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Carcerem - The Series - Episode 3: The Terra

How do you like our new fan art?? (Keep ‘em coming Tumblr & Reddit fans!)

Carcerem - The Series - Episode 3: “The Terra” has arrived! Have you had a chance to listen?

What To Listen For:

  • Ora and Kevin learn about their captors and some beliefs about the forest itself.

The incredible voice-over talent featured in Carcerem Episode 3 include:

  • Townsend Coleman

  • Sharon Muthu

  • Zaraya Skea

  • Shane Salk

  • Dana Powers

  • Noshir Dalal

  • Andrew Podbielski

More on the Cast:

If you didn’t already know, Sharon Muthu, who plays Formosa, also stars in “Carmen Sandiego” on Netflix! Muthu is a video game voiceover veteran, with credits in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4”, “Elder Scrolls Online”, “Hitman: Absolution”, “Diablo III”, and more. She has also graced the live action realm, with appearances in “Modern Family”, “Glee”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Black-ish”.

Townsend Coleman, who plays Agilmar, is an animation voiceover legend! Coleman is the iconic voice of 80’s Michelangelo in multiple iterations of TMNT. He is also known for roles he played in both Inspector Gadget (1985) and The Tick (1994). Coleman is perhaps one of the most recognizable voices on TV. For 16 years, he was the voice of NBC's "Must See TV" and "Comedy Night Done Right" primetime comedy promos, including hits from Seinfeld and Frasier to 30 Rock and The Office, as well as the promos for "The Tonight Show" starring Jay Leno (then Conan), "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (then Jimmy Fallon), "Last Call with Carson Daly" and "Saturday Night Live". Coleman’s animation voiceover credentials are prodigious to say the least, with roles on shows including “Superman: The Animated Series”, “Pinky and the Brain”, “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”, “Tom & Jerry Kids Show”... the list goes on! We are thrilled to have him on our series.

Noshir Dalal, who plays Reginald, boasts an impressive resume that spans across video games, animation, and live action television. In video games, you can hear him in “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”, “Star Wars: Squadrons”,”Fallout 76”, “Spiderman”, and as Charles Smith in “Red Dead Redemption 2”. On screen, catch him in “S.W.A.T.”, “Hawaii 5-0”, “Criminal Minds”, “CSI: NY”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, and “Love, Death & Robots” on Netflix... Need we say more?

And of course, the inestimable Dana Powers, who plays Ora, comes to us from “We Bare Bears” (2015), and “Fullmetal Alchemist” (2017). She is the lifeblood of this series and we are so fortunate to have her on the series, delivering a phenomenal performance in each and every episode.

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What is your favorite part? Any favorite characters so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the mystic and arcane land of Aaru! 🎧

Carcerem is now streaming, with new episodes every Tuesday.


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