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IT’S TIME  FORMOSA Go on! Start climbing your tree.  I’ll stay down here and hold them off.  KARRAS There are going to be too many. The  hole is getting bigger and bigger.  FORMOSA Don’t worry, I’m a much faster  climber than you. Hurry up!  KARRAS Okay, okay... I can... AAAAAAa  FORMOSA Karras!  KARRAS I’m alright. Look out!  RISEN (Roar)  KARRAS I’m a little big for this tree.  FORMOSA You can do It!  KARRAS I broke the branch. I can’t get up.  You have to go.  FORMOSA I’m not going to...  KARRAS You have to! What are you going to  do, lift me up?  RISEN (Roar)   GO!!  KARRAS  FORMOSA Wait! Step here!  Walk up the axes. GO!  KARRAS You...  FORMOSA GOOOO!!!  KARRAS It works!!  YES!!  FORMOSA  KARRAS Get up the tree!  FORMOSA I need the axes or they can follow  you!  KARRAS Formosa! Go!!  FORMOSA I...I get It...  KARRAS I can see them!!  FORMOSA UGH! Ugh! Ugh! There! You’re safe!  KARRAS Formosa!!  GALEN Wahoooo  FORMOSA Galen!!  ELIZABETH Don’t forget the old lady with the  lantern! Now climb, you demented tree whisperer! Clinging to a flying guardian’s back is not as comfortable as I thought It would be as a child.  KARRAS What are you doing here?!  ELIZABETH Saving you! Now do your jobs and  then we’ll go back and do ours!  GALEN See you soon!!  KARRAS I’m going to run out of arrows!!  FORMOSA We can’t wait any longer!  KARRAS I know. I just said that.  FORMOSA I’m not talking to you.  Huh?  KARRAS  FORMOSA Get higher and hold on! Or we’ll  get squashed!  KARRAS I thought you and the forest were  friends.  FORMOSA We are, but once all the trees are  working together to strangle and purge the blight from the woods, you don’t want to get in the way.  KARRAS I don’t get the forest.  FORMOSA Just keep climbing.  SCENE BRAKE  ANN Alright...sure...this is going to  be just fine...  SPIRIT (Neighs)  ANN Alright, here we go...  SCENE TRANSITION  VORLAUF Come on!! You scourge on the soul  of nature! Come play with me!!  IVAN OOOOOOOOH! A new friend?!  (Laughing)... Oh I like you!!  VORLAUF You think you can stop me?! I will  destroy you myself!!  IVAN Oh, that would be fun! But, I can’t  even see you from here. Where are youuuu  VORLAUF Sun too bright for you?! Heya!  SCENE TRANSITION  KEVIN I can’t believe Spirit is letting  him ride her.  ORA She knows what’s at stake and she  knows what she’s doing. I had a talk with her.  KEVIN Well I don’t doubt It, but...  ORA Like I said...she knows what she’s  doing. She’s taking care of me. Alright, no one is looking...let’s go.  SCENE BRAKE  KARRAS I...I can’t go any higher.  FORMOSA That’s okay, just hold on...  KARRAS I...I don’t think it’s working. The  forest...It can’t hold them back, It can’t move that fast.  FORMOSA Its ok...The forest is in pain...a  lot of pain...just hold on...  KARRAS Oh no!! It’s...that green light! Is  It?!’s the forest’s wisps.  KARRAS Formosa?!  FORMOSA Don’t be scared! They are here to  heal the forest.  KARRAS I don’t like this.  FORMOSA It’s alright.  I’m here.  IVAN AAAAAAAAAH!  FORMOSA Thank you. All of you.  SCENE BRAKE  VORLAUF Get off!! Back!  IVAN Awwww. Play thing, don’t do that! I  won’t hurt you...hahahaha... But my friends might...  VORLAUF Spirit, hang on...hang on....  IVAN AAAAAAAAAH!  FORMOSA  VORLAUF Ha ha ha!!!! Seems you lost many of  your “friends.” Can you feel that where your soul should be? HYAH!  IVAN Aaaaaahh!! FRIENDS!!  VORLAUF Come on, Spirit.  IVAN YOU!! RUN AWAY!!  VORLAUF You are not the only one with  friends.  GALEN Wheeeeeee!  VORLAUF HA! Thank you!!  ELIZABETH Stop enjoying yourself so much.  IVAN (enraged)  AAAAAAAAAH!  ELIZABETH Should we be worried about that  beam he used to set the forest on fire?  GALEN (Laugh)  I’m too fast! Hehe! He can’t hit a moving target. Hold on!  ELIZABETH Oh nnoooooaaaaaa!!  SCENE TRANSITION Come on...come on...  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ANN  ANN That’s not good...  DEAD LUSUS NATURAE (Roar)  ANN Alright, we are doing this.  Let’s dance, you ugly, flying...  ELIZABETH Ann! Duck!!  ANN What?  ELIZABETH Have a little light!  GALEN Hooohohohoh!!!  LUSUS NATURAE (Roars)  ELIZABETH Follow It down!  GALEN Right!  ANN HAHA! Thank you!!  ELIZABETH You’re not out of the woods yet!  Behind you!  ANN  RISEN (Roar)  FORMOSA AAAAAAAH!!  KARRAS YOU DEAD CUMBERWORLDS! OVER HERE!!  