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THE WAITING GAME  ANN I’m so bored. I want a drink.  LINUS How could you drink here?  ANN It’s a pub. You’re supposed to  drink here.  LINUS No, I meant, how can you drink  with... With them on the ground.  ANN I prefer to drink with the dead  over the living. It’s quieter.  LINUS This early in the morning?  ANN Yep! I’ll show you  VORLAUF Both of you should be quieter; I’m  trying to think.  ANN What about?  VORLAUF There was a woman in here last  night. Young. She was familiar to me and I don’t know why.  ANN Maybe you saw her in your dreams.  VORLAUF No. That’s not It.  HAL Come here you. Watch your step.  This is Fredrick. Say hello, Fredrick.  FREDRICK Uh...Hello.   HAL Fredric here works for the  watchmen.  FREDRICK Only when necessary, I’m a cobbler  by trade.  HAL But when there’s trouble and help  is needed, Fredrick answers the call. Don’t you Fredrick.  LINUS How noble!  HAL Now I couldn’t find the head  watchmen in this blasted town, even the gates were unguarded, but I thought our friend Fredrick here could help us out.  ANN (Laughs)  Such a nice new friend!  VORLAUF Thank you, Hal.  Fredrick, was It?  FREDRICK Yes, Fredrick, that’s right. Who’re  you?  VORLAUF My name is Vorlauf. I apologize for  the stench, but bodies do tend to smell after being left to rot from sun down to sun up.  FREDRICK That’s...that’s fine.  VORLAUF Oh, I’m afraid I disagree,  Fredrick; it’s not fine. Bodies shouldn’t be left to rot in a pub for hours. And we’ve kept the owner here as witness for the same amount of time, unable to clean or repair his place of business; his livelihood.  (MORE)  VORLAUF (CONT'D) Can you imagine the inconvenience this has posed to the poor gnome? Guilty only of bearing witness to  this sad affair?  FREDRICK Well, it’s-  VORLAUF And what about me and my men? Hours  and hours we’ve waited, Fredrick. Do you have any idea what it’s like to keep the company of men you’ve killed? Watching as their bodies swell; as the foulness within makes it’s way without?  No.  FREDRICK  HAL Speak up, watchman.  No.  FREDRICK  VORLAUF It’s not pleasant, I’ll tell you  that. We have been waiting for the law to come and mark the dead. My men and I acted legally and justly, and have left these rogues untouched in accordance with the law. We couldn’t even close their eyes.  VORLAUF (CONT'D) Look at this man, Frederick!  Staring up at you with clouded eyes, seeing none but death. He deserves better!  HAL He’s probably never seen a dead  body before!  ANN Don’t worry Freddy, if you stick by  us you’ll see a lot more!  Please.  FREDRICK  VORLAUF Fredrick, we have been waiting for  the Head Watchman to come here and sign off that we acted in good faith and within the law. And, upon his declaration, to give approval for another contract. Good, upstanding citizens, waiting and waiting. I have no doubt that the news of this altercation has made It to him and you hours ago...  FREDRICK I’m sorry.  VORLAUF You’re sorry? Sorry to who? Sorry  to the dead? Sorry to the barkeep? Sorry to us? Or perhaps, sorry to all those we’ve been barred from helping while we’ve sat here waiting?  FREDRICK I’m sorry, but...  But?  VORLAUF  FREDRICK No. No. Nothing. Nothing  HAL Didn’t sound like nothing.  ANN Sounded a lot like something.  FREDRICK It’s just...when other Vigiles  come, they... They just fake the signatures. The law doesn’t get involved. We...kind if thought you’d just go away.  VORLAUF True Vigiles always act within the  law. Tell me, Fredrick, does It look like we’re going away?  FREDRICK No, sir. No  VORLAUF No. Can you bring your leader to  us?  FREDRICK I don’t know where he is. I’m not  ‘is keeper.  VORLAUF Do you think you could find him?  FREDRICK Don’t know.  VORLAUF You. Don’t. Know.  No.  FREDRICK  VORLAUF Humm... Fredrick, do you know what  happens when you have to wait for hours upon hours, trapped in a place like this? You seek out any distraction you can find. Some turn to the drink.  ANN (belches)  Cheers!  VORLAUF But I...prefer a game.  FREDRICK What...what kind of game? I  don't...  