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Carcerem: The Series is Now Streaming Everywhere! ⚔️

The first episode of Carcerem: The Series is LIVE and we already have a star-studded cast to kick off this exciting new series.

The incredible voice-over talent featured in Carcerem Episode 1A & 1B include (in order of appearance):

  • Fred Applegate

  • Phillip Reich

  • Dana Powers

  • Neil Flynn

  • Kal-El Bogdanove

  • Grey Griffin

  • George Ackles

  • Scott Holmes

  • Elaine Ackles

  • Jason Mabie

  • Piper Laurie

  • Ruben Garfias

  • Alena Bethune

  • Michael Agrusso

  • Robbie Rist

  • Joy Gibson

  • Amber Hood

  • Ike Amadi

Special shoutout to our amazing writing staff:

  • Jojo Henrickson (Head Writer)

  • Shane Salk 

  • Laura Davy

  • Aaron Castellan

  • George Ackles

  • Luke McKinley

...and our peerless sound design team:

  • Tim McKeown (Sound Mixer)

  • Dave Volpe (Composer)

  • Shane Salk (Sound Designer)

Tonight (September 22nd, 2020), at 7p.m. PDT, the creators of Carcerem, Shane Salk and William Holmes, will host a Facebook Live session from the Carcerem Facebook Page to cheers the fans and thank the illustrious cast, tireless crew and phenomenal writers.

Not only that, but today also marks another very special occasion -- it's both Shane and William's birthday! Please take a moment to wish them a very happy birthday and congratulate them on launching a riveting, new audio series. We assure you, there is nothing like this out there. ☺️

We are so excited to provide this podcast series for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy, don't forget to download, subscribe and leave a review. Every bit of support helps and we truly appreciate.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the mystic and arcane land of Aaru! 🎧

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