...  KEVIN Umm, Ora? Look!  ORA What...? I know that sound...  Oh no.... Galen? What is he doing?!  KEVIN I don’t think so. Look! It’s coming  from the doors of Carcerem! Look at the light!  IVAN Bahahahaha!!  ORA It’s Ivan!  IVAN (Laughing)  Oh, it’s been so long! I like to play!!  ORA The dead are going to get Karras  and Formosa!  KEVIN Wait! Follow the plan. They know  what they are doing.  ORA But...  KEVIN Trust them! Stick to the plan!  ORA Right...the plan.  SCENE BRAKE  LINUS What was that?  ANN That...that came from the...  VORLAUF Does not change anything. Get  ready... Spirit, come here girl.  LINUS But that was a fire...a  big...something!  ANN Linus, get ready. The next signal  is our go.  LINUS But, but that...  ANN Linus???  VORLAUF It’s alright, we just need to...  LINUS I don't need to do anything! I did  not sign up for this...I just wanted to...It was just a...  ANN HEY! Calm down!!  KARRAS Formosa!!  LINUS No! No! I can’t! I cant!!  ANN Linus!!! YOU COWARD!!! I’LL FIND  YOU!!!  VORLAUF You’re on your own now...can you  handle that?  ANN Just watch me...  END OF EPISODE 29    

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