VORLAUF Tut-tut. You needn’t worry, a  simple game to pass the time.  ANN And new friends should play with  us!  HAL ‘Specially a game with daggers!  FREDRICK Wait! Wait...with... With daggers?  What do you-  VORLAUF You need only put your hand up  against the wall, please, Fredrick. Make sure your fingers are spread apart.  FREDRICK No, no. I ready don't want to...  VORLAUF Hal, could you please help our new  friend.  HAL With pleasure. Ha ha. Come here  you. Hold Still. That’ll help you hold still. (Muah) For luck!  VIGLES (Laugh)  FREDRICK Please don’t.  VORLAUF Fredrick, I need your fingers  spread out.  FREDRICK What are you going to do?  VORLAUF Fredrick. Good. Fingers just like  that. Now hold still.  Vorlauf draws open his coat, revealing a pair of holsters on each thigh, each capable of securing four daggers. With lightning speed, Vorlauf draws a dagger and THROWS It. It lands with a THUD in the space between Fredrick’s thumb and index finger. Fredrick SCREAMS.  AAAA.  FREDRICK  VORLAUF Ha Ha! You see, Fredrick? It’s just  a game, I won’t hurt you. You really mustn’t worry. I have a lot of daggers and impeccable aim, I’ll only hit the space between your fingers. I promise.... Unless, of course, you move.  FREDRICK I. I. Please. Please. I...  VORLAUF Shh. You’ll only distract me.  ANN (Laughing)  Wouldn’t want that.  FREDRICK Please, don’t.  Fredrick’s pleas continue under the dialogue.  LINUS Wager a drink that Vorlauf hits  him.  HAL I’ll take that bet.  FREDRICK (Sobbing)  AAAAA... Please!!... AAAA  VORLAUF I have to admit, between the ring  finger and the pinky is always tricky, even for me well rested, but, I have been up all night. I’d be tempted to stop now, but since we’re stuck here waiting for your leader and you don’t know where he is, we have to play games to kill the time.  ANN Haaa... He said kill, haaaaaa  I’ll find bring him  FREDRICK him! I’ll find him and to you!  VORLAUF You will?  I’ll find  FREDRICK him. Please...  VORLAUF Fredrick! I’m so pleased.  Fantastic. Oof!  FREDRICK AAAAAAAAAA.....  VORLAUF Oh fredrick, I seemed to have  scratched you... but I did tell you not to move. I’m sure It will heal just fine. Now, normally I would suggest playing another round, but you’re going to be too busy finding your leader.  FREDRICK (still whimpering)  Yes. Yes, I’ll find him. I’ll find him.  ANN Bye Freddy!  LINUS Thanks for helping me win the beer!  VORLAUF Oh, and Fredrick, if you don’t  return with him soon I’ll have Hal find you again. There are lots more games we can play.  FREDRICK I’ll find him, I’ll find him.  LINUS Well, that was fun! Though I’m a  little confused...  ANN When aren’t you confused?  LINUS The Justice told us not to hurt  innocent people...and we killed these men because they were wanted for messin’ ‘round with citizens that weren’t involved with magic. And they attacked us.  So, why would you do that to Fredrick? Don’t seem he’s done nothin’ wrong. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  VORLAUF I would never hurt an innocent  person. (MORE)  VORLAUF (CONT'D) But if the law doesn’t fulfill  their duty after half a day, even though they are legally required to confirm these deaths, then I’m unclear where their loyalties lie. They’re hindering us, and I cannot let anyone get in the way of our cause. As you saw, our friend was unwilling to act with haste to resolve our dilemma. I simply provided the motivation he needed. And you can be sure his finger will heal...  ANN I do hope dear Freddy finds his  leader quick!  Hmm...  VORLAUF  HAL What are you staring at, my lord.  Something wrong with the wall there?  VORLAUF More like something missing. Get  the owner.  HAL Yes, sir.  There you go. Come on, Come on step lively. There you are.  Yes?  BARTENDER  VORLAUF The paint on this spot of the wall  is lighter. Something was hanging here. What was It? I don’t recall.  BARTENDER It, a... It got stolen last night.  VORLAUF What was It, exactly?  BARTENDER  I... Don’t make me repeat myself.  