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Carcerem - The Series - Episode 7: Elizabeth

Carcerem - The Series Episode 7: “Elizabeth” has arrived! Have you had a chance to listen? 

What To Listen For:

  • Ora and Kevin finally track down Godricks Aunt

The incredible voice-over talent featured in Carcerem Episode 7 include:

  • Natasha Detmer

  • Eliah Mountjoy

  • Brooks Gardner

  • Jake Hames

  • David Pinion

  • Shane Salk 

  • Dana Powers

More on the Cast:

In this episode we are introduced to Jake Hames. Jake has appeared in several plays before joining the cast of Carcerem, one of which was Woody Allen’s production of “God”. Another fun fact about Jake, is that he plays “Dog Boy” in the award-winning horror film “Stump The Band” produced and directed by our very own, William Holmes!

When David Pinion is not voice acting for Carcerem, you can catch him in the short animated series “The Great AdVenture," on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, based on the apps: AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Communist. David is also an actor and producer.

Brooks Gardner is introduced in this episode of Carcerem. Brooks began his acting career in 1980, when he appeared on the show “T.J Hooker”, as well as the film “Raw Deal” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A fun fact about Brooks, is that he was the Black Angus Cowboy in the old commercials! Check it out! 🤠 

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What is your favorite part? Any favorite characters so far?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the mystic and arcane land of Aaru! 🎧

Carcerem is now streaming, with new episodes every Tuesday. Download & Subscribe today!

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