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Carcerem - The Series - Episode 4: The Excitement

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Carcerem - The Series Episode 4: “The Excitement” has arrived! Have you had a chance to listen? 

What To Listen For:

  • Ora faces her first Lusus Naturae in batter, as she tries to help the Terra protect their camp.

The incredible voice-over talent featured in Carcerem Episode 4 include:

  • Townsend Coleman 

  • Sharon Muthu 

  • Caitlyn Elizabeth

  • Shane Salk  

  • Ben Campbell

  • Dana Powers 

  • Noshir Dalal 

More on the Cast:

One of the newest characters to enter the fray, Hiden, played by the illustrious Caitlyn Elizabeth, makes their debut mid-fight with a wicked beast, the Lusus Naturae, as Ora, Kevin & company quickly join in to help with the monstrous battle. Caitlyn Elizabeth is known for her voice-acting work in popular anime titles including: “Little Witch Academia”, “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower”, as well as a number of video game titles including “Maple Story 2” and many more. Caitlyn is also a frequent host on NerdOnTV and NerdOnPodcast.

Ben Campbell makes his “Carcerem” series debut as Larze, and we are lucky to have him! Campbell is an accomplished fencer, having won and competed in multiple national competitions since his teens. Fun fact: he actually taught fellow “Carcerem” actor Dana Powers how to fence in preparation for their scenes together. (Who said voiceover wasn’t a rigorous activity?) Campbell is a founding member of a theater company which performs Shakespeare on horseback (🤯). Campbell also works in recovery centers around Los Angeles, teaching acting to people suffering from addiction.

Another fun fact about Noshir Dalal - he does a significant amount of motion-capture work. Very cool!

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What is your favorite part? Any favorite characters so far?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the mystic and arcane land of Aaru! 🎧

Carcerem is now streaming, with new episodes every Tuesday. Download & Subscribe today!

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