VORLAUF  BARTENDER It was a copy of the Prophecy. Not  that I believe It, of course. I mean I can’t even read It. It’s been here since long, long before I bought the place. And no one here believes It. B-but we joke about It. All in good fun. I don’t believe in the Prophecy at all. All for fun!  VORLAUF Enough. I believe you.  And you said It was stolen last night?  BARTENDER I think It was nicked during the  fight. There was this girl, you see. She was really obsessed with It. I’m guessin’ she took It when she and her friend ran off.  VORLAUF Describe her.  BARTENDER After...everything...from that  night I really, don’t remember that well. “Bog of Faces” you know...  ANN You know, Vorlauf, now that our  dear Freddy’s gone, we don’t have anyone left to play with. Maybe we should make a new friend.  HAL We do love to make friends.  BARTENDER She was young. Carried a sword and  looked like she knew how to use It. Spoke gruffly, but seemed innocent. Clean, almost too clean. I’d never seen her before...and I know all the people around here.  VORLAUF Yes, her. And you mentioned she had  a companion? Was It a man the same age? Confident. Also looks like he knows how to use a weapon?  BARTENDER He was the same age, sure, but he  was cowardly. Couldn’t even put up a fight when he arm wrestled Gary! I hadn’t seen him around. Not, not nether.  FREDRICK See I found him! I found him.  ANN Welcome back, Freddy! And good job!  VORLAUF You lead the watchmen, I assume.  I-I-I do.  TOWN GUARD  VORLAUF Good...good.  Barkeep, would you bear witness for our watchman friend here?  BARTENDER These good men here acted out of  necessity to defend themselves and uphold their duty.  VORLAUF Satisfied, watchman?  TOWN GUARD Uh...yes, yes of course.  VORLAUF My dear barkeep, thank you for your  patience and for doing your civic duty. You’re a good citizen. You may go now.  BARTENDER Thank the light.  TOWN GUARD Sorry for the wait. You see, I was  called away last night. There was a Lusus Naturae attack and I...  VORLAUF No matter.  FREDRICK Can I go? Please. Please. Can I go  now?  VORLAUF Yes, Fredrick. And thank you for  doing your duty.  FREDRICK Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  HAL Thanks for being a good sport,  Freddy! Hahahaha  TOWN GUARD Sir, you left them covered in their  own filth and entrails; didn’t even put a blanket over them.  VORLAUF You know the law. Can’t do anything  with the dead until I get legal witness.  TOWN GUARD Well, everything seems to be in  order here. I can sign your declaration and you all can be on your way.  VORLAUF Ann! Take their rings.  TOWN GUARD Oh no, that’s not really necessary.  I don’t really need to see that...  VORLAUF Oh, you absolutely do. We waited  all night, you’ll mark every detail. After we’ve claimed the hands as our right, you can have the rest.  Have a seat.  LINUS Ugh, we have to take the rings off  all these dead people?  HAL Can’t just take the rings. Once a  man dies, his fingers swell up like cooked sausage. Plus, code says we take the whole hand so...  ANN The law is the law.  Here! Catch!!  HAL Hatch It, Ay! Damn near hit me in  the face!  ANN Ha ha! Slapped by a dead man!  HAL Tryin’ to give him the last laugh,  are ya’? (Laughs)  LINUS Ummm...excuse me...  TOWN GUARD I...uh...I’d better go check on  him.  VORLAUF Only three more to go...  HAL Ann, I really got to Hand It to  you.  ANN Hey you old scoundrel. Shut your  gob.  HAL Oh oh you dropped one. You looking  for a hand out? Ha.  TOWN GUARD All seems to be in order. Can I  sign It now?  VORLAUF If you would be so kind.  TOWN GUARD There...There you go.  VORLAUF Good. Very good. Thank you. Come,  there is much to be done. SCENE BRAKE  ORA Come on, Come on. Keep your guard  up!  KEVIN Ow. That hurts!  ORA You can’t learn to fight by  watching others. Keep your guard...up!  KEVIN  Ow! Have you seen Spirit? I haven’t seen her since we started training. You know, maybe we should look... OW!!  ORA Don’t try to talk your way out of  this! Spirit is fine! I’m sure she’s just grazing somewhere. Now, attack! Aim for the body, not the blade. this case, the stick. Don't cross your feet! Throws off your balance and makes It easier for the enemy to push you over.  