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Carcerem - The Series - Episode 2: A Helping Hand

Carcerem - The Series Episode 2: “A Helping Hand” has arrived! We are so excited to share this world with you and continue to delve deeper into the land of Aaru.

What To Listen For:

  • The Vigiles, with their new apprentice Linus, head to the Bank

  • Ora finds a lost friend

Carcerem is now streaming, with new episodes every Tuesday.

We hope you are enjoying the series!

The incredible voice-over talent featured in Carcerem Episode 2 include:

  • Dana Powers

  • Neil Flynn

  • Grey Griffin

  • George Ackles

  • Robbie Rist

  • Jane Lynch

  • William Holmes

  • Judy Bogdanove

  • Shane Salk

  • Noshir Dalal

  • Abigail Podbielski

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Stay tuned for more exciting news from the mystic and arcane land of Aaru! 🎧

What is your favorite part? Any favorite characters so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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