ANN Well, this is over... (Whistles)  UGHA!  VORLAUF  ANN Sorry, I couldn’t get closer.  VORLAUF It’s alright. You did what was  needed.  IVAN AAAAAAH!!  VORLAUF He’s found them...time to go. Heya!  ANN Where are we going?  VORLAUF Away from here.  SPIRIT (Blows)  VORLAUF What are you doing?! Go! GO!  Hold on!!  VORLAUF (CONT'D)  ANN Woooaaaah!  Ugh!  VORLAUF  ANN Oof!  SPIRIT (Neighs)  VORLAUF Blast you! They were found! There  is nothing else to do!  SPIRIT (Neighs)  ANN Stupid horse!  VORLAUF This is no longer our fight. In to  the forest. SCENE BRAKE  ORA Kevin, are you Alright?  KEVIN  I’m...I’m fine. We’ve got to keep going.  IVAN (Laughing)  What?! You think I have no more friends?!  KEVIN Ora...the cliffs!  ORA Oh no. Where did they...?  KEVIN What do we do?  ORA We have to get to him...  KEVIN This was not part of the plan. We  have to go back!  ORA How?! There is no way we will make  It!! Spears! That was clo...  KEVIN Watch out!  IVAN Hahahahaha!  GALEN  ORA! Are you two alright?  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Yes, but you have to get out of  here!  GALEN A guardian guards! Ivan can’t have  much more energy left for his magic. We’ll stay low, keep the light bright. Elizabeth, shall we?  ELIZABETH Well, you sure aren’t leaving me  behind.  GALEN Heheh. Stay behind us. Follow...  NO!!  KEVIN  ORA GALEN!!  GALEN It’’s okay. I'm... ehhhh....  I’ll be....  ORA Kevin, Swords!!!  KEVIN I’ve got the lantern, too. Grab a  shield!  GALEN Ugh...I..I can...I can get...  ELIZABETH No, you can’t. You did amazing. You  saved the world.  GALEN No...I-I-I did not guard.  ELIZABETH You guarded more then you know. Now  let me guard you. Do you think you have a little boom left in you?  GALEN For you? Anything.  ELIZABETH Hehe, wow...a real life Guardian!  Now I really have seen everything.  ORA What are you doing?! Get back!  ELIZABETH My dear, when have you ever known  me to listen to you?  KEVIN Seriously, get...  Umph!  ELIZABETH  KEVIN Oooof. Hey!  ORA What are you...?  Umph!  ELIZABETH  ORA Ugh!  ELIZABETH You are not the only one with  skills my dear. NOW.  GALEN And....Boom....  ELIZABETH Thank you.  GALEN Thank you.  ORA What are you doing?! Get back  here!!  KEVIN Ora, no! She has the lantern, she’s  surrounded. We won’t make It!  ORA ELIZABETH!!   ELIZABETH All of our paths were set in motion  eons before any of us took our first steps.  ORA I don’t know what that...  ELIZABETH Scinnlæce! AAAHHHU!  KEVIN AAAAH!  ORA My eyes!!  IVAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!  ORA Elizabeth!!  KEVIN Ora! Careful!!  ORA Elizabeth!!  KEVIN Ora...  ORA No...  KEVIN She’s dead.  IVAN What...what did you do?! My  friends!! I...I can’t bring them back. WHAT DID YOU DOOOOO?!  KEVIN ...we have to move...  ORA Stick to the plan...  KEVIN I can’t get you high enough,  Galen...  ORA Yes you can...  IVAN I’ll make you my new friends!!  ORA Go...I’m right behind you.  KEVIN NO!! Listen to me!!  ORA NOW!! GO!!  KEVIN AAAAHGGG!  YOU MONSTER!!  IVAN What are you...?!  KEVIN If you’re going to kill me, you’re  going to do It face-to-face!  IVAN You have hurt some of my friends,  but the rest will still be enough to capture everyone! I’m going to kill you myself, then make you slaughter all your friends.  ORA DOWN!!!!  KEVIN Ooff.  ORA UUUUUP! Waaaahhhh...  IVAN What are you...  KEVIN AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!  IVAN HAAA!  ORA HHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!  IVAN What...what is this...?  ORA UGHA!  KEVIN ORRAAA!!  KEVIN (CONT'D) (coughing)  Ora! Ora, please...  ORA (coughing)  Did... did we...?  KEVIN (Laughing)  We’re safe! We did It!! We did It. Ora. Ora...ORA??  SCENE BRAKE  DANIKA What...? What happened?  ROHESIA I...I can’t move.  DANIKA I...I don’t remember.  ROHESIA There is nothing to remember. It  just happened, we were with so much power, and then It all stopped.  DANIKA Our’s... gone. It’s  empty.  ROHESIA How...? How could that be...?  DANIKA Ivan...Ivan is dead!  ROHESIA No...Noooo!  DANIKA You can feel It too.  ROHESIA (Crying)  DANIKA Rest, we have to rest. It will fill  again. We will be stronger than before...  ROHESIA They will pay for this...  DANIKA Yes...they will pay...with  everything they wish to take from us. They will pay with their freedom.  END OF EPISODE 30    

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