KEVIN How am I supposed to remember all  of this during a fight?  ORA Practice. Practice. And more  practice. That’s what my mother always said.  KEVIN Where did she learn all this? It’s  not like the village has a militia or anything...although that wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world these days.  ORA My mother isn’t Father is. Born  KEVIN Ugh! Ha ha.  ORA Nice parry!  from the village. and raised.  Mother moved to the village when she was about my age.  KEVIN Where was she before?  ORA She traveled a lot. That’s where  she got the Prophecy, on one of her adventures.  KEVIN So she passed on her love of swords  and the Prophecy to her daughter. You’re exactly like her, you know.  ORA Not exactly. She believed in the  Prophecy, but never thought It would happen in our lifetime. It was actually my grandmother who got me to believe that It could.  KEVIN Ugh! Damn  ORA Well, you’re improving.  KEVIN I lost.  ORA But It took me a few seconds to  beat you. That’s an improvement. Maybe in a few weeks we can spar with actual swords.  KEVIN Oh good. So I only have a few more  weeks to live.  ORA Oh, come on! I wouldn’t kill  you...just cut you up a bit.  ORA (CONT'D) Let’s rest for a minute.  KEVIN Oh, thank you. My... My arms are  sore in places I’ve never even felt before.  ORA Only your arms? I guess I’m taking  It too easy on you.  KEVIN So, you’re never worried when  Spirit runs off like that?  ORA Not really, she always finds me  again. She’s a free Spirit... so to speak...  KEVIN ... wow... I just got that...  ORA Ha, yeah the name just seems to fit  her in many ways.  KEVIN Gah. I can’t believe your mother  would put her kid through this torture.  ORA She wanted me to be able to defend  myself.  KEVIN And why did she teach you about the  Prophecy?  ORA Everyone knows about the Prophecy.  KEVIN But not everyone believes It. Or  has a copy.  ORA True believers are a rare breed.  KEVIN But what do you believe? You’re  faithful to this idea that a few words on a scroll can predict the future, but now we have proof that there are different versions; different Prophecies. But they can’t both be right. Why still believe in It at all?  ORA Godrick and his parents’ deaths  have to mean something. They have to be part of some greater plan that leads us somewhere better. Somewhere free. Free of the terrible laws, the Vigiles, the Lusus Naturae. Free to actually live. The Prophecy is hope.  KEVIN Ha. Hope. Hope only makes things  hurt more when It all comes crashing down. And It always does.  ORA That’s a really-  KEVIN Oh no! A corrupted!!  CURRUPTED (Roar)  ORA Look out!  Kevin, get our swords. Our real swords. I left them against the rock over there. I’ll distract It as you run. Easy.. Easy  KEVIN That’s a Lusus Naturae! You can’t  fight a corrupted with a stick!  ORA CALM DOWN! That’s why I said to get  our swords. This one’s smaller than the last one, I think we handle It. Alright? GO! Now! I got its left eye! It’s blind there!  Ora!  KEVIN  ORA Keep going!  KEVIN Hey! Over here! Ho, who, ha! Attack  me! Uh-oh.  ORA Come back here! I’m not done with  you!  No! No.  ORA (CONT'D)  KEVIN HAHA I DID It! Let’s see how you  like fighting someone armed!  CURRUPTED (in pain)  ORA Keep going! Keep going. It doesn’t  look like it’s healing! Press the attack!  ORA (CONT'D) Kevin, uncross your legs! You’ll be  knocked-  KEVIN Oof. Ora I’m...  CURRUPTED (Roar)  KEVIN What was...?!  ORA Are you okay?  KEVIN Who’s shooting those arrows?  KEVIN (CONT'D) Is It dead?  ISTEN Oh, it’s dead alright. Karras here  never misses.  KARRAS Hummmm  ORA Thank you! I don’t know what we’d  have done if you two hadn’t showed up.  KEVIN Died, probably.  ISTEN No need to thank me.  Hold him.  ISTEN (CONT'D)  KARRAS Humm...  ISTEN It is my duty to stop the Lusus  Naturae.  ORA Really? Why is that?  ISTEN (chuckling)  Well, It has been written.  KEVIN What? Where?  ISTEN The Prophecy.  END OF EPISODE 8    

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